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Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson Birthday

Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson  Birthday

By Request: 

Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson were co-stars on Coronation Street. They became good friends and then flatmates. One day Brooke was using Sacha’s laptop. She came across a story that Sacha had written where she had gunged Brooke. At first, she was shocked. She was surprised that Sacha would write such a thing about her. She soon came to the conclusion that Sacha was, clearly, turned on by this idea. The more Brooke thought about it, the more she began to become aroused by the whole idea. She began to think about it more and more. It got to the point where she could not think of much of anything else. As luck would have it, Sacha’s birthday was only a few weeks away. Brooke decided that this would provide the perfect opportunity to give both of them the fantasy that they now both were imagining. Brooke decided to put her plan into motion.

She was able to get a load of party food to use. She was also able to find a gunge tank that she could hire that would fit into the flat. Sacha was out on a job, so it gave Brooke the time to set everything up. Sacha would get the surprise of her life when she returned home that evening. Brooke had sat herself in the gunge tank, which was visible from the door. Not only was she sat in the tank, but she was completely naked as well. When Sacha arrived home and opened the door, she would be in for quite a site. Brooke also spread her legs as well, so Sacha would see it all upon opening the door. She could not help, but touch herself a little as she sat and waited and looked up at the sloppy gunge that was situated mere inches above her head. She knew how amazing this would be.

She took a deep breath as she heard her flatmate’s key in the front door. Sacha opened the door. She had no idea what she was about to find. She opened the door and put her bag down. She looked across the room and her mouth dropped. “Oh my gosh Brooke, what is all this?,” she exclaimed. She really could not believe her eyes. “It’s for your Birthday. I happened to find a story that you wrote about me and, well, it really took my fancy as well. I know you want to gunge me, so here is your chance. I am totally up for this. I am naked and at your disposal. Happy Birthday babe.” Sacha beamed from ear to ear. She really could not imagine a better gift. This was so hot. “This is the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life,” she exclaimed,” Thanks so much. You are the best.” “Go on then, no use wasting time. Let me have it. I want you to nail me with that gunge,” Brooke said. Sacha licked her lips. “With great pleasure,” she said.

Sacha walked over to the plunger. She thanked Brooke again and then pressed the plunger as hard as she could. Almost instantly, soft purple gunge fell from above all over Brooke. Brooke smiled and raised her eyebrow as gunge poured onto her head and over her face. At first it poured down the features of her face that extends like her nose and cheeks, but soon it was all over her face. It began to weigh down her thick hair, overwhelming it with the weight of gunge. Gunge poured onto her knees and then her lap. It poured on her shoulders and then down her chest and back. Her entire naked body was soon bathed in purple gunge. It seemed to pour for an eternity. She could feel it everywhere. Sacha jumped up and down and laughed, enjoying the site of her naked friend covered in the gunge. “How does it feel?,” she asked. “It feels amazing, to be fair,” Brooke replied. 

When the gunge stopped, Brooke got up and exited the tank. “We have a long evening ahead of us. It is not over by a long shot,” she said. She took Sacha by her hand and led her over to the table where the party food was. “You don’t think you are getting off that easy?,” she said with a cunning grin. “You should get those clothes off as well and join me,” she said. Sacha peeled off her trousers and tossed her jumper aside. She undid her bra and lowered her knickers. Her body was very similar in size and shape to Brooke’s. The two young ladies were now both nude. Brooke smiled.

“Happy Birthday,” she said. She then grabbed a massive round cake that was on the table with both hands. It was Sacha’s birthday cake. “I hope you like your cake,” she said. She then decked her in the face with it. The frosting and sponge flew in all directions as it collided with the beautiful blonde’s face. She made a funny face with her lips and shook her head. She took her fingers and scooped some of the cake and frosting up off herself. “Yum, marble. I love marble cake,” she enthused. Brooke then took a large raspberry trifle and smushed it right against her friend’s breasts and vagina. The lovely pudding fell out all over the blonde actress’s supple body. She took her hands and wiggled her breasts around in it as sponge fell from her tasty gash. Truth be known, she was soaking wet between her legs, as was Brooke.

Brooke then took a cherry cheesecake and smashed it into her friend’s posterior. It bounced off, leaving the cherry mess to stick over Sacha’s perfectly round cheeks. The two young women had almost perfectly shaped bodies. Soft, smooth, shapely tanned skin, bouncy breasts and butt cheeks and tasty arid private parts with beautiful moist pussy lips. There was hardly a blemish on either. They were like two sides of the same sexy coin. 

Next, Brooke took an entire quiche and slammed it into her friend’s behind, just as she had done with the cheesecake previously. She rubbed it around with her hands. The crust began to crumble and the whole eggy thing collapsed onto Sacha’s bare flesh. Brooke then took a bowl of macaroni salad and tipped it straight over her friend’s head. It tinged her blonde hair and rolled down her body. Brooke then tipped chocolate pudding over one of her flatmate’s shoulders and all the way down her body. She watched as the smooth brown mess slowly rolled down Sacha’s sexy body. 

She then tossed tuna fish and cold cuts all over Sasha. It stuck to the chocolate pudding that already covered her body. Sacha shook her head and laughed as she looked down at her sloppy body. Brooke then led her over to the gunge tank. She sat her in the seat and began to walk over to the plunger to finish her off for good. 

Instead, Sacha grabbed Brooke and pulled her close to her. Their naked bodies pressed against each other in the tank. “Oh no, this is my Birthday, you are coming in here with me and that is an order. The two embraced. The mess on both of their bodies converging into an even larger mess. Sacha was able to trigger the plunger with her foot, sticking her leg out of the tank. 

The two cuddled and caroused as pink gunge poured down onto them from above. Their legs intermingled. They rolled around wildly and playfully in the tank as the gunge splashed their bodies. They let their hands go wild as they massaged the sloppy mess all over one another. “This is so fucking hot,” Brooke said. Sacha grabbed and smacked Brooke on her bottom, giving her a little spank. The two naked girls rolled around and frolicked as the gunge continued to pour. Sacha opened her legs and let her private parts get gunged directly. 

Underneath the mountain of mess, both girls were soaking wet due to arousal. Both were near orgasm at the sensuous, sexual feeling of the mess all over their sexy bodies. This was an amazing Birthday. It was a Birthday that neither would forget any time soon.

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