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Stephanie McMahon finally gets what she deserves

Stephanie McMahon finally gets what she deserves

Stephanie McMahon had spent the previous few years humiliating wrestlers, taking credit of things and being annoying to everyone in the company both on camera and off. She was very entitled. She did a poor job in creating product and used her bias towards her husband to hold down more deserving wrestlers. She would slap grown men in the face and there would be nothing that they could do about it. She was long criticised because there was no way for anyone to ever get back at her for the things she did. Even when she rarely wrestled, she would somehow win. That being said, there was more than one occasion where she had gotten messy on screen before. This proved she was willing to go the extra mile on occasion. 

When the divas revolution happened, Stephanie took the credit for this as well. The end result though, had changed nothing. There was still a weak heel champion who had been pushed into that spot because of her relationship with a powerful man in the company. The more talented and more over female wrestlers were still being held down and repressed. On NXT the women were having the best matches of the year, yet the women in the WWE were still given their one five minute slot on RAW each week. Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Paige were over. Paige was mega over as no one had ever been before, yet could barely get on television. When she did, she was booked to lose matches that she had no business losing. Sasha and Becky deserved to have some time as champion, yet they were denied as well. Things with Charlotte as champion were the same as they were with Nikki Bella as champion, possibly worse. Stephanie and her family were only giving certain people opportunities. 

They squandered talent and pushed undeserving wrestlers to the top. They also liked to make themselves the show. Though they never drew a dime. They owned the company. There was no other place for the talent to go. They did not care what the fans or the talent thought. This made everyone very frustrated. They also reckoned that they were hilariously funny. They were not. Their attempts at humour were, typically, sophomoric and awkward at best.

 Sasha and Paige had been buried so hard and so long that, one day, they figured they were held down so much that they had nothing else to really lose. They were not going to be put in the spots they deserved no matter what they did, so they may as well take some revenge. They had nothing to lose. They had enough of Stephanie and were going to teach her a lesson once and for all. She deserved it. They waited until they both had a creative meeting with her together in her office. They both started to actually be candid with her, which never happened because people were so afraid of losing their jobs or their spots. Paige started,” Look, I have a better connection with the fans than everyone. 

People have a personal interest in me. They believe in me and what I stand for. They buy my merchandise. I actually have a fully developed character. Yet, I am losing every match I am in. It is a joke.” Sasha then spoke,” I have had some of the best matches of anyone. Better than most of the men. People are chanting that they want Sasha. Yet, I have never had a fair championship match even. What is the deal?” Stephanie started to speak some of her corporate speak,” Well you need to be patient. We just don’t see you in a higher role right now.” “You know what Stephanie, common sense is out the window here. People spend their money to see us, yet we are buried,” Sasha said. “It’s what’s best for business,” she said sarcastically. “I might just put myself in the women’s championship match again.” “You make a mockery of how hard we work. On the road 300 days a year, putting our bodies on the line for you,” Paige said. 

“You know what, we have all had enough. I think it’s time to teach you a thing or two,” Sasha said. The two women stood up. They went around the desk and pulled Stephanie up by her arms. They then ripped her suit jacket open and tore it off. They then ripped her blouse and trousers off simultaneously. Stephanie threatened them the entire time. They had locked the door behind them. At any rate, she had few allies. They then pulled her bra and panties off. They got their boss butt naked. 

She had quite a big body that was combination of muscle and female voluptuousness. She had a very large chest and behind along with some very thick thighs. She was very oddly proportioned. She was not going to escape this. They pushed her down on the desk and bent her over. They then took turns spanking her large, smooth butt cheeks. They told her how much she deserved this as their hands collided over and over again with her naked rear end. “You like to humiliate people. How does it feel? You control everyone’s lives and careers. You are a joke,” they told her. She squealed as her backside was spanked. “Nice ass, you slut,” they said,” I bet your dimwit husband enjoys this. Seriously, how could you marry some nimrod like him? He is the most ruthless social climber anyone’s ever seen?” Stephanie was incredibly humiliated. This was partially due to the fact that she genuinely looked down on the talent and saw them as expendable help that she could do with as she pleased. 

They then, one at a time, pushed her face to the ground and made her kiss their feet. “We have made you millions and we get nothing. We have to pay for our own hotel rooms and rental cars on the road for God’s sake. When we are hurt, because of your negligence, we don’t even get sick pay. You can kiss our feet, you ungrateful spoiled bitch.” They forced her face into each of their feet, forcing her to kiss and lick them. “You haven’t earned a thing. Your parents gave you this job. You didn’t work a day in your life. You certainly are not a writer in any way, shape or form.” She gagged as her mouth and tongue were forced to kiss their filthy boots. They twisted her face into them. 

Sasha then said,” Let’s trash this spoiled bitch. Your father, your loser husband or anyone else is not going to help you this time.” “This is for all the talent and all the fans. You put out a crap product because you only want to please yourselves.” The two then grabbed some items that they had hidden around the corner in the hallway from catering. They started with a mop bucket that was similar to the one that Stephanie and her father had used on Trish Stratus years earlier. The women rolled it in. They grabbed Steph by her hair and pushed her face into it. It was filled with the same brown mess that had been dumped on Trish. Stephanie’s head was pushed into it, submerging it. She kicked her legs. She sputtered and gagged. When her head was pulled out, her face and hair were soaked in brown muck. They then picked the bucket up and dumped all of it all over Steph’s sexy body. It rolled all over her sexy neck and chest. She was beginning to realize that the more she struggled, the more aggressive they became. They began mocking her, telling her that this was what was best for business and not to take it personally.

They then bent Stephanie over her own desk. They then started a conveyer belt of pies. They would hand one to the other while to other held Stephanie down. They then took turns smashing pies into her face and backside alternatively.  Each time they slammed a pie into her body they would mention something she had done. For example, they would say,” This one’s for Daniel Bryan. This one’s for CM Punk etc.” The pies smashed into her body, splattering her in messy cream all over. She gasped as she felt the pies smash into her. 

They then wheeled in the entire catering table from catering. They set it up next to her desk. It was about the same height, length and width. It was filled with different food items including sandwiches, coleslaw, salads etc. They tossed her across it, sending everything flying all over the place and all over her body. She was instantly covered in the food. The women then grabbed bowls of food and dumped them over her. These included salsa, bean dip, chips, egg salad, tuna salad and lunch meat.  They emptied one after another over her.

They then took one of the garbage cans from a nearby concession stand. It was filled with things including half eaten hotdogs and burgers, chilli, salad and assorted other rubbish. Together, the two women lifted the can and emptied it over Stephanie. Bits rained down all over her, sticking all over her body. They then jammed the whole trash can down over her. She could not escape. She was stuck inside of it. She screamed and shouted. 

They then led her down the hallway. They took some extra ring rope and tied her up as she was, garbage can and all in the hallway that all of the wrestlers used. They then walked away, leaving her there in the hallway. 

Later on she was very angry. She tried to get them fired, but there was no witnesses. She could not prove it was them. Although they kept being buried as per usual. They, at least had one day where they got their own back on her.


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