Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Ruth Langsford and Jane Moore

Ruth Langsford and Jane Moore 

Andrea Maclean had been gunged by her fellow presenters on Loose Women. She had been the one to take a proper gunging. Even when the entire cast was meant to be gunged, it came off as rubbish, missing the other almost completely. With all of this under the bridge, Andrea began to have a burning desire to get her own back on Jane Moore and Ruth Langsford, her co-hosts and friends. She decided that she was going to keep on at the producers of the show until they let her get her revenge on these two. In the end, they agreed of course, because the idea of seeing the other two covered in mess was something that appealed to them as well. The other two were arrogant older women anyway, they deserved to be taken down a peg or two. Andrea made them make sure the gunge would be decent and that it would get them properly. 

It all happened at the end of a Friday show. It was the close of the week. The two women were not told that this would be happening to them. Andrea began to speak. “I don’t know if everyone remembers, but not too long ago, yours truly was covered with disgusting mess on this very show.” A picture was shown on the big screen of her covered in mess,” Yeah, that was me,” she said, “ These two thought that was the best thing in the world, didn’t you?,” she said, pointing at Jane and Ruth,” Well, I have a little surprise in store for you two today. “Jane was wearing a blue dress, Ruth was wearing a green one. The two abruptly stopped laughing, sensing something was not quite right. “You two thought that what happened to me was so hilarious. Well, today, it’s your turn. I get to get my revenge on you two. I am going to get to gunge ya.”The two looked at each other. Their mouthed hung open in shock. They were both slightly posh. “Come on ladies, join me over here,” she said, getting up and leading them to the back of the stage. The two ladies reluctantly got up and followed. 

A gunge tank was revealed as everyone cheered. The two looked at it and laughed. “But our dresses,” they protested. “Well, don’t worry, they will be safe. You two can take them off and take the gunging in your underwear. “No, please, we can’t. We just can’t.” They looked at each other. Their dresses were very expensive and they really did not want to ruin them. The two rolled their eyes and began to take their dresses off. They pulled them down and stepped out of them, revealing plain white underwear for both of them. They were both middle aged women and had their share of imperfections. Ruth was quite chubby and Jane was quite thin and a little wrinkly. The two looked very embarrassed to be in their unmentionables. They were then asked to get into the tank together. It was a very tight fit, especially considering Ruth’s curvy size. The two stepped in. They only just managed to fit. However, in order to squeeze in, their bodies were pressed together. They were both straight, married women, but they had no choice but to wrap their arms around one another in order to fit. Their backsides already were pressing against the glass. Their legs were intertwined. Their stomachs were pressed together. There was very little space and the gunge had still yet to join them in there.

Andrea smiled as she stood by the cord that released the gunge. “I hope you are comfy in there ladies. Remember, what goes around comes around and the gunge has come around to the two of you. You deserve this.” The two women had ceased paying attention to what Andrea was saying. By this point, they were talking amongst themselves about how embarrassing the situation they were in was. Andrea smiled, as she pulled the cord on them, releasing the gunge. 

The two women did not realise that it was coming. They screamed when green gunge poured down onto them from above. A large amount poured down onto them from above coating their half-naked middle aged bodies. They were soon showered in gunge. It was cool, but the warmth of their bodies made it feel quite warm. It poured over and between their bodies. They slipped and slid as the slimy gunge poured all over their bodies. It soaked their underwear. Their arms and legs flailed as the gunge poured. There was no room to escape. The gunge had to even squeeze through cracks and crevices between the two women. Andrea was pointing and laughing as her friends struggled in the gunge.  The gunge poured onto their legs and stomachs. It soaked their white underwear.

The green gunge then changed to a pink coloured gunge. There was no way to avoid the gunge. Their blonde hair was soaked in gunge. Their faces were covered. Their bodies cuddled together, but gunge was soon covering everything. They were getting far closer than they ever had any wish to be. They laughed and struggled as the gunge poured. There was so little space in the tank that it began seeping through the sides of the tank. The gunge finally slowed to a stop.

Andrea opened the door and let her two mates out. They climbed out. Their bodies were covered in slimy gunge from head to toe. Their hair was soaked as was their underwear. They were speechless. They could do nothing but wipe the gunge away as best they could from their face. “These two got what was coming to them. See you next week on Loose Women,” Andrea said. The other two did not say a word to her. They just tried to cover up and wipe gunge away as the credits rolled.

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  1. excellent story as always nad more than i expected it loved it