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Verity Rushworth convenient meals

Verity Rushworth convenient meals

Verity Rushworth was selected to appear on a very special edition of Let Her Have It. She was quite flattered to be chosen to appear on the show and was told that something new would be happening on this particular episode. She was very nervous and unsure about the mess that would inevitably be coming her way, but it was a very good opportunity for her, as she had not had much work in quite a few years outside of Emmerdale. She did not have a very high profile in the industry, but had been on English television for many years in small roles as well as appearances on gameshows and reality type celebrity shows. She was the type of celebrity who would appear on Celebrity Big Brother and the like. She wondered what would be coming her way, but tried not to dwell too much upon it. 

She came on the show wearing a black and white checked top with a black belt and black tights. The shirt was worn like a dress. Mr. G. introduced her and welcomed her to the show. He explained that something new and exciting would be introduced today and that Verity would have the privilege of being the first to experience it. “Oh yeah, I feel so honoured,” she replied, semi-sarcastically. “Basically, it is what we are calling, meals in a bucket.” Verity flashed a disbelieving look at him, “Excuse me?,” she said. “Well, it is a very convenient thing that we invented. We have put entire meals into buckets, stirred them up and have them ready to serve.” “I take it that I will be the recipient then?,” she asked. “Of course,” he replied.  She giggled. “How does that sound?,” he asked. 
“Um…fabulous,” she said sarcastically. “We know that you are quite a good cook and appreciate fine food, so that is what we will be giving you today,” he said,” If you care to join me.”

She followed him over to a part of the set that looked like a kitchen. She was lead to a chair that looked like a fifties diner sort of seat. The whole set was made up for this special messing. She looked up very nervous. She was about to get served. “To start off the day, a full English breakfast always hits the spot. We have a bucket that is filled with tomato, mushrooms, beans, egg, black pudding, bacon, sausages. All mixed together in one sloppy bucket.” He showed her the bucket. “It looks like sick almost,” she said. “Well, it will look very nice all over you,” he replied. She shut her eyes. It did look revolting and it was about to come her way. “Bon appetite,” he said. He began to tip the bucket over Verity. The slimy, sloppy breakfast came rolling down onto her. Everyone gasped as the sloppy mess dumped over her head and all over her face. It began to roll over her body. Bits of every individual part of the breakfast fell on her. Sausage, black pudding, bacon. Everything soaked in bean juice and egg yolk. Verity closed her eyes as she was covered in discarded breakfast. She stuck her tongue out and gagged a bit. She was soaked in it. It covered her clothes and body. Her brown hair was covered. Verity had just got covered in an entire breakfast in one go. “See how convenient that was?,” Mr. G. joked. Verity, meanwhile was clearing bacon from her fringe. 

“Another great meal is a Sunday roast,” he said,” Meat, mashed potato, stuffing, Yorkshire pudding, vegetables, gravy, who could ask for anything more? And now, all in one compact container, just for you.” He took a massively heavy bucket and tipped it over the soap actress. A full roast dinner fell down upon her. It was all mixed together in sloppy gravy. It was all brown and disgusting. It did appear it was all in there though as it poured onto Verity. She was soaked in thick gravy. Every morsel of the sloppy dinner poured onto her. It was a bit of a misnomer though, it appeared that there was enough of that roast dinner there to feed a whole family. Cabbage and peas poured onto her. She could smell the sloppy vegetables. Bits of meat stuck all over her. Yorkshire, comically stuck to her head and knee. 

“Next we have the Italian dinner,” he said in an exaggerated Italian sort of accent,” It has sauce, mince, ricotta, mozzarella, pasta all mixed together for your enjoyment.” Verity shut her eyes as tightly as she could and giggled as he began to dump the foul smelling Italian mess over her. She was soon covered in thick sauce, cheese and pasta. It splatted down her face and body. “You can smell the garlic. Just like mama used to make.” Verity was drenched in cheese and pasta sauce. There was both white and red sauce in the bucket. It poured on her face and dark brown hair. She put her hand on one knee and laughed. She was more of a regular person than a huge celebrity. She looked amazing though, covered in the Italian meal. 

Next to come was an Indian feast. In the bucket bits of starters like samosas and chicken pakora along with chutney, rice, spinach, bits of vegetable including aloo gobi as well as bits of different curry, everything from rogan josh to tikka masala to chicken bhuna. All mixed together in a slop bucket. He began to dump the heavy bucket of mess over the already slop covered actress. It fell unevenly over her. It had all sorts of colours in it, rice and spinach tumbled over her. More poured down her chest and legs. She was totally covered. “This is hardly an ice bucket challenge,” she said.

“Well, Verity, I must say, you have never looked better. I hope that satisfied your appetite.” “Oh yeah, I have definitely learned some new recipes that I will use in the future,” she joked. She then stood up and threw her arms around him. He closed the show, warning her off a bit. She whispered in his ear,” You are lucky, you are the only one I would have let do that do to me. You should have been in there with me,” she said provocatively.

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