Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Kylie Pentelow and Katie Rowlet

Kylie Pentelow and Katie Rowlet

Kylie Pentelow and Katie Rowlett were local newscasters. The two along with other newscasters in their area were put up for a vote for charity as part of a national charity fund raising events. They were up for the vote against two male presenters. People could ring in, go online or use an app top donate money on behalf of the team they wanted to see get messed the most. Whoever had the most money in their pot would lose and face the messing. The public would decide their fate. They were very nervous about the outcome. They figured the men would end up messy, because, someone, somewhere usually got involved and made sure that would happen. This time, however, the vote was totally genuine and the results would be real. They were very embarrassed about the possibility and urged everyone they knew to vote for the guys. Of course, their friends and family would be the ones who wanted to see them on the losing end more than anyone and they got a lot of votes this way. 

They were up against Ian Axton and Bob Crampton. One was a smart looking younger presenter, the other was a larger, older gentleman. Both were dying to mess the women for different reasons.
As the week wore on, the women realised that they stood a decent chance of losing. There was no way out of it now though. It was for charity, so they would need to go through with the forfeit if they lost. They really did not fancy getting covered in mess on national television. If they could have influenced the voting or somehow cheated, they would have gladly done so, but it was out of their hands. They were not told throughout the voting who was winning or losing. All they were told was that it was very close. There was every chance that they would be embarrassed on television with everyone watching. Each night the two teams would tease each other and say how much they were looking forward to messing the other team. The ladies openly mentioned how much they did not want to be the ones on the losing end. They also really wanted to nail the men.

On the day, they both wore blue and red skirt suits in honour of the event. They talked to one another just before going on air. “This is the moment of truth. I really hope that we don’t get it. They are going to love it if we lose. Well, there is no backing out now.” 

The broadcast began as usual, but for the air of tension that was palatable in the studio. Everyone could feel it. One team was going to be publicly embarrassed by the other team. Who would it be though? The voting had been close. Two chairs were revealing in front of the news desks. They were placed back to back. It was time for the results to be read. “Ok, it is the moment we have all been waiting for,” Ellie Barker, another presenter said. She was very happy that there were only teams of two, otherwise she would have likely been the third candidate to represent the ladies.  “Today is the big day. You have been voting on which team you want to see get messy for charity. It is the battle of the sexes, men vs. women. One team is going to get to dump mess on the other. Who will it be? It’s time to find out. It was a very close vote. It turns out less than fifty pounds was all that was in it. The team though, who got the most votes and will get the mess is.. I am sorry about this girls, it’s the ladies.” They made funny faces. They pretended to slam their papers down on the desk. The men smiled and shook hands. “I’m so sorry ladies, but it looks like you will be the ones getting messy. Come and take your places.”

The two shocked women stood up and walked over to their seats. They sat down, back to back, facing either direction. They shook their heads and laughed nervously. They reached back and took each other’s hand. The men were saying how pleased they were to win and how much they were going to enjoy doing this to the losers.  They were asked if they would be having any mercy upon the ladies. They replied that they would not be. They had earned the right to pour mess all over their very attractive female colleagues. One of the guys was older. He was going to love pouring mess all over attractive younger women. The other was their age. He was a possible love interest. He too was going enjoy doing this to them.

Every muscle in the women’s bodies tensed up. They gritted their teeth as the men were handed buckets of gunge to pour over them. Instead of choosing one each to mess, they were going to gunge both of them together. Each had been given a large gunge bucket. One was red and the other was blue.  Ellie said,” Well, the men have won. Thank you for everyone who donated. This is the moment you have all been waiting for. Commiserations, ladies. I am so glad I am not going to be joining you down there. Hey, it’s all for a good cause. When you are ready guys, let the ladies have it.”

The two male newscasters smiled at one another. The very tense women’s bodies tightened. The men then began to pour the red and blue gunge over them. She screamed as the cool gunge made first contact on their heads. Gunge poured over the top of their heads. The men poured the gunge back and forth, creating a sort of purple colour. The men took pleasure in directing the gunge all over their female colleague’s bodies. Gunge poured onto their legs and down their necks. The gunge slopped between them. Their hair was coated in the gunge. Their clothes were completely coated in the thick glop. Layer after layer poured over the both of them. Eventually, it came to stop. It dripped everywhere. The women blinked. They ran their fingers over their eyes, clearing some away. They laughed, but it was out of embarrassment and frustration more than anything else. 

The  men shook hands and celebrated. They stated that pouring gunge on the women was amazing and they looked great in it. The women remained seated, allowing gunge to drip down their bodies. Ellie then thanked everyone again. She said that the ladies had taken an amazing gunging and that they looked fantastic covered in the gunge. The too looked up at her sarcastically.


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