Thursday, 16 June 2016

Maryse gets yoghurt

***WARNING*** The following contains nudity *****
Maryse gets yoghurt

Maryse was a very attractive woman. She was almost perfect looking. She was the wife of the Miz and served as his valet as well. She had posed nude in the past. Her body was a work of art, almost. Her body was smooth and waxed all over. She had an almost perfect body. Her skin was a soft tone. It was almost unblemished. She was incredible attractive. She was approached by an adult magazine to do a nude, messy photoshoot. She agreed to do this. She liked the idea, plus she would be getting paid and her profile would be raised even more. She knew how good she looked and how good these photos would look. 

She came out for the shoot in a black silk bathrobe with nothing underneath. She stood in front of the camera on the set and walk back and forth, posing and blowing kisses. Then, when asked, she let go of the bathrobe and let it fall away revealing her perfectly shaped body. She posed in different poses. She alternated between smiles and smouldering sexy looks. Her body was almost perfectly proportioned. Her skin was a prefect tanned toned all over. There were no tan lines. She had no body hair either. She was blessed by nature. She had probably spent a good amount of time in the gym as well. She was quite comfortable posing in the nude, but if anyone would be, she would be, she was as attractive as any model and she was confident in her looks.

They were then ready for the mess to begin. For this shoot, they would be using mainly different flavours of yoghurt. It was going to produce amazing results. It started with lovely peach yogurt. It was smooth and soft. It was an amazing orange colour. She was handed a small pail filled with the yoghurt. She put it over one shoulder and began to pour it all over her luscious body. It rolled down her chest and stomach. She closed her eyes and moaned as she felt the cool yoghurt roll down her sexy body. It poured down her crotch and over her thighs. The sweet, soft, smooth, orange yoghurt rolled down her. It felt so sensual. She moaned. 

She then lay down on her back, taking a second pail. She held it over her body and moved it across. It poured from her legs, up her abs and onto her chest. She let it fall through the air and land onto her body. She wiggled her legs as she got plopped on. She then sat up and took another pail. This one was apricot yoghurt. It was a similar colour, but was slightly a deeper colour. She held it over her head and poured it over her head and down the sides of her face. She smiled. She posed in different poses as the yoghurt proceeded to be poured. 

It was then time for strawberry yoghurt. She got down on her hands and knees. She began to pour it over her back and down her shapely backside. This site of yoghurt pouring onto Maryse’s toned, tanned body It cascaded over her body. She proceeded to rub her hands all over her messy body. It looked delicious. Many people would give a lot to be the person who got to clean her off. Her body was like a work of art. Her body covered in yoghurt looked even better. She moved her body around, posing just as she would for a fashion shoot only covered in yoghurt. 

Next was purple coloured, blueberry yogurt. Maryse, dumped it over her blonde hair. She put her hand on her hip. She held her hand out as she let the purple mess dump over her head and body. She was now coated in the yoghurt. She said some naughty things in French, which sounded very naughty indeed. 

The photos from the shoot were incredible. They were some of the sexiest ever seen. The magazine sold many copies.

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