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Jennie Garth throwback

Jennie Garth throwback

Jennie Garth had been a star for a very long time. She was best known for being of Beverly Hills 90210 in the nineties. She looked amazing then and still looked amazing all of these years later. She always was underrated in terms of her looks. She had an incredible body. She had not been chosen to get messy, but her time was about to come. She was chosen to appear on Let Her Have It. She was very surprised to be chosen, as she was far from a big star at this stage in her career. Plus, she was no longer very young. This didn’t really change the fact that she was still incredibly gorgeous. Her body still looked incredible. She still looked pretty much as she did in the nineties. In some ways, she looked even better. She was very curious to experience a messing properly for the first time. It was said to her when she was chosen that her body would make an incredible target. She was very flattered. 

Jennie arrived to the show knowing she would be in for a messing. Instead of dressing up she wore a pair of short white shorts and a grey tank top. This outfit really suited her. It showed off a good amount of skin as well. Mr. G. welcomed her to the show. She gave him a hug and followed him to the couches for a chat. “Jennie Garth, I am so glad to have you here today. I must confess, you are someone that I would have wanted to see on a show like this when I was a teenager. I remember seeing one scene from 90210. You were on the beach next to a fire in a pair of white shorts. You looked incredible, as you still do today,” he said. “I am very flattered, And yeah, I know the scene you mean. It was night time and we were on the beach for real. It was freezing. We really were cuddling. Shorts were not really practical. It was meant to be sexy. I guess it worked if people still remember it.” “Anyway, you know why you are here today, I trust.” “Oh of course, I am here for a mess. I am still surprised you wanted me. I mean I could be some of your guests’ mother.” “Don’t be silly. First of all, age doesn’t matter. Secondly, you are every bit as attractive now as you were then or as any of today’s stars are.” She smiled. “That is very kind. So what do you have in store for me today?,” she asked.

“Well,” he explained,” We thought that since you are a bit of a throwback to the nineties, we would get out some vintage messy devices from some shows from that time period. Did you ever watch the show Wild Animal Games with Ryan Seacrest back then?,” he asked. “I am a little ashamed to admit that ,yes, yes I indeed watched that show back then.” “You will remember that they had two devices that they used most often.” “Yes, I remember, the pie guillotine and the bucket dump. The loser’s parent got or another. Sometimes both would be used if they lost both rounds.” “Yes that is correct. We have managed to get the entire set here today, just for use on you.” “I take it, that I will be experiencing both devices first hand then?,” she asked. “Yes, that is the general idea,” he replied. “I think I am up for that,” she said. “Shall we make a move then?” She agreed and they walked over to another area in the studio. Indeed, it was set up exactly like Wild Animal Games had been.

Jennie was led to the pie guillotine first. Jennie sat her bottom on the wood as Mr. G. raised the top bar with the string that lifted it. Jennie carefully leaned back and laid down onto her back in the device facing the ceiling. The bar was then lowered, securing her in place. She looked nervously up at the creamy pie that sat above her. Her sexy body was stretched out flat, arms at her sides. All she could do was lay and wait for the pie above to be dropped onto her. “Are you ok down there, Jennie,” he asked. “Oh yes. A little nervous, but fine.” She gave a thumbs up. “Ok,” he said,” Let’s have a countdown.” The audience, counted down, three…two…one. He then pulled the release. The trap door pulled. The pie fell through the air and landed straight on target, landed directly onto Jennie’s face. It splatted around, covering her face and neck. A replay was then shown of a close up of her face. She had a worried look on her face and then closed her eyes as the pie fell onto her face. She lay, prone in place for a moment. She was unable to move or clean the pie from her face in any way.

Mr. G. then raised the bar. Jennie pushed some of the pie crust away and then sat up. Her face and hair were covered completely in creamy pie. She took a finger full of cream and licked some of it. “It tastes good at least,” she said. To see Jennie Garth’s face covered in pie was an amazing thing to witness. Mr. G. reminded her that there was still round two to go. He led her by the hand the short distance to the bucket dump. She looked up as she sat on the stool. Mr. G. moved it slightly so that the bucket dump would be completely on target.

“One question remains,” she said,” What is up there today?” “Well, I am so glad that you asked Jennie. Today we have for you some lovely baked beans.” “Oh God,” she said,” Ok, baked beans then. Oh my,” she said smiling, but rolling her eyes. She smiled as she was counted down again. “” He then pulled the release stick for the bucket dump. The bucket dump was very precise. The mess in it fell through two layers and was calibrated to hit the target perfectly. Jennie gave a panicked expression, laughed and then looked up. The beans poured out the sides, down onto her and then on the top of her head, before converging, covering her face. At the same time, beans began to dump over her shoulders and down her arms and top. More then poured on her waste and legs, while still pouring simultaneously on her face and upper body. The beans showered her completely. They ran all over her legs and down her calves, all over her socks and sneakers. Her blonde hair was matted in beans. Beans soaked her clothes completely in bean juice. Beans slithered down her back and cleavage. It was very embarrassing. The device seemed to be designed perfectly to cover her perfectly in the beans.

Eventually the beans slowed to a stop. She swung her head and ran her fingers across her eyes and mouth, tossing beans from her face and hair. She shook her head and laughed. She looked incredible. The gorgeous actress looked at Mr. G. with a look that seemed to say,” Are you happy now?” She shrugged her shoulders. “So Jennie, you look incredible,” he said. Beans rolled down her legs to the ground. “Do I? ,” she replied sarcastically,” I’m glad that you think so. I am covered in pie and baked beans. It feels kind of good actually. My family are going to love this.” Jennie sensuously rubbed the beans all over her legs and arms. Slow panning shots were shown that went up and down her messy body. 

She asked to see a replay, which was very unusual. She was allowed this. The pieing and been dumping were shown on replay in slow motion. Jennie laughed and said things like, “Look at me. Oh my God that is so funny,” while Mr. G. did a kind of play by play. He said things such as, ”If you look here, you can see the beans just when the make first contact and then splash out over your nose.” She was then shown a live feed of how she looked currently. She then posed for some selfies. It turned out to be an evening that both would look back on with as much enjoyment as they had looked forward to it happening for all of those years previously.

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