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Angela Scanlon a star is born

Angela Scanlon a star is born

Angela Scanlon was an Irish journalist and television presenter. She started to do more shows in the UK. After one appearance on the one show, she received a massive amount of praise and appreciation. She looked very good. She had an amazing voice and she did a very good job on the show. Social media was alight immediately with compliments for her. She was virtually unknown before this. 

By chance, Mr. G. happened to be watching that particular episode of the One Show. Angela had caught his eye as well. She really was fantastic. He really wanted to meet her in some capacity. There was something very special about her. At the least, he wanted to see and hear more from her. Strangely, she felt the same way. The two contacted one another at exactly the same time. The two felt compelled to talk to one another on social media. They then began to speak directly to one another. Flirting was exchanged back and forth for a little while until Angela sent Mr. G. a text that he could not believe,” So, how come you haven’t asked to gunge me yet? Am I not worthy?” he was very surprised. He responded,” Oh, you are very worthy. I was just being a gentleman. In fact, I was considering asking you to co-host from time to time.” “Wow, really? That would be very cool, but let’s concentrate on mess for a wee bit. Don’t you want to see me get covered in sloppy mess?” “I have never wanted anything more, I don’t think,” he replied. “Well, I am all yours if you want me,” she responded. Angela was definitely going to be the next guest on Let Her Have It. 

The two decided to resist the urge to meet up backstage before the show started. This way, it would make the face to face meeting on camera all that more exciting. Mr. G. came out and began the show as normal. “Hello, everyone and welcome to Let Her Have It. I for one am very excited about today. We have a very special young lady visiting the show today. She a really new face and not a huge star, but I have to believe that she will be very soon. After just one appearance on the BBC she got an incredible reaction. I can see why. She is a very special person. It’s not something you can really put your finger on, but she has definitely got the it factor, there is no doubt about that. Please welcome the amazing Angela Scanlon.” Everyone, including Mr. G. applauded as Angela entered, wearing a very similar outfit to the one that she wore on the One Show. It consisted of a blouse with a wild pattern on it and simple slacks. She beamed from ear to ear as she entered. She could not hide her happiness. Her smile beamed and her eyes glowed as they had on the One Show. She approached Mr. G.. She shrugged her shoulders and shook his hand. The two embraced. They then walked down to the couches. 

“Angela welcome. We are so happy to have you here,” he said. “Yeah, I don’t really get why. Things have been a whirlwind. Everyone has been so kind and said such nice things, but I don’t really deserve it. I am just your average lass. I am very happy to meet you though. I must say I am just as glad to be here as you may be to have me. I am a pretty big fan. You just can’t beat seeing people getting gunged and messed. It is the best. Plus I love you of course,” she said,” I was so hoping that it would be me on the receiving end one day. Let’s face it, it is like a badge of honour. It is the ultimate tribute, that you are chosen to get messy. I think every actress and celebrity secretly wants to be on the show. It is a sign that you have made it as well I think.” “It does mean that you are very much admire. I mean we don’t just pick anyone to get messy around here,” he joked. “Of course not, they have to be the cream of the crop. It’s almost like the knighthood,” she joked,” Well, maybe not. I might not go that far.” “Well, you will soon be a popular and famous as any other woman in the entertainment business, I have every faith.” “You just fancy the accent,” she said, laughing and winking. He laughed,” No, it’s more than that, you have something special inside of you. Even if you weren’t gorgeous and had an amazing accent, there is something even deeper that shines through.” “Aww, I feel the same, to be sure.”

“Listen, I don’t just want to be another guest. Please say that I can come back sometimes and take part in things. I know you never had a co-presenter or anything, but I would love to just drop in and say hi sometimes. I could get messy myself each time or mess some of the celebrities. Of course, I am here there and everywhere with the presenting, but I would love to take part on some level no and again.” “That would be lovely,” he replied, shaking her hand. The two exchanged a glance and a smile. “Well, I suppose we better get to the part that I am sure everyone has been waiting for, the mess for today.” “Oh yes,” she replied,” The mess of the day.” “Today, Angela, we have a new device that we will be testing on you. Hopefully, it will work fabulously. Please come with me.”

The two walked over to another part of the stage. The first thing that was shown was a very low seat that was only inches from the ground. It looked a little like a bicycle type seat. Mr. G. helped Angela sit down on it. It was very low. Her legs bent. Her knees were almost to her neck. She wrapped her arms around her legs, cuddling her body. “ Is that comfortable down there?,” he asked. “Yeah it’s fine. My mind is just racing wondering what will happen. What you have in store for me here.” Well, it is quite simple, but unique at the same time. This time the mess will come to you. All you have to do is sit as you are and the mess will come your way. Are you ready?” “Yeah, sounds good,” she said, giving a thumbs up. She still was not entirely sure what to expect. “Ok,” he said,” Here we go. I hope you enjoy this.”

Angela looked up at him and smiled. The lights flashed in the studio and loud buzzers sounded. Angela did not have to wait much longer to find out what would happen. A split second later a banana cream pie swung through the air and collided with her face. She roared in laughter as the pie splattered in all directions all over her face and legs. After that a strawberry cream cake did the same from the other direction. It collided with her face and body. It splattered sponge, custard, cream and strawberry puree all over her body. It was clear how this would work now.

Angela laughed. Her mouth was wide open as she awaited the next splat to come her way. This time it was not a cake or pie, it was a plate full of Irish stew. It nailed her in the face and covered her in thick brown mess complete with carrots, peas, beef and potato. All she could do was grip her thin legs tightly as more similar plates of mess came her way. 

The next one was filled with some kind of Chinese dish complete with water chestnuts and thick, long noodles. The plate landed with a thud into the top of her head and sent the noodles running down her hair and face. It was followed by a plate of lentils and chickpeas in a thick sauce. The gloppy mess covered her legs and fell down inside her lap. She had noodles and chickpeas all down her blouse at this point. 

The next was full of a mixture of beans and spaghetti hoops. It flung through the air and landed on top of her head, sending the mess down her face and neck. It was all over her pale skin and red hair. She continued roaring with laughter and rocking back and forth on her seat. The machine seemed to stop, but finished her off by spraying her with canisters of whipped cream and cake frosting. It piled on her, decorating her body.  She was soon covered from head to toe.

Mr. G. approached the gorgeous woman. She looked up at him. She laughed uproariously. Her big smile and bright eyes shining through the mess that covered her almost completely. He reached down and helped her up to her feet. She grabbed him and wrapped her messy arms around him. She rubbed her hands on the back of his trousers and even gave him a not so obvious peck on the lips, getting a little mess onto him. She was still totally covered. 

She continued laughing.. “So, how was it Angela?,” he asked. “Oh my God, it was everything I hoped for and more. It was amazing. Look at me.” She placed her hand on his shoulder. “Well, Angela Scanlon, thank you so much for being here and being such a good sport. You have been amazing, you really have.” “Oh don’t worry, you haven’t seen the last of me,” she said suggestively. 

The two waved goodbye and then walked off the set together hand in hand. “Really, are you sure it was ok,” Mr. G. asked. “It was better than ok,” she replied,” Come on, let’s go back to the dressing room. I think cleaning up is going to be almost as fun as getting dirty was.” The two headed back to her dressing room together. She was definitely one of the best guests ever on the show, that was for sure.

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