Thursday, 9 June 2016

TNA’s Allie

TNA’s Allie

Allie was Maria Kanellis Bennett’s apprentice. She looked amazing, wearing a short skirt and white button down shirt. She had an incredible body and it was shown off very well by the outfits that she wore. She was incredibly gorgeous and her character was quite effective. As a part of Maria’s group, she was hated by the TNA knockouts. They hated Maria and they hated Allie. Maria was the one in charge and doing everything that annoyed them, but Allie was by her side, enjoying the other knockouts misery. They also found her to be quite annoying. She played the role of a spoiled brat. She was the perfect character to receive comeuppance. She was someone who was set up be embarrassed by the other knockouts. It was a readymade storyline that everyone would want to see. Everyone wanted to see the knockouts get their own back on Allie. 

It was set up for Allie to get what was coming to her. Sienna was out of the building on this evening. She had been barred. Maria had a match with Gail Kim that had been building for a long while. Allie tried to intervene to help Maria, but Velvet Skye, who had been kayfabe fired a weeks previous to this emerged and pulled her away. In the meantime, Maria ran away to the back, Gail followed. 

This left only Velvet and Allie at ringside. Allie was not meant to be a wrestler, so she was no match for Velvet. Velvet grabbed her by the hair and pulled her in the ring. She brought a chair with her. Instead of hitting Allie with it, instead she set it up in the ring and sat on it. She then pulled Allie over her knee. Of course, Allie was pouting, squealing and moaning like a little brat this entire time. Velvet pulled up Allie’s skirt revealing her thong and her incredible rear end. Velvet then reached back and began to give Allie a spanking. Allie kicked her legs and squealed as Velvet spanked her. She was like a grown woman pretending to be a toddler. She waved her hands and screamed as Velvet spanked her shapely backside. She then pushed her down on the mat.

She rolled out of the ring and grabbed a mop bucket, which had been seen in a previous episode of Impact. Mike Bennett had been forced to clean toilets in a previous episode. Velvet rolled it into the ring. Allie was sat in the corner by this time on her behind. Velvet approached her. Allie saw her coming. She waved her hands and begged her not to do this, screaming at her. Velvet grinned as the crowd cheered. She lifted the mop bucket and dumped it over Allie. It was filled with brown gunge. Allie wiggled her hands and stomped her feet. She was covered in thick brown gunge. It was all over her blonde hair, her white shirt and her sexy legs. She screamed that it stunk. She shook her head and threw a tantrum, as her character was made to do. “It’s so gross. It’s stinks,” she shouted. 

She got to her feet and was pointing to the audience and arguing with them, telling them not to laugh at her. This was so embarrassing. Velvet tapped her on her shoulder. When she turned around, Velvet shoved a massive coconut cream pie straight into her face. She wiggled it around as the crowd roared with laughter. Allie screamed and fell to the mat again. Her face was covered in pie completely. The young woman threw a hissy fit. Velvet looked down on her and laughed. 

She was literally on the mat on her stomach, pounding the canvas with her fit and kicking her legs. Velvet then took some bottles of ketchup and mustard and proceeded to spray them all over Allie’s back. They soaked her clothes, making her shirt almost see through. Velvet then took a banana cream pie and placed it on the mat. She then grabbed Allie by her hair and drove her head down into the pie. She then dusted her hands together and rolled out of the ring. She waved to Allie. Allie cowered in the corner, hugging her legs and pouting.

On the next segment, Maria was shown backstage. “I can’t believe what happened tonight. This has been a disaster. Sienna isn’t here. I got chased by Gail Kim it’s terrible,” she complained to a TNA official on her phone. “And, wait I’ll call you back.” At that point Allie walked in behind her, still covered in mess, dripping from her. “And what happened to you?,” Maria asked, looking very surprised. “Velvet.. that Velvet Skye. She..she did this to me,” a dejected and humiliated Allie said. 

“Velvet Skye, I fired her. She will not get away with this. No one treats my apprentice like this. I will get her for this I promise.” “Thanks,” Allie said, about to put her hand on Maria’s shoulder. “Um, better not touch me eh? We don’t want to get any of that on me now do we? You had better go get cleaned up. It smells pretty bad to be honest.” Allie slumped off to the showers. Maria held back a chuckle as the vignette ended.


  1. a few more requests from me, apart from the GMB one, Holly wants revenge on Fearne, after Fearne helped Michelle Keegan on Celebrity Juice but gunging Holly naked, so Holly wants to dish out a humiliating revenge on juice to, there is a presenter special of wild things where jason byrne guides Kate Humble to a messy experience, they also make it a lot more glamourous, with kate wearing a dress and high heels, local regional news presenter Kylie Pentelow experiences gunge after losing out to the male presenter for charity, and girls aloud members Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle Sarah Harding and Kimberly Walsh get a humuliating gunging but they all have to be seperate as each member wants revenge for different reasons i.e want revenge on Nadine for not wanting to get the group back together

  2. also something on Jane Danson (Leanne in corrie) and Laura Jackson of Take Me Out The Gossip fame

  3. sorry i keep thinking of good victims also Nicola Wheeler and Samantha Giles of Emmerdale for being bitches and Belle Dingle for turning into a right trouble maker

  4. maybe all 3 for them has been sent to gunge court for there offences on the show

  5. maybe all 3 for them has been sent to gunge court for there offences on the show

  6. I'd love if you did a story where Perrie Edwards from little mix gets messy because she wants to.

    1. there is lready a few little mix stories here