Friday, 26 August 2016

This Girl Can advert chav girl

****WARNING**** The following contains nudity and sexually explicit language. Please do not continue if you are underage or find this type of thing offensive. ****

This Girl Can advert chav girl

There was an advertising campaign called This Girl Can. It was encouraging women of all ages and shapes to get out end exercise more. In the advert there was a very sexy young woman with black hair. She looked very chavy. She was jogging in a very skimpy outfit that showed a lot of skin. She wore dark makeup, even though she was jogging. She had a lot of piercings as well. She was shown jogging around a council estate. At the end of the advert, she fell backwards on the couch and said, ”I’m knackered.” This was one of the most unintentionally sexy things that I had ever seen on television.  She looked incredibly sexy and there were clear sexual undertones to her part in the advert, whether it was intended to be that way or not.

One day I happened to be looking online at clips of the advert and on the bottom, there was a comment from her. This got my mind racing. I took the chance and sent her a message. I said,” Sorry to bother you, but I really enjoyed your part in the commercial. You looked incredible.” Much to my surprise, she actually replied back to me. “Really, I thought I looked all sweaty and gross.” “Believe me, you looked very, very good. There is nothing wrong with getting a bit sweaty ;)” She replied back,” Well to be honest, most of the time when I am sweaty, it is not from jogging.” “Lol, I can certainly imagine that.” “Usually, when I say that I am knackered like that, it is not from jogging either. ;)” “Yes, I was imagining you saying that in a very different situation as well,” I replied. 

“Obviously, most of the exercise that I get is in the bedroom. I can be pretty kinky as well. I have this thing about using messy food.” Of course from this point on we talked about sex, messy food and lots of other kinky things. It turned out that she was pretty attracted to me as well. She was a bit of a dirty slag to be honest as well. We decided that we would meet up and live out every filthy fantasy that we had. She promised to wear the outfit that she had worn in the advert. Though she would not be keeping it on long into the proceedings. 

It turned out that we did not live very far from one another. We decided that she would come over to mine. We agreed on what we needed to be set up. I got everything ready for her arrival. It was going to be a naughty evening. We would both be knackered by the end of it. She looked even better in person than she did in the advert.

The first thing that we did was put “Get your freak on” on in the background on continuous loop. It was the song that was used in the commercial. It was appropriate, because the two of us would definitely be getting our freak on this evening. She began to dance suggestively to the song. She said that she would definitely be getting sweaty tonight. Her curvy body jiggles and gyrated as I watched. She ran her hands suggestively over her body and wiggled her hips to the sound of the music. She then began to remove her clothing. She tossed her skimpy outfit at me. I watched her sexy body slowly get covered in beads of sweat as she stripped and danced to the music. The song was now taking on a totally different context from the advert. Before we knew it, she was completely naked, shaking her hips. I watched as she shook her curvy ass for me. Soon she had nothing on but her black socks and trainers. A lot was revealed including hairy minge and slightly protruding vaginal lips.
She then came over. She put her hand on the back of my head and began to grind her hips against me, basically lap dancing. I put my hands on her backside and passionately kissed her as I felt her hairy bush shuffle on my knee. “You can keep my clothes,” she said,” As I souvenir. I won’t be needing them tonight.”

We then both took containers of chocolate syrup and began to pour them over her sexy naked body. “I love getting dirty,” she said. We squeezed the brown mess all over her head, chest and stomach. It dripped everywhere over her sexy body. It rolled down her legs and ass. It got all over her hairy vagina. It looked very fetching upon her pale skin. In the meantime, my palm and fingers massaged her chocolate covered vagina. She continued to wiggle her body. I could feel her getting more and more wet between her legs.

She then dropped down to her knees. “Time to show you what this tongue ring can really do,” she said, wiggling her tongue and licking her lips. She unzipped my trousers and pulled, my already hard penis out and into her hand. She then pushed it into her mouth, beginning to administer a blow job of epic proportions. She seemed to know her way around a penis. She ran her tongue down the length of it and then pushed it in and out of her mouth. In the meantime, I poured mushy peas down over her head and face as she sucked my cock. Her tongue ring was put to amazing use as she sucked my cock. Mushy peas stuck to her hair and face. Some of it falling onto my penis as she sucked. She ran her hand back and forth around it as she sucked hard. I then leaned back and allowed my cum to explode over her face and into her mouth. Her face and piercings were plastered in spirts of thick, warm, white cum. It was all over her teeth and tongue. She tasted my sex juice. 

I then leaned her back and returned the favour. I dumped a can of tin custard over her body. A lot of it landing between her legs. I then leaned down and began to lick her vagina as well. She was a natural woman. She was not a model or actress. She was a chav and was a curvy regular woman. As my tongue descended into her folds I was greeted by the very real, unmistakable smell of her vagina. It was sweaty and already wet with her juices. As I licked and sucked her tasty vagina, she dumped cans of tuna fish over her own face and body. She also squeezed and touched her chest as she began to writhe in pleasure. I pulled in and out teasing her. My tongue reaching deep inside of her sexy womanhood. Touching her g spot, until she orgasmed. 

We then went over and grabbed generic cans of food. These included spaghetti, spaghetti hoops, baked beans, macaroni and cheese and something called all day breakfast in a can. We passionately kissed as we began to dump can after can of the bargain basement canned goods over her sexy chavy body. We did it together. Soon she was covered in the sloppy mess. These cans were about 19p a piece. They were barely edible, but they were now all over this sexy chavette. 

We then pushed my penis into her vagina. We began to have sex together. At the same time, we took the last remaining items and began to dump them over her head. She was still dripping in beans and spaghetti. These items were coleslaw and potato salad. We both pushed these onto her head as we made love to one another. She rode my penis as coleslaw and potato salad dumped down her head and face. They smelled atrocious, but it just turned us on even more. Our bodies bounced back and forth over and over again as we approached climax. The final container of coleslaw was placed into her face at the moment when we both exploded in orgasm. We leaned back in ecstasy. Every muscle in our body spasmed in pleasure at the same time. More cum squirted from between her legs. 

We then fell back onto the floor, bodies wrapped around each other. Covered in cum, sweat and messy food. “I’m definitely knackered now,” she said,” That was a much better workout than jogging ever could be. And a lot more fun too. I am knackered,” she said.

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