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Emma Stone gunge your ex

Emma Stone gunge your ex

Emma Stone had dated her co-star Andrew Garfield for quite awhile, but they broke up. The two were booked on the same talk show at the same time.  They were aware of it. They thought that it may be a little awkward. They weren’t told that the creators had a plan in store for them. It was a Graham Norton or Jonathan Ross style talk show where the guests were sat together at the same time. The two found themselves sat on a couch very close to one another.

The host then brought up break ups. “Break ups can be hard. Usually one party gets the upper hand and feels that they have bragging rights. It can get competitive between ex’s. Let’s face it. Everyone would like to get revenge on their ex I think in one way or another. Andrew and Emma you used to date. We are going to give one of you the opportunity to claim bragging rights in a major way. It is a little game we will be calling, gunge your ex. I take it both of you would like to take part.” “Oh yeah,” Emma said,” Believe me I would love the chance to gunge my ex. I’m going to kick his ass and then gunge it,” she said. Andrew just smiled coyly. “Yes, I would like the chance to do the same very much.” “Ok then, we are going to ask questions about you two. There are five questions each about each of you. The person who gets the most right will get to gunge their ex. They will get to dump mess all over their ex on national television.” Emma wore a green dress that was a velvety sort of pattern. It had a slit that showed off some leg. It was classy but modern.  It only started at her chest. Her shoulders and top segment of her back were, largely, uncovered. She was very much hoping that she could win this. She would like nothing better than to gunge her ex for the whole world to see. She would take great pleasure in doing that. Of course, her ex felt the same, but he was not going to show too much emotion. He did not want to give that away so easily.

It was time to ask the questions. The first question to each was what was the first film that each had done in Hollywood. They both managed to get that one right. The score was tired at one to one after one question. The second question to each was what was the last film that each made. They both got that one correct as well. This meant the score did not change after two questions. The third was what was the highest grossing film that each had made. This one was easy for them both. They both got this one correct as well. It was three all after three. Both were doing well after three questions.  The fourth question was for them to name one other person that their ex had dated. They both got this one correct as well.

It all came down to the final question. This question was to guess their ex’s mother’s maiden name. Emma’s mouth fell wide open. “That’s not fair. He never told me what his mother’s maiden name was. That’s not my fault.” She had to make a guess. Her guess was wrong. Her ex on the other hand knew what Emma’s mother’s maiden name was because she had mentioned it before and he had listened. Truth be told, he listened more than he spoke throughout their relationship. Ironically, that was the reason he won this quiz. He shook his hands back and forth in victory. Emma’s mouth and eyes were wide. “Andrew is our winner. Sorry, Emma, but your ex won fair and square and he gets to do the gunging. “What? No, this can’t be,” she feebly protested. “Oh James, this has got to be sweet.” He coyly smiled. “Uh, yes,” he said laughing. “Andrew won, so he gets to gunge his ex. Emma, if you could join us over here for a moment,” the host said. 

Emma shook her head, but followed as he requested. She was led to a clear gunge tank. The door only covered the bottom half of the tank and was flimsy clear plastic. Andrew was directed over to a lever that was very similar to the one on Swipe TV. He stood by it and grinned. Emma crossed her legs. She peered over at him. She arched her hands, asking him for mercy. He just laughed. The beautiful, freckly young woman now sat in the gunge tank about to get gunged on.

“Well, Andrew, I think this one is for all the guys out there. I think every guy out there has wanted to do this to their ex at one stage or another. Now, you get to do it for all of us. You get the pleasure of getting to unload gunge all over your ex-girlfriend Emma. Take your time and enjoy doing this, please. You must have waited a long time for the chance to do this.” Andrew smiled. He waved at Emma. She her eyes darted back and forth. “When you are ready, you get to gunge your ex. Pull that lever and let her have it.”

Andrew smiled as he pulled back on the lever as hard as he could. Emma raised her shoulders and held her breath as the gunge began to pour. It was thick white gunge.  The instant that it made contact with her head would be replayed back in slow motion countless times. As it hit her face animated and her shoulders raised. The sloppy gunge poured over her hair and down her face. It poured down the front and then the sides. The changing expressions on her face were visible as the gunge poured down the curves of her facial features, before engulfing her head almost completely. Gunge poured over her bare shoulders, down her back and chest. 

The colour of the gunge then changed to a bright orange colour. It poured down her front, over her green dress and down her pale legs before pouring onto her hair and face. Andrew held his grip on the lever as the gunge continued to dispatch over his ex. It felt amazing to do this to her after all this time. The orange streaked with the white all over her face and hair. The orange gunge was very lumpy. Lumps and globs stuck all over her face and body. Her bare shoulders were covered entirely in gunge. 

The gunge finally slowed to a stop. The camera pulled back to show a full body shot of the gunged star. It then panned all the way up her body, showing the gunge covered woman sat in the tank. She ran her fingers over her face and through her hair. Her hair was streaked in orange and white mess. She looked like some sort of human creamsicle. She shook her head and pointed and laughed at her ex-boyfriend. “This should have been you,” she shouted,” I wanted to gunge you.” She then laughed.

“Andrew Garfield has gotten to gunge his ex. I am sure there are many more out there who would like to do the same.  We may do this again in the future. Andrew has gunged Emma. She will never live this down. Revenge is sweet. Thanks to these two for appearing today. Thanks to Emma for taking it so well.” Emma took a handful of gunge from her lips and flung it to the side. She shook her head and sighed.

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  1. Haven't requested in a while but I got a couple here Andrea McLean gets revenge on Ruth Langsford and Jane Moore for her gunging that occurred on Loose Women when she lost the vote in a story you wrote and for getting gunged in real life although it wasn't very good, and have like a game show type thing between the good morning Britain men vs women and obviously the women lose so Susanna Reid, Charlotte Hawkins, Kate Garraway and Laura Tobin and Ranvir Singh