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NHP Taylor Swift meets Emma

NHP Taylor Swift meets Emma

By Request:

There was a new version of Noel’s House Party that came out. It featured trips around the great house, as some of the older versions of the show did. Put up for the vote against one another were Taylor Swift and Emma from the WWE. They were put up for the public vote against one another. Both were clad in lingerie. Noel welcomed them both to the show and announced what would be happening and how it would all work. The two women looked very stressed out by the whole situation. Neither one wanting to end up covered in mess, but both feeling that it was kind of an inevitability at this point. Both women were convinced that it would be them.

Throughout the show, they returned to check on the progress of the vote. At the first check, it was pretty much neck and neck. At the second check, Taylor was in front, but it was still very close. Either could still wind up in the mess. The two talked amongst each other. They each said how they did not want to be the loser and they hoped to see the other one messy, if only to spare themselves. They agreed that it would be very embarrassing. They were both relatively young and were from different countries on different sides of the planet. Neither had ever even heard of the show before they were asked to appear on it. Both hoped and prayed that people they knew in the business, especially, would not get wind of this. They were hoping it might fly beneath the radar just a little bit. Their nervous faces and crossed fingers as they heard the updates spoke volumes. They both looked amazing. 

Finally it came time to hear the results. The two were stood opposite sides of Noel next to the car that the loser would be sitting in for their journey. “It’s now time to find out who got the most votes. Let’s get the tallies now.” The two had their faces on screen on the famous results graphic. The totals started to pour in. They looked even for a while, but then it became clear that Taylor had gotten the most votes. It was 64 to 36 percent in her favour. Her mouth fell open in shock. She said, “Oh my gosh.” Emma smiled and laughed. She looked very relieved as well. “So, we have a clear winner. It’s you Miss Swift. What do you have to say to that?” “Um.. well, thanks, I guess,” she said with a laugh. She was helped into the moving car that would take her on her journey. “Bon voyage,” Emma said with a laugh. Taylor smiled a slightly worried smile as she was about to set off on her journey. She bent her long thin legs. Her knees almost stuck out of the car. She smiled as the car began to move her through the great house. The car moved through the first door. 

At that point, red gunge poured over her. It rained on her blonde hair, down her thin facial features and over her slim body. Her mouth fell open. The chair then changed directions and was sent downwards to the next level. At this point green gunge came flooding onto her from the sides of the car and over the top. She laughed as gunge soaked her body. Her fringe was splatted to her forehead with green gunge.

The car then turned and moved again. Toilet rolls and toilet brushes were flung her way along with foamy white gunge. She was sprayed with it all over her body. She closed her eyes and laughed as she was covered in a third layer of mess. When the car moved again, she was sent into a breakaway wall that was covered in cream. When she collided with it, creamy mess stuck all over her face and body along with some of the chunks of the wall. Next, what appeared to be silly string sprayed all over her. 

The car then moved to the final part of the house. It stopped in its place, as it always did. Taylor laughed, wondering what was coming her way. She looked up and laughed as thick purple and black gunge dumped straight down over her. She was soon dripping in the layers of sloppy gunge. She lifted her legs. Her whole body was a mess.

The car then emerged out of the fireplace area and back to the start. Emma and Noel stood. “Well, Taylor, that was absolutely fabulous, but, I was just thinking, Emma has come at this way and the regular gunge tank has gone used. I think that would just be a shame. I was thinking, why don’t we put both of you in gunge tank together?” Taylor laughed,” Yeah, that’s ok with me. I am good with that.” Emma’s jaw dropped this time. Her eyes widened in shock. “But I won. I should not..” Before she could finish, Taylor stood up and said, “Oh no, you aren’t getting out of it.” She grabbed her arm and pulled her to the gunge tank that was set up nearby. 

As the door was shut behind them, Taylor grabbed Emma and wrapped her arms around her. There was no escape. In an instant, thick, sloppy light turquoise coloured gunge began to pour over them. Emma shook her head and swore under her breath as gunge poured down over her head and all over her face. It rained down her sculpted body. More dumped onto Taylor as well. Taylor was swimming in gunge at this point. Emma was now soaked as well. She felt the gunge pouring down her stomach and down her long legs all the way down to her ankles. Gunge cascading down the muscles in her tanned body. Her nose and facial features dripped in the ripples of sloppy gunge. She turned around and flung some of the gunge at Taylor, slightly annoyed with her. Though, now that she was in the tank, it actually, felt pretty good. It felt quite hot to her, though she was loathe to admit that to anyone.

The two tossed gunge back and forth after the gunge had ceased. Noel thanked them for appearing. The two climbed out of the tank like two slime monsters emerging from a swamp. They both laughed in their own way. They took a bow each.

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  1. Excellent story! Great that Tay Tay and gorgeous Emma got gunged! : )