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Sarah Jane Mee free taste test

Sarah Jane Mee free taste test

Sarah Jane Mee was a very attractive sports announcer. She had quite a body and was very vivacious. She spent a lot of time discussing sports, especially, football. She was definitely eye candy for the mainly male viewing audience. She was very sexy. On the show that she was working on, a cross promotion was arranged with a smoothie and milkshake chain. 

They decided to run a special segment on the show where Sarah would be “taste testing” some of the products.  Only, she would not be drinking them, she would be wearing them. It would be an incredibly satisfying moment for all of the fans of the show. She was a very attractive woman. She wore a short purple dress that was very low cut. A lot of leg was showing. They were long and shapely. 

She and a co-host welcomed a representative from the smoothie chain to the show. They interviewed them about how amazing, delicious and healthy their products were. A few smoothies had already been made up and were set out on the table. “Wow, these look wonderful,” Sarah said,” Look at all the flavours you have. I wish I could taste them all. They look so delicious.” “Well, we thought that we would let you give some of our more popular flavours a try,” the man said. Her co-host stated that he believed that this was a great idea. “Oh yes, that sounds lovely,” Sarah replied. 

“Well, first we have an all-time classic, strawberry banana,” he said. He picked it up and let her look at it. “Wow, that looks fabulous,” she said. “Well, let’s give it a try,” he said. He then tipped the paper cup over Sarah’s head. The soft, pink strawberry banana smoothie spilled out onto her strawberry blonde hair, down the sides of her face and onto her cleavage. She shrieked. “Oooh, that is soo cold,” she said. “Wow that was absolutely fabulous,” she said. She took her index finger and took some of the smoothie from her face. She decided to play it straight, as straight as she could. 

“Another popular one is this lovely berry one. It has blueberries, raspberries. It is a lovely thick purple colour, as you can see.” “Oh yes, a very deep purple. Lovely colour.” “Give it a try.” He then tipped the cup over her head. The thick purple mess poured over her. It went on her head, shoulders and all over her legs and dress. She was bathed in the purple sloppy mess. “Yes, yes that is fabulous. It really is.”

“How about peach and apricot? Look at that,” he said. He quickly tipped the thick orange coloured mess over her. Sarah closed her eyes as the orange mess dumped over her head. It was so thick and sloppy. Sarah rubbed her hands in the mess on her dress. She sighed. “Lovely,” she said, sarcastically,” Just lovely.” A huge blob fell down her nose. She shrugged her shoulders.

“We also do milkshakes. Chocolate for example.” He grabbed a chocolate milkshake and dumped it over Sarah’s head. He tapped the bottom of it as brown, ice cold milkshake dumped over her head. It slopped down her face and body. “I love chocolate,” she said,” Doesn’t everyone.

“Oreo is also a very popular one these days.” “Oh, yes I see,” Sarah said. She rolled her eyes as he proceeded to pick up and Oreo milkshake and pour it over her head and body. It poured all over her chest and down her lap. It rolled down legs. It was the classic white and brown Oreo colour. It was doubly thick and sloppy. “Yes, I can see why that is so popular,” she replied.

“We also doo nutritional shakes and drinks. This for example has all sorts of vegetables in it. It is very healthy. There is avocado in there and everything. It is so good for you.” It was also slime green. “Oh, I must give that a try,” she said sarcastically in a dead tone of voice.  She shut her eyes as he dumped the drink over her. It was almost neon green in colour. It looked similar to slime or gunge. It poured over the top of her head and down her face, neck and shoulders.”

She wiggled her hands, fingers and arms. “Well, that is all we have time for today. Thank you for appearing on our show and sharing all of your lovely drinks and products with us today. Everyone should go and give them a try. They promise that they won’t be pouring them over your head. That was just for me. I am special, I guess,” she said. She shook his hand and smiled politely. She then flung her hands down her dress and body, flinging some of the mess away. She shook her head and laughed. She was smothered in the sloppy mess.

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