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Janet Jackson make fantasy a reality

The following contains nudity and sexual langueage.****

Janet Jackson make fantasy a reality

Janet Jackson, to this day is seen as a sort of shy demure figure. We all seem to forget that there was period in the mid-nineties when she was releasing some pretty risqué songs. The song If, in particular, if you sat down and read the lyrics were positively filthy. She was not someone that usually gave interviews and was pretty private. Some would say that the two things were in opposition, but a shy and quiet person could easily have the naughtiest of private fantasies.
In this story, I will play the role of journalist, in this case, one that Janet is attracted to, speaking to her at that particular time. She will reveal some of the other fantasies that have been going through her mind as well. Hopefully, this makes sense.

“I would like to welcome a very special, one time only guest to our studio. The one and only Janet Jackson.” Everyone cheered for her. She was sat on the opposite couch. She wore a tight fitting pair of trousers and a low cut top. “Thank you Janet for coming on the show. We know it is very rare for you to grant interviews, let alone do a show like this.” “Well,” she said softly,” To be honest, you are the reason I agreed to it. I would only do something like this for you.” “For me, what makes me so privileged, Janet?” “Well, I think that is the subject of the interview. The lyrics to my song If. 

Fantasies,” she said suggestively. “Well this is what I was trying to convey with the song. Everyone has these fantasies. All the time, every day, second to second, yet no one ever admits them. Look, I have been having sexual fantasies about you and I would hazard to guess that have had some about me. That is why we are both sat here. Even now though, I am sure neither one of will admit what we really have been imagining about the other one.” “You are right about that. It is interesting isn’t it.  No one ever does admit these things.” “That’s right, I mean I released this song as a single and no one still has the guts to ever even bring it up to me, because it is something you don’t talk about it. Frankly, releasing a song about my sexual fantasies for all to hear really turns me on. The fact that people may here it and then fantasise about me and get turned on turns me on as well.” “Well, Janet, are you willing to discuss some of the lyrics today?” “Fire away,” she said with a smile. 

With lust in my eyes
Sure don't give a damn and ya
Don't know that I've been dreamin of ya in
My fantasies”.

She blushed. “I think that is self-explanatory. It’s when you have been having dirty thoughts about someone and they don’t realise it. It could be about anyone. Someone you just see in the street and then have fantasies about them. It’s also about that odd feeling when you have been having filthy thoughts about someone. You kind of wonder if they can tell or if it shows or not.”
“So, it’s not about anyone specific.” “It’s about quite a few specific people.”

“Don't even realize that I'm wantin you
To fulfill my needs”.
“Yes, specifically, you want to have sex with someone. They don’t know it. You can’t just come out and say it for so many reasons, but you want to have sex with them badly.”
“How many night I've laid in bed excited over you
I've closed my eyes and thought of us a hundred different ways
I've gotten there so many times I wonder how bout you.”

She giggled,” Yes, its flat out about masturbating about a person. In bed imaging all sorts. The second line is about imaging having sex in lots of different positions. The third line is about orgasming. It’s about masturbating pure and simple. “
“Close your eyes and imagine my body undressed.”
“Well, something I might say at the moment to you. Telling the guy to imagine what I look like naked.” 

“Take your time cuz we've got all night, oooh
You on the rise as you're touchin my thighs.”
“Well, it is about the guy becoming aroused and touching my legs. I really enjoy that. Something to remember for later perhaps,” she teased.
“If you like I'll go
Down da down down down da down down
I'll hold you in my hand and baby

Your smooth and shiny
Feels so good against my lips sugar
I want you so bad I can
Taste your love right now baby.”

“It’s about me wanting to suck this person’s cock. There is no denying that. “ “Well, Janet, there really aren’t many songs on the charts I can think of where someone says they want to give a person a blowjob.” “Yeah I know, and no one says a thing. Now the whole world knows. Everyone is so uptight and polite, no one questions it. It’s a filthy song though. I am a filthy girl deep down. I spend time in bed masturbating imagining having sex with guys. You know what, every other woman and man on the planet does exactly the same thing. I mean, I am very shy, but sex is a natural instinct. I mean come on now, I am sure you have had one or two fantasies about me. Come on just tell me a bit. Go on.”

