Friday, 3 June 2016

Tess Daly finally gets it

Tess Daly finally gets it

Tess Daly had been on UK television for years. She had been a presenter on all sorts of television shows including lots of children’s television shows. She had been on them the same time as people like Cat Deeley, Fern Cotton and Holly Willoughby. They were contemporaries and indeed friends. Tess, somehow, someway had always managed to avoid getting messy. It was frustrating for everyone, especially her contemporaries who had gotten gunged and pied multiple times in some cases. Tess managed to weasel her way out of it ever happening to her though. She even managed to get away with not being featured in any WAM stories, for the most part. Her contemporaries began to notice this and decided that Tess was long over do for a comeuppance. She deserved to get messed after all of this time and that was what was going to happen. Holly and Fern planned her fate for her. Her husband Vernon Kay was involved too. They arranged for it all to take place on a show that Tess was presenting. She would be doing a bit with the ladies when she would be surprised by her husband. Then the fun would ensue. It would finally be the time that everyone had been waiting for all of these years. 

Tess was speaking to her two friends about different projects they were doing at that time. Holly then she had a surprise for Tess. Of course, it was her husband. She gave him a hug and asked what he was doing here. “Well,” Vernon said,” All of your friends in the industry have been talking. These two ladies here, among others have been on similar shows as yourself at similar times, yet you remain the only one never to have gotten any kind of mess on you at any point. It is quite a coincidence isn’t it?” “Just lucky I guess,” she said. “Well, we both know that the way you managed that was through some backstage deals. The result was that everyone else got the mess, but you. We do not think that is very fair. It is time you take on your share. Today is the day that it is finally going to happen.” Tess looked very shocked. “Actually, can we talk about this? I am sure that something could be arranged.” “Oh no, Tess, not this time,” Fern said,” This is going to happen to you one way or another. There is no getting out of it this time. No more deals to save you.” “But, no,” she whined,” I don’t want to get messy.” Everyone shouted “Too bad Tess,” in unison. She led over to a tank, almost being dragged along. She wore a low cut black dress. She was placed in the tank and took her seat. The door was slammed behind her. She, actually, tried to get out. She tried to open the door and to bang on it with her hands, but it was no use. The door could not be opened from the inside.

Her three close friends then stood together by the release mechanism. “Tess Daly, you have escaped time and time again. There is no escape this time. You are going to get the mess this time,” they said. She continued to pound on the door and plead to be let out. Everyone just laughed at her. “So, everyone, let’s gunge her,” Holly said. Everyone began to chant “Gunge her. Gunge her,” over and over again. The three smiled and chanted as well as they prepared to pull the release on Tess. 

Tess looked over at the three of them and pointed at them. “I will get you all for this I promise. Especially you Vernon. You have to go home with me.” He smiled. He whispered,” I have been paying every day since I have married you as it is. It couldn’t get much worse.” The three shrugged their shoulders and pulled the release. Tess screamed,” No!,” as thick, rainbow gunge started to pour down over her. It was one of those tanks that foamy gunge came up from the bottom as well. The first blast exploded up her dress, between her legs. She screeched as it splashed between her legs. She shut them which caused the foamy white gunge to start building up on the bottom of the tank and rising. It was now at her ankles and quickly rising. Her mouth fell open as gunge of every colour poured down over her head.

Her platinum blonde, shiny, soft hair was soon covered in gunge. Gunge poured down her face and shoulders. Orange, white, purple, blue and yellow poured onto her. The gunge at the bottom was now raised to her knee level. She made a slightly disgusted face as gunge poured all over her. Her friends roared with laughter, getting a fantastic amount of satisfaction from seeing Tess finally get what was coming to her. Vernon, her long suffering husband was enjoying this tremendously. Even though he knew that he would be paying dearly for this later on in one form or another, but, as he said, he was always getting an earache over one thing or another, so this was more than worth it. He had started to become immune to his wife’s complaining. 

Gunge poured down her shoulders, back and chest. She closed her eyes and ran her hands over her face and hair to try and stem the onslaught of gunge, but it did not do any good, more gunge just poured down in its place. She was soon covered from head to toe in gunge. Her hair was soaked. Gunge dripped down her face. She was bathed in it. She was absorbed totally in her moment of personal embarrassment and messiness. She was acting like it was the worst thing that had ever happened to anyone. She was overdramatic to the extreme in how disgusting she thought that the situation was. No one else felt any pity for her whatsoever. She had campaigned to avoid any and all mess for years, while others took it over and over again. It was her turn now.

She pointed again at her husband and mates. “You are laughing now, but see who gets the last laugh.” At that moment a giant lump of gunge that had been stuck above her dislodged and fell onto her head. Everyone erupted in laughter. She scowled and crossed her arms in anger.

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  1. excellent story as alwyas and a cracking victim who fianlly got her just deserts