Sunday, 19 June 2016

Thea Andrews cold mess

Thea Andrews cold mess

Thea Andrews worked on ESPN for awhile on a show called Cold Pizza. She also presented many Hollywood gossip and red carpet type shows. It was amazing that she had not become a bigger star. She was gorgeous. Skirt suits suited her down to the ground. She looked her hottest when she was on Cold Pizza.  They really showed off her body very well. Jay Crawford and Kit Hoover were the other two presenters for most of the time on Cold Pizza. 

On one episode of the show, the three competed against each other in a trivia challenge. It was hosted by a gameshow host from another show. He was a special guest on the show. None of the three presenters was told that the winner would get a reward. Much to everyone’s surprise, Kit Hoover came out on top. Thea finished third. Even she was surprised. The host pulled Kit over and began to speak to her. “Kit, you finished first. That means you have an important decision to make, we can either give you a prize, or we can bring out some buckets of mess. Do you know what we would be doing with that mess?” Kit smiled,” No idea,” she said. “Well, we would take that mess and pour it all over the person who finished last, that being the lovely Thea Andrews.” Kit smiled. Thea looked shocked. “So, what will it be, take the prize or mess Thea.” Thea looked over at her, hoping she would have pity on her. Without even a hint of hesitation, Kit replied,” I’m going to mess Thea, I think.” “Mess, Thea it is. Good choice.” Everyone laughed.

Thea wore a light blue button down shirt and a grey skirt. It showed off her long, slim, tanned legs. She laughed and blushed. She had no idea that this was going to be happening. She may have tried slightly harder during the game had she known. This was all happening very quickly though. She had very little time to react. She was sat on the famous steps that she normally sat on to read news. This provided a good place for this to happen, as Kit could stand on a higher step and get a very good angle at which to dump things onto Thea Andrews. She smiled nervously. She could tell that this was going to prove to be embarrassing for her. Kit was already doing silly dancing and singing in a silly voice about how Thea was about to get it good. “Oh, I am going to enjoy doing this to her,” Kit said, in a slightly Southern accent. Thea looked back nervously. “Sorry,” Kit said,” but I am going to enjoy this immensely.” 

There was a single bucket that was made up to use. It was filled with baked beans, spaghetti hoops, macaroni and cheese and coleslaw. It was in layers, but mixed together in a nauseating conglomeration. She gritted her teeth and scrunched her shoulders close to her in preparation for the mess that she was about to receive. Kit took the bucket and teased pouring it. She mimed wildly. “Oh yeah, here it comes Thea. You are going to get it,” she teased.

She then swung it forward slightly, slowly tipping the heavy bucket of sloppy mess over Thea. Beans and spaghetti hoops began to descend over the attractive, Canadian born presenter. It poured out over her silky brown hair and down her slim face. She scrunched up her face as the sloppy mess poured down the front and then the sides of her face. She used her index fingers to clear some of the mess from her eyes as the sloppy mess poured. More tumbled onto her body and all over her legs. Her long legs were splattered in various red and white mess. It slowly slithered down her calves. Some macaroni and cheese poured between her legs and down her shirt. Her clothes were soon weighted down in sloppy mess. She looked amazing. Kit laughed as she trashed her attractive colleague. The mess was heavy. It was soon all over her body and clothes. It piled in her lap and on her shoulders as well as on top of her head. She gave a disgusted look, overwhelmed by the weight and smell of the sloppy mess. “This is so embarrassing,” she exclaimed. She had macaroni and cheese piled on her head, coleslaw all over her blouse, and spaghetti on her legs and baked beans all over her skirt both front and back. She looked pretty funny. She had globs of mess all over her beautiful face.

Kit pointed and laughed at her. She danced around, celebrating.  Thea then had to read the link to the next part of the show, covered in the mess. She did so and then stood up, allowing mess to roll down her body onto the floor. The moment of her mess would be replayed over and over again. She would never live it down.

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