“Well, remember in the Escapade video and the Miss You Much videos? Well, I certainly have had many fantasies about her ass in those videos.” “See, and I was covered from head to toe in unflattering black clothing in those videos and you still found something to have naughty thoughts about. See, see how shy you are about it as well and how you put it? In reality you have been having filthy thoughts about my big bare ass. That is so hot, it turns me on. Even with our lovers we are too ashamed to really say it as it is. Wouldn’t it be better if you could just come out and say it for real. People want to have sex with each other, it is life.  Look, recently, I have been having a fantasy about the two of us. It involves you using ice cream and sundae topping on my body and licking it off. Obviously, it can’t be aired on broadcast television, but I would like that happen tonight very much.” I abruptly ended the show. 

Janet retired to her dressing room, I followed ten minutes later. By that time she was already naked. Her body was in tremendous shape. She had a flat stomach with abs, muscular legs and an ass that was every bit as sexy as I had ever imagined. She sat on a towel on the floor. She had a tub of ice cream and some bottles of substances around her. “Come on, don’t be shy,” she said,” You are as bad as me. I actually am really shy. Start with the honey,” she suggested. She was glistening with sweet sweat already and very aroused. 

I took the container of honey, it was shaped like a bear. I turned it over and began to squeeze it out onto Janet’s abs. I ran it up and down her body, over one leg and one breast. I then leaned over and ran my tongue along the length of her body, lapping up some of the honey along her sexy flesh. Her skin and the honey were so hot. Some dripped between her legs onto her smooth, but coarse mound. She was waxed thoroughly everywhere. I ran my tongue down from her belly button to the lips of her vagina, sucking some of the honey off of her. 

She then handed me some vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream and a scoop. I scooped the first one straight onto her vagina. Her sizzling body instantly cause it to begin to melt. I put two more on top of her breasts, another on her stomach, one on each knee, one in each arm pit and one on top of her head. It looking so yummy, I could not help but lick some off her stomach, from her belly button. The ice cream melted over her. She began play with herself as I dispatched of the messy sundae toppings. 

I next began to spray her with chocolate and caramel sauces. I sprayed them over her stomach and then over her head. They dripped down her face. She smiled. I poured more down the length of each of her legs. I watched as the sauces moved along the sexy contours of her muscles. I then ran my tongue up her leg, licking off some of the chocolate as I went. She told me that the feeling of the ice cream and sauces on her naked body was one of the most erotic of her life.

I then took the strawberry puree. She looked up and said, “You know what, put that all over that ass you like so much. I hope it lives up to your fantasies.” She turned over onto all fours, revealing her full ass. She wiggled it and actually spread her cheeks a bit as I dumped the sloppy strawberry right on her muscular rear. She let out a satisfied noise when she felt it all over her butt. I then ran my tongue wildly on her behind, licking some of the strawberry sauce, the berries falling down her rear. 

Next to come was sloppy marshmallow fluff I was handed a rubber spatula to use. I plunged it in and then plopped some of it onto her rear. I smeared the sticky mess onto her butt cheek and then the other one. She then turned over again. I plopped more onto her stomach and then more onto her vagina. I then moved the spatula along. I rubbed it against her pussy lips as I spread the fluffy mess onto her womanhood. 

Finally, I finished her off with whipped cream. I was handed two canisters. I took one in each hand and began to spray the sexy singer all over her body. I started at her calves and worked my way up. There was enough to cover her completely. I spray between her legs then up her stomach and chest and then all over her hair and face. She laughed and squealed as she was covered. I then smushed my hands down onto her body and rubbed it around all over her. She smiled. I leaned over and we kissed.
She then said knowingly,” You see, I think everyone should take a chance and make their naughtiest fantasies a reality. How good was this?” I had to agree with her. Unfortunately, of course, this would never come to pass in reality. She was right, no one was hardly ever truly honest about their real desires and fantasies.

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