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Voice Ireland: Rachel Stevens and Una Foden

Voice Ireland: Rachel Stevens and Una Foden

By Request:

Una Foden and Rachel Stevens were judges on the Voice of Ireland. Each represented her own acts.  They were constantly back and forth at one another, bragging that their act would be the winner, as they were the best in the competition. They decided that they would make a bet on whose act would win the final. The competitive spirit and pride that each had seemed to override their better judgement in this instance, as the outcome was completely in the hands of the viewing public. The loser would receive a good messing at the winner’s hands. This would happen in private. The final, however, began with Rachel in a gunge tank getting gunged as a promotion tactic for the show. It was used as an advert for the final.

She stood in the tank and said, “Tune in for the Voice of Ireland final. You can expect some surprises. Anything can happen.” With that, a wave of wave of thick purple gunge poured down onto her from above. She closed her eyes as it poured straight down over her. It was a relatively quick gunging for the purposes of the advert. “Like I said, anything can happen, even that,” she said pointing up and then at herself. 

The bet between Rachel and Una was a private one. The messing would take place in the dressing room and would be a naked one. The two women wanted badly to win anyway. They were really pulling for their acts, genuinely, but this added a whole new level of added motivation. They each wore black, shoulder less dresses. The outcome was completely out of their hands. It was down to the public. The public were also totally unaware of the secret consequences that they were going to be determining for one of these two. 

As luck would have it, the final two acts that were left belonged to these two. It would all come down to the final vote. The show reached its climax and the tension built. It, finally, got to that time when Una and Rachel were stood side by side with their acts on the stage, awaiting what the outcome would be. It was time for the results. Everyone was incredibly anxious anyway. The tension was very high as they awaited the news of the winner. When it was announced that Rachel’s act was the winner, she jumped up and down and celebrated wildly, more than anyone would have expected. Una hugged her act and reassured them. In the back of her head, she knew what this meant for her personally. Her act was unaware that she had made a big risk personally. Rachel looked across the stage at Una and winked. Una rolled her eyes.

The show ended as usual, with the winner singing their winner’s song and everyone coming up on stage to congratulate them. At this point, Una tried to slink away. Rachel was right behind her though. “Uh, uh,uh and where do you think you are going?,” she asked. “Come on now, loser, let’s get back to my dressing room and get that dress off, you have a forfeit to do,” Rachel smiled. She took Una’s hand and led her back to the dressing room. She locked the door and stuck the key down her chest.
She put her hands on Una’s shoulder and dropped her dress down to her ankles. She then undid her bra and lowered her panties down her legs to her ankles, as well. Una now stood in the middle of the room stark naked. Rachel smiled and chuckled. She was loving this. Una just rolled her eyes and shook her head in embarrassment. She placed her hands over her chest and private parts, trying to cover her modesty. Though her backside was fully visible. It was clear that everything was tight and waxed. Una had no other choice but to do this, as she had no change of clothes with her. Her body trembled. She had goose bumps all over. She felt the warm breeze on her naked skin. Her vagina glistened with a slight hint of moistness. The sensation of being exposed and naked in front of her fellow judge was causing some arousal. Her nipples were also very erect by this point. The state of arousal she was in was being given away by her own body.

Rachel smiled. She went over to some items she had collected together on her changing table, from catering. She started with two dozen eggs. She took one in each hand. She laughed as she pushed her hands down onto Una’s head, cracking both eggs and sending egg down her thickly layered hair. She took two more and smashed them on the top of her head as hard as she could. Egg ran down her hair. Una swung her head, allowing the shells to dislodge themselves. Rachel smashed two more onto Una’s pert buttocks and two more onto her chest. She smashed two more into her armpits, before slamming the remaining ones into the top of her head. The gooey egg ran all over her body. It was sloppy and yellow as it slathered her body.

Next Rachel took out some custard. It was the sort of custard that came already made in a box. The sort you had to cut the corner off with a scissor for pouring. Rachel cut the corner and held the box over Una’s beautiful head. She tipped it. She tried being careful, but when she tipped it, the custard came pouring out all over Una’s head. Rachel moved it downwards. She poured custard over Una’s shoulders and down her back and chest. Custard rolled down her stomach and then down her arms and legs. Her whole body was coated in a layer of thick custard. Una could do nothing put twiddle her fingers at her side as her opponent made sure she was thoroughly soaked in slick and sloppy custard. 

Rachel was using what appeared to be, mainly traditional messy substances. It was no surprise that beans were next to come. Rachel had procured about a half a dozen cans of cheap baked beans to use upon Una. She took a can in each hand and proceeded to tip them both over Una’s head. Beans rolled over her hair and down her face. Una closed her eyes and bean juice rolled down her face and neck. Rachel then grabbed can after can. She dumped more down Una’s chest. She poured one over her bottom and another over each one of her legs. Una bent her knee graciously to accommodate. The beans splattered and rolled down her body to the ground. Beans stuck everywhere. They were all over her slim body. 

Finally, Rachel produced a massive cream pie. She came up from behind Una. She tapped her on her shoulder. When she turned around, she was greeted with the pie being pushed with great force into her face. Pie filling flung in all directions off of her face as Rachel pushed the pie into her face as hard as she could. Una puffed out her cheeks as the pie hit. The force sent her reeling a little bit, turning slightly to her right. She end up with her face plastered in pie. The pie tin stuck to the top of her head. She looked ridiculous.

Rachel clapped and laughed. Things then went right back to Earth. Rachel realised what she had just done. “Oh gosh, I am so sorry,” she said in all earnestness. “So you should be,” Una replied.  “I just couldn’t help it. That was so much fun.” Una sighed,” Well, a bet is a bet I guess. I hope you enjoyed that.” “Yes, I did, tremendously,” Rachel replied.

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