Thursday, 30 June 2016

Helen Flanagan in da club

Helen Flanagan in da club

Helen Flanagan’s acting ability could be questioned. She did not have much in the way of acting work since leaving Coronation Street. She was in demand for public appearances. She was seen as quite ditzy by most. She was often asked to host events in night clubs. She was still very young and enjoyed clubbing and the party lifestyle, so it was quite a good fit for her. She enjoyed it for the most part, though sometimes she tired of spending her time with regular people. She still saw herself as a bit of a star. She was being paid appearance fees and got free drinks and basically had her choice of any guy there, if she chose to pursue that. One day, she was asked to take part in an event at a club. It held events that were sometimes referred to as Mayhem, naked Tuesdays, boys vs. girls etc. They would have strip and messy games. At first, Helen did not really want to take part in something like this, but when they offered to double her appearance fee, she agreed. The truth was, though she was famous, she had appeared in UK soaps and had some small appearances on reality type shows and panel shows. The pay for these was not anything like a Hollywood star or pop musician would earn. The money was more than she could refuse.

The game would be a quiz pitting Helen against a male. This was a straight up quiz. It was not rigged in any way. Helen, however, was not exactly renowned for her intellect so that did not work in her favour. That night she did the normal things she would do at a club appearance. In the middle of the night, the club hostess came on stage and announced that it was time for the games that everyone was looking forward to. They announced that this time, soap star, Helen Flanagan would be representing the girls. She asked for a volunteer to represent the guys. She warned that this was an adult game and the players would be risking embarrassment and exposure, but there was a big prize in it for the winner. Several guys raised their hands. The hostess looked around and selected someone. She chose a slightly geeky looking guy with glasses. He was still good looking enough that all of the women cheered. By this point everyone had had a few and were wildly cheering. “That’s not fair,” Helen said,” He looks well brainy.” She knew that she did not stand much of a chance. She was not the sharpest pencil in the drawer, by her own admission. She also was not wearing very much. She wore a slutty white dress. Underneath it, she had only a thong on. It was the sort of dress that it was impossible to wear a bra with.

It was explained that it was a strip quiz. Questions would be asked. When someone knew the answer, they must raise their hand. If they got the question right, their opponent would lose an article of clothing. If they were incorrect, they would lose an article of clothing. The winner would get to punish the loser further. Helen was at a disadvantage because she had very little on. The hostess said that the quiz was about to start, so everyone should listen carefully. The whole club was watching and cheering on the member of their gender. It was time for the questions to start. The hostess began to read the first question. “ What is the longest river in…” Before she could finish, Helen raised her hand. “Um, Helen.” Helen looked dumbfounded. She was so concerned with raising her hand the fastest, she did not worry about whether she knew the answer or not. She raised her hand too quickly. “ Um , I don’t know do I?,” she said. “Well, we have to press you for an answer, as you raised your hand.” “Um, the Thames, I guess.” “No, that is incorrect, you may want to wait until the whole question is read out next time. That means you lose an article of clothing. What will it be?” “My shoes. I will take off my shoes,” she said. The whole club booed. This seemed to be a cop out. “Hey, shoes are clothes,” she said. She stepped out of her heels. Normally this would not be allowed, but seeing as she only had a dress and thong on, they would allow it.

It was time for the second question. “What is the biggest mountain range in Europe?” Helen was quicker again this time.  Unfortunately for her, her answer was the Rockies. “Sorry, Helen, the Rockies are not in Europe.” “They’re not?,” she said incredulously. “Oh well, at least they are a mountain range, so your answers are getting better. Since you were wrong, it will have to be your dress this time.” Helen rolled her eyes. Everyone cheered. She shouted for them to shut up. Reluctantly, she shimmied her way out of her tight fitting dress. She pulled it down her body. At this point everyone saw that she only had a thong on underneath. There was no bra to cover her large chest. She crossed her arms, covering her breasts for now. She looked annoyed, but not totally humiliated. “I regret not wearing more clothes,” she interjected. 

It was time for the third question. They asked what was the capital of France. The male raised his hand first this time. “Hey that’s unfair, I actually know that one,” Helen said. Unfortunately, her opponent knew it as well. He was correct. Everyone celebrated, even a good percentage of the females. Helen was told that she had lost the round and the game. She looked over at her opponent. “I hated you,” she said, comically. She was told it was time to remove her thong. She rolled her eyes and slowly lowered it down her legs. She lifted one leg and stepped out of it. She now stood on stage fully nude. Her hands clutched her breasts and vagina. The hostess then spoke up. “Well done, Helen, what a good sport. What we always ask for is a two handed wave and a twirl from all of our losers.” Helen looked at her silently. She complied, however. She gave the wave and turned a round a few times. This revealed all to the whole crowd.

