Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Charlotte Church better than sex

Charlotte Church better than sex

Charlotte Church could be quite a naughty girl when she wanted to be. She had quite a full figure. She loved both food and sex. When she had her own show, she had pushed hard for there to be a messy segment on the show. She wanted mess to happen for herself and for others. She enjoyed playing pranks as well. For a long time, the network resisted. They did not want this to happen. They felt it was low brow. Although, there was a lot of sexual innuendo on the show. She was from Wales as well. She was a major fan of Stwnsh ar y ffordd. She loved the set up and how someone ended up covered in mess. She loved the messy device that they used. The gunge flying through the air and landing over some unlucky teacher’s face. 

When the show went off the air, Charlotte contacted the network and asked what they were doing with the messy device that they used on the show. They said that they would be throwing it away. They were only too happy to let her have it. She eagerly collected it and set it up inside her own house. In fact, she set it up in her bedroom. She was finally going to get gunged, good and proper. She was going to be able to have it happen any time she wanted in the privacy of her own home. She was even able to get some of the leftover gunge from the show and the recipe to make more. All she needed was someone to do the actual flinging. It was going to have to be her partner. She figured that it better be, because the thought of this turned her on way too much to have anyone else see. 

She invited him around, having set up the device.  She told him that she had a surprise. She stripped down to her underwear and waited in the bedroom. When he entered and saw what was set up, he was more than a little surprised. He asked what was going on. She explained about the show and how much she wanted to be on the receiving end. She explained that she had chosen him to do the honours. He was perplexed and stupefied, but he agreed to do as she wished. She was looking very sexy as it was. She had a slightly chubby figure at this stage and very large, natural breasts. 

She got herself in position, behind the giant ice cream cone. She placed her head in the hole in it. She had the usual containers of gunge set up for herself. It was pink and orange. She set up the first container on the catapult. She put herself in position and urged her partner to let her have it. She bent over, her large breasts dangled in front of her. She smiled and awaited the mess to come. Her partner looked bemused, but he was more than willing to oblige. 

He told her to get ready. He then slammed his hand down on the catapult. The plate flew through the air and landed straight in Charlotte’s face. Her face was splattered in thick sloppy gunge. It covered her silky brown bob haircut. “Oh my God, that felt amazing,” she said in her sexy Welsh accent. She then told him to load the next one. He did as he was asked. He loaded the gunge. He then slammed down his fist again. The plate landed on top of Charlotte’s head and the gunge poured down her face. The whole ice cream cone was splattered in the gunge. Gunge ran down her face. Gunge dripped all over her body. He loaded another plate for her. He quickly slammed his hand down again. It tumbled through the air and splattered gunge in all directions. It splattered all over the bedroom. “Oh my God, it is everywhere. This feels so hot. I love it.”

He loaded more again and again. Charlotte urged him on. She smiled as the gunge slammed into her face. She stood up and walked forward. Her whole body was covered in the gunge. She had her partner take some photographs. She was loving this moment. It was everything she had imagined it would be. She sat and posed in the mess. She ran her hands over her body. She posed in many positions. She licked her lips. “Oh my gosh, this is so horny. I am so hot right now. 

She felt that acquiring this messy device was the best decision that she ever made. She would use it many times over. At this point she went to the shower to clean up. She spent quite a lot of time touching herself in the gunge and cleaning her big sexy body off. It had felt like nothing ever had before. She would tell those close to her that it was almost better than sex itself.

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  1. Can you do a non-food gunge tank story about Cariad Lloyd? Thanks.