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Stephanie Roche slop dropped

Stephanie Roche slop dropped

Stephanie Roche was, possibly, the most famous Irish female football player. She had gotten a lot of attention at some awards ceremonies by some of the more famous male international football players. They all felt that her partner was a very lucky man indeed. She was a relatively big star in the sporting community, at least in Ireland.

She and her teammates were chosen to appear on a special episode of Swipe TV. It was an adult version. It pitted two members of the women’s football team against two members of the men’s football team. Each team picked a member the opposite team to represent them. The other team would be playing for that person.  Each side, basically, predictably, chose the most attractive member of the other team. Although, it was not that easy of a choice. Stephanie was chosen by the men. The women chose Ciaran Clark. It would be reverse from the normal rules of Swipe TV though. Instead of the winners getting their representative messy, this time they would be playing for that person. In other words, the women were playing on Stephanie’s behalf and the men were playing on behalf of their team captain. It was set up this way this time, because even though they wanted to see their captain gunged, they also wanted to beat the other team. Also, there was more than just a messing at stake. This was an adult version of the show, so the losing team’s captain would be losing their kit as well. All of both teams were in the audience watching this and cheering their team on. It was going to be mortifying for the loser. Of course, the women’s team were dying to get one over on the men and gunge the hunky men’s team captain, getting him naked in the process. The girls figured that they had a much better chance to win in this sort of setting than if it was a straight up physical matchup. 

Things were looking good for them. After the first three rounds they had a commanding lead. They were winning 20 to 10 after three rounds. At this point the female host spoke to the captains in the locker room.  “Well, it looks like the guys are in great danger of losing. You are in deep trouble. You may be getting your kit off very shortly.” He tried to remain optimistic,” Well, there are two rounds to go and I am confident that we can come back. My lads will do it for me.” “Well, that is true, it is still all to play for. One of these two is going to the gunge plunge.”

The lads won the next round, but still trailed by a score of 20 to 16. They would have to score high in the final round to have any chance to win.  It was the quiz round though, so there were a lot of points to be had. By both teams though. The tension rose tremendously. Ciaran looked very nervous at the women got the first two questions right. It was now 22 to 16. The lads then got a few in a row. The score was then 22 to 19. They then bounced back and forth making the score 23 to 22. There was now less than ten seconds left on the clock. The guys got the next one right tieing the scores at 23. There was only five seconds left. The male presenter read out the last question quickly. The lads buzzed in and got it correctly as the time ran out. Of course it was happening so quickly that no one was able to keep track. They would have to wait to hear the scores. It was announced that the round was won by the guys by a score of 8 to 3. The women were hoping that they had done enough to hang on. The game had been so all over the place that they had not been able to keep track of the scores.

The show then went to the locker room. Stephanie and Ciaran were sat there on either bench. “Ok, it’s the moment of truth. It’s time to find out who is going to get the gunge and who is going to end up bare assed naked. The ladies had a commanding lead going into the final round. Were the lads able to catch up? They came back ferociously there. I can now reveal the final scores. The women’s team had 23 points and the men’s team had 24 points. The guys are the winners. The men have won. Stephanie it’s time to get out there. I hope you are not shy, because you are about to get stark bullock naked.” Stephanie was marched out to the main staging area. She pouted. 

“So, the women have lost and that means that Stephanie Roche will be getting the punishment. Stephanie how are you feeling?” “Terrible, we lost by one point. We should have won. And now..Well,” she replied.  This was not going to be good. “Well, Stephanie, as you know, this is the adult version of the show, which means, the loser, that means you, are going to have to get naked. We wouldn’t want that uniform to get any gunge on it anyway would we?” “Oh, do I really have to?,” she asked, hoping to somehow get out of this. “Yes Stephanie, your team lost and you were the one the men chose. This is part of their prize, so when you are ready, take it off.”

The embarrassed athlete pulled down her socks. She then removed her jersey and lowered her shorts. She handed them to her teammates. She then, very reluctantly, pulled off her sports bra and then lowered her underwear. She shivered. She placed her hands over her breasts and vagina. She desperately gripped her body, trying to cover up as much as she could. The men cheered and whistled as they she was unable to cover her rear end. She blushed a deep red and was sweating. Her team mates shook their heads in shame. Their team mate stood there in front of the world in the buff. She held her knees together as best she could.

She was then lead to the gunge plunge. Luckily, there would be no goggles and no boiler suits for her. She would be going in fully naked. The door was closed behind her. At least, the tank shielded her body from view from the outside. She was totally unaware that there were cameras inside the tank at different angles. There was one on the ground facing up that gave a perfect view between her legs. The two players who won the game and the player who had been nominated were now stood by the release valve. The countdown began. A very embarrassed Stephanie laughed and looked up as the gunge began to pour.

She closed her eyes as the pink gunge poured down her face and hair. It poured onto her cheeks and then onto her mouth. Gunge was already all over her massive teeth. Her short blonde hair was soaked. Gunge then poured down her back and over her backside. It oozed down her naked body. She feel it all over her naked flesh. It rolled down her long, sexy, legs. She then closed her eyes and leaned back as if she was in the shower. Gunge rained on her. She rubbed her hands over her body as if she was in the shower, cleaning herself. This was not in a theatrical, jokey way, but in a sensuous sort of way. She could feel gunge rolled down her butt crack and over the folds of her tight vagina. She was a very shy person. She was a soccer nerd, to be truthful. She never had many friends and was always busy training. She described herself as a geek. She did look quite nerdy. She also was very demure. She was very prudish in a lot of ways, which made this doubly embarrassing. The mean cheered and applauded as the naked athlete was slimed with gunge.

When it stopped, she was allowed out. She returned her hands to cover herself. Her facial muscles wiggled and gesticulated. Her team mates could not even look at her. There she stood fully naked, dripping in gunge as the men rejoiced in her embarrassment. She looked quite defeated. These jocks were loving what happened to her.

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