Thursday, 23 June 2016

Naomi Watts Ring scene

Naomi Watts Ring scene

Naomi Watts played Rachel Keller in the Ring. She looked incredible in the movie. She had pale skin, a slim body and blonde hair. She was told at the end of the filming that there was an extra scene that they were going to film. In the scene, Rachel found herself tied to a bed in the farmhouse barn. She was toed down and was wearing only her underwear, as she had been seen wearing earlier in the movie. They were tight and black. Her body looked amazing. She woke up and wriggled around, trying to escape. She shouted out. She realised that she was trapped.  She shrieked. 

An unseen person began to dump a messy substance all over her sexy body. It was a thick brown liquid. It began to pour all over her tender, pale flesh. It landed with a splash, but plummeted all over her sexy body, showering down on her. It seemed to rain down for ages. She was soon covered in the sloppy mess. It cascaded all over the curves of her sexy body. It rolled down the wrinkles and curves in her face. It dripped all the way down her pale flesh. It splattered her light blonde hair. Her legs wriggled as the sloppy mess rolled down them. She shook her head and shrieked.

Next a barrage of pies came falling her way down from the ceiling. They flew downwards and landed on her body. One after another after another. She began to think to herself,” Wait a minute, why would there be pies being dropped on someone in a horror film?” It was at this point that she realised that she was being pranked. The crew were having a laugh at her expense. The pies fell onto her nonetheless. One after another they plopped down onto various areas of her body. They splattered as they collided with her taught flesh. “You guys, I am going to kill you,” shoe shouted. A pie then smashed straight down onto her face. She was very annoyed with everyone.

As she had figured out what was really happening, there was no need for pretence any longer. The actors who played her family in the film emerged. They were carrying ketchup, mustard, relish and barbecue sauce. They began to squirt the condiments all over her body. She struggled and wiggled as they unloaded upon her body. They laughed at her, but did not speak to her as they spray her all over with the condiments. She was only able to bend her knees and to arch her back a little.  They wildly squeezed their squeeze bottles over the prone body of their co-star. Her body was soon decorated in streaks of red, yellow and green. She screamed that she was going to get them for doing this to her. She soon had the condiments all over her body. She kept wriggling around, trying to get free.
The lot of them then took a massive pot of pasta sauce and chucked it over her. She shrieked as the sauce washed over her body. The cast and crew laughed at her predicament. She was none too pleased. Her hair and body were soaked in sauce.

She was finally set free. She sat and screamed. She said that she could not believe that they had done this to her. She then ran at them, trying to get them a bit messy, but she realised that she was only in her underwear. She shrieked and tried to cover herself up as she ran back to her dressing room. “I’ll get you for this,” she shouted.

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