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Kate Upton and Christina Hendricks

Kate Upton and Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks was an accomplished actress. She had worked long and hard to achieve success and stardom. When she finally made it in Hollywood, she discovered that Los Angeles was filled with good looking, less talented young women who had become just as successful and famous as she had by using their looks and sexuality to get ahead. This infuriated her to no end. It was very unfair. She resented these sorts of women tremendously. She decided that she was going to get her own back on at least one of them. She chose Kate Upton as her target. 

She decided to approach a messy television show with her story and reasons why she wanted to get Kate. She quickly had a taker. This seemed a perfectly reasonable reason to want to mess someone. They agreed that Katie deserved to get messy. Christina was very happy. She fantasised about showing the young blonde up. She wanted to embarrass her as much as she could in front of the world. She saw Katie as a bimbo and that sort of a celebrity as really bad role model for females. She wanted women to be taken seriously and treated as equals, not just being used as sex objects for men to ogle. 

Kate was told that she was invited to appear on the show at Christina’s request. Kate admired Christina as an actress, so she agreed to appear. She was not sure why, but figured that it would just be a chance to meet one another and interact. Kate certainly had no worries in her mind about what would happen on the day. She was quite looking forward to it.

On the day, Kate wore a very small, feminine, light purple, lacy dress. Christina wore a female trouser suit. The two were asked to sit on opposite couches as the show started. The host then introduced the two of them. “Today on our show, we have Christina Hendricks and Kate Upton.” The two smiled. They reached over and shook hands saying that it was a pleasure to meet one another. The host then started to explain things in a bit more depth. “So today, Christina has asked Kate to be here with her. Christina, will you please explain why you have asked for this to happen?” “Yes of course,” she said,” Basically Kate, I think that women like you are doing a real disservice to women in the entertainment business. I feel that you exploit your looks and sexuality to get ahead, where some of us had to work hard for many years to get where we are. I think it is disgraceful, to be honest. I invited you here to get a measure of revenge upon women like you on behalf of all of the real talent in the entertainment business. I think you deserve it. It will teach you a valuable lesson and show everyone watching that you can’t get by forever just on your sexuality.” Katie was taken aback. 

She could not really say anything to defend herself as there was a lot of credence in what Christina was saying. All she could say in reply was,” Punish, what kind of..?” “Well, today, in a few short moments, you will be put into the gunge tank and be covered in sloppy gunge. You deserve this. Hell, you may very well enjoy it. You seem a bit of a strumpet.” Kate’s eyes darted around. She did not really even know what gunge meant. She really did not want this to happen to her, but she was shocked. She could not even get any words of protest out.

“Come on young lady, off to the gunge tank with you.” Christina stood up, grabbed her by the hand and marched her over to a gunge tank that was set up for her. “Hmmm, you won’t be needing this,” she said. She reached down and grabbed Kate’s dress. She pulled it off revealing that she had on only a matching purple tong underneath. She did not wear a bra. She instantly clutched her large breasts. Christina tossed her dress aside. “Oh come on now, young lady, you should be used to showing your goodies off by now. It is how you make a living isn’t it. It takes a lot of talent to pose with your boobs out. You must have trained and studied long and hard to get the technique down just right. It must have such a hard skill to develop,” she teased. She snickered as she pushed the half- naked model into the tank and slammed the door behind her. 

Katie had an awkward smile on her face. She really did not know how to react. All she knew was that Christina did not like her and wanted to punish her. Christina walked over to the release cord and said, “This is for all of the legitimately talented women in the business. Tramps like you are setting us back forty years. You deserve this.” Kate did not really understand the gravity of what Christina was saying. As far as she was concerned, she was getting ahead any way she could. She was happy to use any asset she possessed. Unfortunately, there was something to the fact that models did contribute to the objectifying of women as well as the pressures of body image that many women felt, especially in the entertainment industry. Christina then said,” This is for all of the women out there who are not tanned, tall, bleach blondes with huge breasts.”

She then pulled the cord and released the gunge over the tanned model. Kate squealed as thick purple gunge, similar to the colour of her dress and thong, poured down over her head. It fell right down the centre of her head, weighing down the middle of her hair. The side bits were still sticking up, making her look very funny. The gunge poured over the bridge of her nose and then over the side of her cheeks and chin. It then poured down the sides of her face and all over the rest of her hair, soaking it. It then began to make its way down her shoulders and then over her large breasts. She let go of her breasts and let them flap in the gunge. She was stood up, the gunge poured down her back and then down the rest of her body. She closed her eyes and rubbed her breasts as thick purple gunge continued to pour over her. She licked her lips. Gunge poured down her behind and stomach and down her legs. She laughed a bit as she felt it all over her body. Finally it stopped.

The tank door was opened by Christina. The host asked Kate what she thought now. Instead of answering, she grabbed Christina. She wrapped her arms around her. She twirled around, getting gunge all over Christina as well. She laughed as she hugged her in the gunge. Christina, finally was able to pull away. Kate was laughing and smiling. Christina looked very annoyed. She shouted as she flung gunge from her hair. “Ugh, you little tramp, look what you did,” she fumed. The host quietly chuckled to himself. 

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