Saturday, 25 June 2016

Lucy Watson donation

Lucy Watson donation

Lucy Watson was a pretty conceded reality star. She thought a lot of herself. She was quite the diva to be sure. Her fellow Made in Chelsea mates decided to do something to bring her back down to earth, if only for that afternoon. They decided that her head was getting a bit too big for her own good and that she deserved to get some comeuppance. They knew that she felt strongly about animal rights. They decided to use that passion against her, in order to set her up. She had done campaigns before that said she would rather go naked than to wear fur. Her friends decided that they would go to her favourite charity and suggest that they would donate a large amount of money if Lucy were to get messy. The charity loved the idea. Her friends told them not to tell her that it was their idea. When they approached Lucy with the idea, she was not very impressed. They used her dedication to the cause to pressure her into agreeing to it. She really was left with little choice. It wasn’t a lie either. 

Her friends were very wealthy and they would give quite a large amount of money to the charity if Lucy went through with this. In the end, she had to agree. Although she lobbied for a bit that she would donate more if she was spared, but the figure was too high. She reluctantly had to agree.
She had no idea how humiliating this would be. The slightest bit of mess would have been something that she would have overreacted to anyway. She was very highly strung. It all was arranged to take place in a posh conference hall. Not a typical place for someone to be messed. She half thought that the whole thing might have been a joke on her. She wore a short black dress anyway. She was rich enough to not be too bothered if it got ruined or not. 

The charity chairperson got up and began to talk about Lucy and her amazing contributions to the cause. He praised her for her generosity. He then said that she was so giving in the name of the cause that she was going to allow herself to get messed for the charity. He then asked her to come out on stage. “Thank you very much Lucy for all you have done. You will be getting messy very shortly for the cause as well. What you don’t know is that the largest donations came from your closet friends. Let’s welcome them.” Her Made in Chelsea friends came on stage and pointed at her. She shook her head in shock. “You guys. Damn you all,” she said. “Yes, they wanted to see this happen the most and donated a gigantic sum to make it happen. What do you say to that?” “Thanks for giving to such a worthy cause,” she said, though she was gritting her teeth in anger at the same time. She looked over at her friends, glaring, very annoyed, realising that this had all been their doing. 

The organiser then spoke again,” Well, the time has finally arrived. A lot of people have donated a lot of money to see this happen. It is now time for Lucy Watson to take her punishment.” Lucy rolled her eyes. She would have liked nothing better than to tell everyone that she was not going to do it and walk away, but she was in a position now where she couldn’t do that, as much as she may like to. “We have a very nice throne set up just for you.” The curtains on stage were drawn and a throne was revealed. Lucy was led to it and asked to take a seat. She did as she asked. “It is a very special seat for our very special guest of honour.” Lucy rolled her eyes as her friends heckled her, urging her to make herself more comfortable. “Oh yes, it is brilliant,” she said sarcastically. “Your lovely, generous friends are going to get to do the honours. Thank you for being such a good sport, Lucy.” “Sure, anything for a good cause,” she chirped back sarcastically. She folded her arms and scowled. 

“If you look above you, you will see that you have a whole lot of something about to come your way. We will ask your friends to come over the release lever. They will get the honour and privilege of pulling it and releasing the mess all over you. You’ll be happy to know that all of what is above you is recycled food waste from an all-natural restaurant. So everything in there is vegan and gluten free.” “I am so happy to hear that really. I tell you, that is my number one concern at the moment,” Lucy said sarcastically. “So, are you ready for this Lucy?” “Absolutely not,” she said. “Oh well, it’s time anyway. When you are ready, pull that lever.” 

Her friends gathered together closely. They all put their hands on the lever. She looked over at them in disgust. She then closed her eyes and gripped the arms of the throne tightly. They smiled as they pulled the lever in unison. The mess was slow to fall, as there was a huge lump at the bottom of it. Lucy waited for the mess to fall, but nothing happened for a few seconds. She opened her eyes and looked up. When she did this, the first huge lump of mess, which consisted of quite a large amount of spinach, among other things, fell from above and hit her square in the face. She screamed and her head jolted forward, much to the amusement of her friends. The lump dropped from her face to her chest to her lap. In the meantime, loads of leftovers were falling onto her. Everything seemed to be covered in a sickening beige coloured liquid. In all looked like the filling of some bizarre pasty. Vegetables and pasta rained down onto her. She gagged and sputtered. Everything seemed to be soaked with custard or something like it as well. There were bits of potato and mushroom everywhere. 

Her friends roared with laughter. They couldn’t even believe their eyes. They hadn’t even expected it to be this mess for their friend. They pointed and laughed. “Oh my God, look at her,” they said. Lucy shook her head and screamed. Her silky hair was trashed with food. It was making a sloppy plopping noise as it plopped onto her. “My hair. My dress. My makeup. You bastards. Look at me,” she shouted. She had peas, carrots, broccoli and rice all over her body. Leftovers were stuck everywhere on her body. 

“Doesn’t that look fantastic? All-natural and delicious. All recycled too. Waste not want not.” Lucy scraped cauliflower and cheese from her hair. She shook her head in disgust. “Way to go Lucy. You have been a great sport.” She looked up and gave a half-hearted smile and a thumbs up. She muttered under her breath about how sickening the mess was and how this was a bunch of crap. Her friends celebrated. 

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