Monday, 1 August 2016

Kiss FM Gunge Tub

Kiss FM Gunge Tub

Kiss FM DJ’s Charlie Hedges and Neev were nominated by their colleagues at Kiss FM to be in line for a messing on air for a local UK charity. They were the overwhelming choices for whom people wanted to see covered in mess. Truth be known, Neev was one of the main ones who spearheaded the idea. She thought that it would be a lot of fun and had the potential to raise a lot of money for a worthy cause. The idea kind of turned her on a little bit as well, truth be known. During the run up to the messing, she kept on upping the ante if people would donate more. She suggested things such as, if a certain amount was raised, they would get the mess in a bathtub together or that they would have to do it in their underwear or that she would post the pictures all over social media. Charlie was a bit annoyed with her over all of this and just wanted her to shut up, as she was getting both of them into this deeper and deeper. She couldn’t raise too much of a fuss though as it was for charity and every time Neev made a suggestion, people would donate even more. She really was not happy when she suggested that the two of them might snog as well. Again, it just made people donate even more.

Mercifully, the big day finally arrived before Neev could make any more proclamations. Charlie could have slapped her for opening her big mouth so often and getting them into this situation. It came to pass that a bathtub was brought out into the parking lot outside of the Kiss FM studios. It looked old and quite mucky. It, most likely, had come directly from a salvage yard. It was wheeled in and secured so that the two young ladies could climb in. 

The two came out wearing dressing gowns. They shivered. Charlie looked very nervous. She looked mortified, actually. Neev was laughing. She was having a good time with the situation. She threw off her dressing gown revealing dark purple underwear lined with pink lace. She posed a little in her underwear, not shy at all. Charlie, on the other hand slid her dressing gown off and looked very shy indeed, covering her underwear with her hands. Hers were red. It almost looked as though she was wearing a bikini. She shivered. She had goose bumps everywhere. Neev told her that she should get in the tub first, because that way Neev would take the lion’s share of the mess that was dumped. 

Charlie put one foot down into the tub. When she did, she realised that there already was about an inch of gunge sitting at the bottom of the tub. She cringed. She then stepped over putting her second foot inside. She then slowly sat down, lowering herself into the tub. She sat down and opened her legs to allow Neev inside. Neev then climbed in the tub. She sat down. Charlie was forced to wrap her arms and legs around her fellow dj’s body. Neev laughed. She stomped her feet and wiggled her toes. The two women were now half naked sat in a bathtub together. Their bodies were close together. Neev looked back at Charlie and said,” This is so funny.” Charlie rolled her eyes. “I’m glad you are enjoying yourself,” she muttered under her breath. 

Some lucky workers from behind the scenes then were then each given a bucket filled with different coloured gunge and were told that it was time to fill the tub. Neev threw her hands up and bounced up and down as if she was partying at a club. The workers began to happily pour gunge into the bathtub and all over the half-naked dj’s. The first was a bucket of viscous pink gunge. It was dumped on top of them. It coated their heads and their hair and rolled down between their bodies. A second bucket of purple gunge was then poured in the other direction, over Neev’s head and then Charllie’s. It was thicker, more proper gunge.

At about the same time, green slimy gunge was being poured onto Neev and Charlie’s legs and up their lower bodies. The girls laughed and screeched as they had the gunge dumped over them. Charlie closed her eyes tightly and tried her best to curl up in a ball and avoid as much of the gunge as she could. In the meantime, Neev was bouncing about. She was posing and dancing about in the gunge. She was laughing loudly. Buckets of red and blue gunge were being dumped over them simultaneously. Neev wiggled her legs. She could feel Charlie’s grip around her tightening. She then made over the top motions. She pretended to be swimming and then pretended to be washing herself as if she was in the shower. She also rubbed some of the gunge over Charlie’s legs.

Neev then turned around and smushed some handfuls of gunge onto Charlie’s face. She then opened her legs wide as more blue gunge was dumped between them. She was quite enjoying how the whole thing was feeling. Soon the tub was filled nearly to the top with the gunge. Neev joked that she could stay in there all day. Charlie quipped,” Speak for yourself.”

Everyone had a good laugh and a good amount was raised for charity. The only one who wasn’t over the moon seemed to be Charlie, but that was to be expected.

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