“Well, we have our loser. As we mentioned earlier, the winner is going to get to subject our loser to some further punishment. Can we see the straps please?” It was then revealed that at the centre of the stage were some hooks and straps on the bottom of the stage and also ones from the ceiling. Helen was directed over to them. The hostess and the winner then proceeded to secure the straps around each of Helen’s wrists and ankles. She was secured into place, her body stretched. She was like a naked X now. “We have our loser in place, it is now time for the punishment,” the hostess said.
They started off my giving the winner a single feather. He pulled it out, showing it to Helen. Helen begged him please not to do it. He grinned. He then began to move the feather about up and down her body. “No, please, don’t. I am quite ticklish,” she protested. She began to laugh and wiggle as he moved the feather up and down her legs and stomach. Her large chest jiggled as she laughed and wiggled. There wasn’t much give in the straps, so she could not move her body that much. This enabled him to torture her with the feather. She laughed and wiggled while begging him to stop. The club got quite a view of her wiggling naked body. 

Next, he was given a big creamy pie. He took it in both hands and approached her. The hostess asked if the club wanted to see her get pied. Everyone cheered their approval. Helen’s eyes widened. “Oh my lord, please no. You can’t do this to me,” she protested. The winner just grinned. He approached. He put one hand on her shoulder. He reached back and then thrust the pie forward, straight into her face. It hot with a satisfying crackling noise. The pie splattered onto her face. He twisted the pie around in her face and smeared some down her neck and over her hair. When he pulled away, everyone cheered again. Helen’s face was encased in creamy pie. A blob of cream fell from one nostril. Her forehead was decorated in pie. The pie that covered her face suited her very well. At this point, she looked very odd, her face was covered with pie, but most of the rest of her remained untouched.

The winner was given another two more pies. He took them in either hand. He approached Helen, considering where he would put them. Then, all at once, he pushed one into her backside and the other into her vagina. She squealed as her body was sandwiched with pies. He rubbed them around on her behind and vagina. When he was done, he then pushed the remaining pie on the plates straight into her jiggling breasts. Her body provided a very good target for the pies.

Next, three buckets were produced. They were filled with green, yellow and orange substances. It was revealed that they contained mushy peas, creamed corn and mashed suede and carrots. “Oh no. You can’t. You just can’t,” Helen said. She looked mortified. The expression on her face was priceless. What could be seen underneath the mask of creamy pie that covered the majority of her face, anyway. She knew she was about to be dumped on. 

He started with the suede and carrot. He went behind her. He stood very close behind her and began to raise the bucket. Shivers went down her spine. She looked mortified. He raised the bucket and aimed it onto her. As he tipped it out, mounds of the orange vegetables poured over Helen. They piled onto the top of her head and her shoulders. More rolled down her face and body. Some piled onto her chest and behind. She squealed as she felt the slimy mess on her skin. A huge amount piled on top of her head. She shouted that she couldn’t believe this and that it was minging. “This is so disgusting,” she muttered. “I currently have suede all over my arse,” she said. 

Next to come was the mushy peas. It was announced that they were coming. “Mushy peas? You must be shitting me?,” she said, as only she could. He proceeded to tip this second bucket over her. Thick, mushy, sloppy green mess tumbled from above all over Helen. It rolled down her face and chest. Everyone cheered as they witnessed her getting mushy peas dumped over her. She wiggled her face around as they continued to pour.

Next was the creamed corn. The creamed corn was thick, yellow and very sloppy. It was mushy sloppier and less gloppy than the previous two substances had been. It was filled with corn. It was a sloppy yellow colour. The hostess made a crack about how the three colours would look very good together. Helen closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as she was given what amounted to a shower of creamed corn. It poured down from above. It poured over her head and down her body. It splashed all over the stage. It washed over her. She could feel it all over her body. Her body wiggled as the winner dumped creamed corn over her. When the bucket was empty, he pushed it down over her head and left it there for a while. Helen was submerged in her own world of private embarrassment. “It smells so bad,” she said to herself. It was very cold as well. 

The hostess shook the winner’s hand and congratulated him. She helped him remove the bucket from Helen’s head. The club was treated to the surreal site of Helen Flanagan tied naked on stage spread eagle, covered in mess from head to toe. She was hoping that this would not get out, but it ended up online. What really annoyed her was the comments from her colleagues that were placed beneath the video. They included:

“She is a terrible actress. She deserves this.”

“This is a dream come true. Everyone on set would have loved to have done this to her.”

“Helen was a pain in the arse to work with. She deserves this.” 

“OMG, wish I was there.”

“Looking good Helen.” 

“Helen deserves everything she gets.”

“She needed to be brought down a peg or two. Couldn’t be happier.”

These were just from her Coronation Street colleagues. They had hoped that they could have been the ones to get to do this to her. Others in the business felt the same. No one was unhappy to see this happen to her. Everyone agreed she deserved a comeuppance.


  1. She's a great subject to use - I love it when you go for all out humiliation like this. Well done.

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