Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Lindsay Lohan noticed her legs

****WARNING**** This story contains nudity, sexual situations and slight male nudity. If you are underage or easily offended then please do not read. ****

Lindsay Lohan noticed her legs

Lindsay Lohan has had her share of issues over the years. She is still a very attractive woman. I found this out first hand one day. I happened to be out for the day in London. I had vaguely heard that Lindsay was performing in a show on the West End, but I didn’t think much of it. She was attractive, but I had never really thought too much about her in a few years. She was the subject of fantasy in the past more than at the present. On this day, I just happened to be walking down the street and I spied a young woman who immediately stood out to me. I noticed her, to be truthful, initially because of her legs. She was wearing a very short tight fitting pair of shorts that was so high that some cheek was actually showing. Her legs were like nothing I’d ever seen before. They were a unique shape and they were covered in freckles. They were so incredibly sexy that I could not help but look. It was hard to turn away. At the time, she was bending over to look at something. When she stood up and turned around, we almost bumped into each other. I apologised to her. “Don’t be silly,” she said,” I am used to people staring. I am a celebrity after all.” She had been wearing sunglasses. She pulled them off and that was when I recognised her. It was Lindsay Lohan right in front of me in the flesh.  I was just a bit flustered. “Your, Lindsay Lohan,” I blurted out. She giggled. “Yeah, it’s me. Isn’t that why you were looking at me like that?” “Well, um, to be honest, I didn’t see your face at first. I did not really realise it was you. I was looking at you, frankly,” I was very shy and usually would not dare say or do anything like this, but I figured, this is Lindsay Lohan. How often will I get a chance like this? “I was looking because you looked so incredibly sexy.” “Oh come on look at me, I am a mess. My hair all back in a platt, an old tank top, sunglasses and these hideous shorts.” “Well, um, those, those legs are one of the sexiest things I have ever seen.” She chuckled. She stretched them out displaying them. “Are you kidding, they are so ugly. They are a funny shape and have all of these ugly freckles on them. I hate my legs.” She put her leg up displaying it for me. “Um, well, they are unique yes, but they look amazing.” 

“You are very sweet and, very cute too actually. Let me let you in on a little secret. I was just looking at this.” She lifted up a jar of tartar sauce from the store shelf. It was slightly odd. She then whispered. “ I was imaging what it would be like to have this all over my body, my legs for example. I am a bit of one for naughty fantasies like that. Don’t tell,” she said, putting a finger to her lips. “To be honest, I have many fantasies like that as well.” “Any about yours truly?,” she blurted out. “Well, um yeah, there was this one for example.” “The naked crab walk thing, yeah I know, that was hot.” “That one yes for sure and putting stuff like this tartar sauce all over you.” She laughed. “Cool, let’s take this tartar sauce and get some more stuff and get back to my hotel room. We can live out both of our wildest fantasies there. You can show me how much you appreciate these legs as well.” The two of us had a pretty erotic experience picking out items that we would be using later on in a very naughty way. Knowing what we would be doing with them. It built the tension more and more to an almost orgasmic level. We could not get back to the hotel room quick enough. When we got there, we tossed the bags of groceries onto the bed and began to wildly kiss and touch, right against the door. She raised her leg and I touched it as we passionately kissed. She ran her fingers through my hair and over my chest. 

Lindsay’s clothes were shed almost instantly as we both ripped them off her body. We casually threw them aside, leaving her butt naked. She then lay on the floor and stretched her long legs out. I put my hands on them and began to touch and fondle one of the sexiest pairs of legs I had ever seen. I massaged and squeezed her freckly legs. I then placed my tongue upon her knee and ran my tongue down her calf. She closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure. “Oh, gosh, no one has ever done this to me before. It feels so good.” I fondled and licked each calf then the backs of her knees and then her thighs. My tongue directly on her naked legs. She clutched a breast with one hand and fingered herself with the other. Her nipples were as hard as rocks and her vagina was moist already. She built to orgasm just from what I was doing to her legs. Her pussy was dripping wet with her sticky pussy juice. We both licked some from her sticky fingers.

“Backwards naked crabwalk eh? Let’s see if it lives up to your expectations.” She placed her arms behind her, arched her back and bent her knees, getting into the naked crabwalk position. She walked back and forth. “How does that look?,” she asked. “Even better in the flesh,” I replied. “In that case get that tartar sauce. I want it,” she purred. Lindsay’s naked body stretched. Legs open wide. I pulled out the tartar sauce she had been holding in the shop. I unscrewed the lid and held it a few inches above her stomach. She looked down and bit her lip in anticipation. The initial glob took a few moments to fall. It held in the air for a moment before falling and landing right on Lindsay’s naked stomach. She let out a moan when it hit. I then moved it down her body, letting it fall onto her. It poured down from her breasts to her vagina and then down to one knee. She giggled,” Hehe, that’ awesome.”

I then took a similar jar of the same brand of applesauce. I started pouring at her knee and went up this time, dumping applesauce across from one leg to her vagina, up her stomach and onto the opposite breast. I left a trail of the chunky apple sauce as I went. The third jar was again exactly the same size and shape but was filled with mint sauce.  It was the kind people put on lamb. I unscrewed the lid and began to tip it onto her legs and over her vagina. I poured some onto her bare behind as well. It was thick and very green. “Mmm, I am like a piece of meat,” she joked.

She then was allowed to change position, as her arms grew weary. She got on all fours as I got out the horseradish sauce. I shook it up a bit before opening. This time I started by pouring it over the top of Lindsay’s head and working it down her back and over her behind and the backs of her legs. Her hand, the entire time, was firmly between her legs. She moaned and talked dirty the entire time. “ This is so fucking hot. I have horseradish all over my naked body. Feels amazing on my ass and pussy.”

We then got out two jars of lasagne sauce, one white and one red. She sat up and pointed to herself. “Over my head this time,” she said. I unscrewed both lids and tossed them aside. I then stood behind her and tipped both jars over her simultaneously. She, again, had one hand between her legs and the other on her chest. She massaged and played with herself as she was sauced. The red and white mess converged, covering the naked celebrity in both. She closed her eyes and continued to talk dirty. “Oh yeah. Oh fuck yeah. Fuck all over me. This is so fucking hot.” She orgasmed once again in the sloppy mess. It was as hot as it could possibly be. 

She then asked be to get out the sweet chilli and mayonnaise. I did as she asked. She then feverishly unzipped my trousers and pulled my penis out. She took it out with her hand and held it. We then began to spray the two condiments down onto my penis and her face as she sucked my penis. It was easy to see that she was quite an expert at this as she used all sorts of techniques that I never had even seen before. She sucked it as we dumped the condiments.  She then pulled the rest of my clothes off, as I joined her in nudity.

She grabbed the cans of tinned spaghetti that were all we had left and pulled me to the bed. “Let’s get spaghettied while we fuck,” she said. She popped the tins open. We were both on our knees on the bed. We inserted my penis inside of her vagina and we started to have sex. We humped back and forth as she rode me. She then held the tins over her own head and dumped the spaghetti over her head as we made love. The unleashed the final bit as we both exploded in an enormous orgasm. Our bodies violently convulsing. Our animal like sex noises filling the air. Cum exploding forth. Spaghetti all over Lindsay. Her head covered in cheap canned spaghetti.

We both fell backwards in exhaustion and pleasure. She looked over at me with a smirk. “We have to do this again. I think there is a cash and carry not too far away,” she joked. “This was so good. You, what you did to my legs, the messy food, the sex. I have been with a lot of people and done some pretty wild stuff, but this has got to be the best.” I smiled. I felt the same way.

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