Friday, 10 June 2016

Amy Kelly and Maddy Hill meet

Amy Kelly and Maddy Hill meet

It was a very special episode of a very grown up talk show. It was Coronation Street vs. Eastenders. Amy Kelly vs. Maddy Hill. The two tomboys of the soaps against one another.  The two were to compete against one another is quiz. Each would have to answer questions about the soap that the other appeared on. They both had their hair in ponytails. Neither was dressed up or anything like that. They looked very natural. The two were set up at opposite podiums. They would be given questions in turn. It was announced that there were consequences for the loser of this game. Some straps were revealed on the floor and ceiling. The loser would get placed in there and would then get covered in a ton of mess by the winner. The two looked at each other and rolled their eyes. This was going to get embarrassing for one of these two.

Unfortunately for these ladies, at the end of the game, the score was tied at 2-2. They thought that this was a good thing. Perhaps, they would both escape. What was announced was not what they expected at all. “It appears that we have a tie. This is very much unexpected, but we have a plan. In the case of a tie, both of you are to get the punishment.” The two girls looked at each other and shook their heads. “You both are going to be strapped in together. So, that should make it very interesting. And, on top of that, there is one thing that we forgot to mention earlier. You will both be butt naked.” The girl’s jaws dropped. They spoke to one another. “Naked. No, I can’t believe this. Are they serious?,” they asked. They blushed bright red. Their heads spun. 

They were brought out centre stage. They were told to undress. They talked to one another. They could not believe this was actually happening. They reluctantly began to remove their clothing. They removed their shirts and then pulled their jeans and leggings down. They tried covering up. They asked if this was good enough, but were told no. They would have to remove their underwear as well. They removed their bras and covered their tiny breasts with their arms. They then reluctantly lowered their panties, stepping out of them. They held their knees together and did their best to cover themselves as much as possible. “What about our asses though?,” Maddy said to Amy. “Oh no,” she replied. They tried standing nearer to the wall and as close as they could so that as little skin was showing as possible. 

“Well, I hope you two are getting to like one another because you are about to get to know each other a whole lot more. Come over here ladies, you are about to get strapped in.” The two girls were brought over to the straps. They were told to stand back to back. Each of their arms was then taken and pulled above their heads. They were strapped wrist to wrist, suspended from above. They were then strapped together at the ankles as well. Their naked bodies stretched, pressing them together. Their bare asses were pressed together. Each could feel the other one’s butt cheeks against her own. Their legs pressed together. Their pale English legs intertwined. They had been right about getting to know each other better. Their naked bodies were intimately pressed together. They were closer physically than some lovers would ever be. The sweat from their bodies covered one another. They were able to speak to one another, just barely. They shared this experience of total humiliation with one another. They were naked and on display together and the mess had not even started yet. 

The two naked soap actresses knew that everyone from both shows would be watching this and enjoying their embarrassment. They struggled, naked bodies together. It was then announced that they would be receiving a good messing together as well. A cord was pulled which released a torrent of bright blue gunge down onto them from above. It poured over their heads and all over their bodies. Gunge splattered on their chests and down their long legs. They closed their eyes gunge swept down onto them. Their bodies wiggled as gunge splattered between them. It was an unforgettable visual, seeing these two naked tomboys, on display like naked pieces of meat with gunge now splattered all over their bodies. 

It was followed by what was described as slurry. It was a lumpy brownish red substance that resembled chilli. Again, it poured down on the two ladies from above, plopping onto their naked bodies. It rolled down their prone naked bodies. Their bodies jolted and spasmed at the feel of the messy substance. It felt disgusting as it slithered its way down their bodies. The two women were definitely sharing a unique experience and getting to know one another more intimately than they ever could have dreamt of. 

The host then announced that the long unused pie cannon, that had not been used in almost twenty years was in the studio. It was brought out and set up about five yards from the naked girls. The host then pulled the trigger and caused the cannon to explode over their bodies with an explosion of creamy pie filling. It coated them almost entirely on the side that was facing the cannon. It dripped everywhere though.

Stage hand then emerged carrying bags of rubbish. They walked up to the naked women and ripped the black sacks open. They then dumped the contents over the two actresses. Garbage dumped over them, sticking all over their naked bodies. There was all manner of rubbish in the bags. Things like banana peels stuck to the girls’ naked bodies. They stuck their tongues out and gagged. They commented to one another about how much it stunk. Sloppy rubbish was all over them. 

Finally, members of the audience were brought out and given various pie tins. In the pie tins, however, were not pies. Instead they were filled with various kitchen waste. All manner of disgusting rubbish was packed into the tins and then covered with a layer of whipped cream. It would prove especially sloppy for these two. They smiled as they were given the signal. They then let rip on the girls. They flung the slop filled pies at them. One after another, they made contact with their naked bodies, covering them in more slop and cream. Mess oozed over their naked bodies. The barrage went on until everyone was out of pies. They then clapped and retired.

Everyone was then left with a shot of sloppy mess rolling over the two naked women, tied together. They were left covered from head to toe. Their faces covered as well. They were left as they were for awhile, while everyone enjoyed the view. 

Going back to work on their respective soaps the following Monday was not a fun experience. They were both laughing stocks for quite some time afterwards. Also, they were both torn as to whether or not to keep in contact with one another or never speak again.

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