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Scarlett Johansson for charity

Scarlett Johansson for charity

Scarlett Johansson was a popular Hollywood star. She was certainly at the top of Hollywood’s A list. She was someone that a lot of people seemed to be attracted to. She also was a serious actress in many respects. She also had a very nice set of breasts. They were quite enormous. She was a popular candidate for a messing. 

She was approached by a charity who asked her if she would be willing to appear in the stocks to raise money for charity. At first, she was very reluctant. The charity persisted though and she could not think of a reason that she could give to not help the charity. They were saving lives. One afternoon in the stocks, getting things thrown on her was a very small things she could do if it raised money for them. It was her good deed for the month. She was rich and famous, this was something that she could do that would help others, so she agreed to do it. She decided to give everyone a treat and wore her famous red dress that she had worn before that really showed off her massive chest. She might live to regret that. 

She was trotted out and brought to the stocks. The charity organiser welcomed her and thanked her for doing this. They announced that this event had raised thousands that would go to help the less fortunate. Now everyone who donated was going to get their money’s worth. This was what everyone was there to see. Scarlett was led to the stocks by two men dressed as executioners. The top was raised and she lowered her head and arms into place. When she bent over her massive breasts fell downwards, dangling in front of her. Her back was arched with her behind high in the air. They lowered the bar and locked her in place. She looked out with big puppy dog eyes. Her breasts dangling in front. She looked very stoic, but would take this like a pro. This could prove very embarrassing. Her dress was already straining to hold her massive breasts in place. All she said was that she was very happy to help and hoped that the money raised would help a lot of disadvantaged people. 

Before she could even finish, a line of grinning people were set up across from her. They all carried pies in each of their hands. Scarlett looked up and saw this and her eyes widened. She gritted her teeth. “Ok,” the organiser said,” Here we go.” He signalled to the pie holders and they began to throw. In an instant, a barrage of cream pies flew through the air and began to explode over the stocks and the celebrity that was locked in them. Pie after pie was flung at Scarlett. She closed her eyes as the first smashed head on into her face. More hit, one after another. Her face and her massive chest were popular targets. Pies slammed into her faces and breasts. The pies leaving thick cream all over her face, the pillory and her breasts. She could do nothing but lick her lips and brace herself as, what seemed like dozens of pies, were flung straight into her. When they ceased, everything was covered in a splattering of thick cream. Scarlett could do nothing but blink her eyes and lick her lips. 

Everyone cheered and roared with laughter at the sight of the Hollywood star’s face, completely covered in a mask of cream pie. She had never looked better than she did at this moment.
They next got to pelt the celebrity with rotten vegetables and eggs. They each held items in their hands including eggs, tomatoes and eggplants. The organiser told them to fire at will. Scarlett’s body jolted as the rotten produce and eggs hit her. She shut her eyes tightly. When the items made contact, hitting her face or the pillory, they exploded over her. This covered her in the slimy fleshy innards and skin of the vegetables as well as the seeds and slimy rotten egg. The barrage continued as she was hit over and over again. The smell was atrocious. Slimy, rotten, seed filled mess rolled down Scarlett’s chest. It dripped from her boobs. 

There was now another wave of volunteers coming forward. This group had a variety of baked goods to toss at Scarlett. These included; cheesecakes, scones, cream horns, danishes, tarts and eclairs. Scarlett shut her eyes and awaited the next onslaught that awaited her. The organiser signalled for them to fire once again. With that, dozens of old baked goods came tumbling through the air and landing all over Scarlett. Some landed on her back. One cream horn stuck to her forehead. An éclair went down between her breasts. The baked goods hit her and seemed to explode upon impact as well. Some kept their shape, but were dislodged when another item hit the same area. The barrage seemed to go on forever. 

After that, some of the luckier volunteers came up in groups of three and got to pour some custard and rice pudding over the trapped actress. They lifted large trash can sized pales together and tipped them over the back of the actress. The sloppy mess falling down her back, over her behind and down the backs of her legs as well as on her head and over her chest. She kept feeling the urge to grab her breasts as they were constantly in danger of popping out, but she could not do a thing, as her hands were securely fastened in the pillory.

By this point her dress had all but fallen off entirely. It was clinging on by a thread for dear life to her body. She really wished that she had chosen something more sensible to wear, or at least chosen to wear a bra. The only saving grace was that the mess was obscuring most people’s view. If people looked hard enough they would have been able to see that her hardened nipples could be easily viewed from the correct angle. 

They finished her off by taking a sandbox lid that was filled with what appeared to be chicken noodle soup and dumped the whole thing over her body. It washed some of the larger messy chunks off, but left noodles everywhere in their place. It also soaked her thoroughly and wiped her dress out to her waist.

The organiser thanked her and thanked everyone who volunteered and donated. Scarlett was hoping to be let out of the stocks now and to get cleaned up. Unfortunately for her, it was announced that she would be left there until the end of the event. There was still several hours left, as it would not end until nightfall. It was announced that anyone could feel free to come as they pleased for the rest of the evening and dump anything they liked on the prone celebrity.  They did just that. At one point, young people were sticking remains of ice cream cones to the top of her head. People walked to and fro dumping things on her. In the end, people began to forgo the trash can and dumped their garbage over her instead. She was soon covered in everyone’s discarded rubbish. 

Even though this was not a part of the deal, because it was for charity, she could not say anything in protest. People walked by snapping photos. She was essentially topless the majority of this time. Eventually, after a fireworks display, she was set free. She would think twice before donating herself again.

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