Sunday, 12 June 2016

Hazel Doyle Swipe TV short story

Hazel Doyle Swipe TV short story

Hazel Doyle was one of the original hosts of Swipe TV. On the show, a teacher ended up covered in gunge at the end of each and every episode. She took great pleasure in doing this every week. Each week, she would delight in the humiliation of a teacher. She never dreamed that one day she might be on the receiving end herself. One day she took her teasing a bit too far. She, perhaps, should have been a bit more cautious, but this would lead to her downfall. 

A teacher called Miss O’Reardon had been placed in the gunge tank. She was a relatively young teacher. She was in her late twenties or early thirties. She had ginger hair. She was relatively thin, but had a really nice figure. She had glasses and freckles and a big smile with big teeth. She was quite nerdy. She had been gunged pretty well for the whole world to see. She laughed with embarrassment. Hazel relentlessly mocked her afterwards. “ Oh my, how embarrassing, Miss O’Reardon. All of your fellow teachers and all of the students will be watching this and seeing your gunging. I bet they are loving this. You look so funny I have to say.”

Hazel did not notice that her co-host had opened the door to the tank. Miss O’Reardon creeped up from behind as Hazel mocked her. Miss O’Reardon grabbed her from behind and wrapped her arms around her. “You are coming with me,” she said, pulling Hazel into the tank with her. She screamed as she was pulled onto the teacher’s lap. Her co-host then told the students to pull the lever again. Hazel protested, begging him to intervene on her behalf, but of course he was very eager to see this happen to her as well. She laughed and begged him to not do this, but he paid no attention to her pleas for assistance. Instead, he just gave a sly smirk.  He said not a word, but pulled the lever up again.  Hazel kicked her legs and screamed with laughter. 

Another layer of thick gunge began to pour over both Hazel and the already gunged covered Miss O’Reardon. It was thick and green. Miss O’reardon did all she could to direct Hazel directly into the path of the falling gunge. It poured down her brown curly hair and face. It soaked her white polka dot blouse and black trousers. It dumped over both women. Hazel did not have a boiler suit or gigantic goggles which covered half of her face to shield her from the gunge. It dumped all over her body. She did not really have a change of clothes to change into backstage either. These were her street clothes that she had worn to the studio. The studio did not have a wardrobe budget. 

She screamed and roared as the gunge covered both her and teacher. It was slimy and gooey. It stuck all over her trouser legs and overwhelmed her silky top. Her face was irregularly coated in gunged and cupped the top of her head, sliming her curly, frizzy hair. 

Finally, the gunge stopped. Miss O’Reardon let go and Hazel burst out of the gunge tank laughing. She squeezed gunge from her hair. She shook her head, but professionally read the lines that she had to, ending the show with her co-host. Miss O’Reardon had taken a double gunging, but it was worth it to get Hazel covered. Hazel deserved it. A lot of slimy teachers in Ireland would be celebrating this day. Hazel finally found out what it was like to be on the receiving end. Unfortunately, she sort of realised that it was not all that bad, so her sympathy with the teachers did not increase all that much.

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