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Emmerdale x3 Court

Emmerdale x3 Court

Bernice White, Belle Dingle and Nicola King had all been bitches in their own right in Emmerdale. They were all over 18 and were adults so were eligible to be tried in Gunge Court. On this occasion it would be a jury of their friends and family that would be determining their innocence or guilt. It would be a jury of their peers. They would be tried together as a group. The problem was that the folks on the jury had seen and experienced their nonsense first hand, so already knew that they were guilty. They had no chance of winning this case.

They were lead into the courtroom in oversized shackles. All three did not look very happy. Nicola and Bernice looked very angry. Belle looked very concerned. She had a look of worry on her face. She was not as clued up as the other two were. They knew that they were in for it. The judge called the courtroom to order. The judge was actually one of the older male Dingles. The person serving as prosecutor was one of the older females in the town. Her opening statement was scathing. She detailed how all of these three had been ruthless, caused trouble and were deserving of punishment. There was not a great deal that the women could say in their defence. Belle said that she didn’t mean it. Nicola said that the others deserved what they had gotten. 

Witnesses were then called. Each of them stating many transgressions that each of the ladies had committed. They could not really deny that these things had happened. Their only means of defence was to argue that their actions were justified. Of course, this was quite a pitiful case to make. They could not deny the things they had done. It was very clear from the outset that they were guilty of everything that they had been accused of and probably more besides. Belle ended up breaking down a little. “Oh please, have mercy. I am sorry. I didn’t mean it, please don’t do this.” The other two became very agitated with her. “Shut up will ya? For heaven’s sake don’t confess now. What are you thinking,” they told her. 

It was time for the jury to make their decision. Each one held a large card. They had two each, an innocent one and a guilty one. The judge would go down the line and have them hold up their card and state their decision. Of course, one after the other, the verdict was the same. Guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty. It was a unanimous decision. The judge then stated the verdict. “Ladies, you have been found guilty by this court and you are sentenced to a public gunging. Take them out to the back where we will administer their punishment.” The three were led away. They screamed and protested the entire way. “No, you can’t do this. This isn’t even a real court. Get your hands off of us,” they shouted.
They were led out back. The three were shackled together with a tree between them. They faced outwards, away from the tree. They were chained at the wrists and ankles to on another. The three began to bicker amongst themselves as well. They blamed each other. “This is all your fault,” Bernice cackled. “Oh just shut up,” Nicola said. Belle cowered. 

“Ladies, you have been found to be guilty as charged of all crimes. It is now time for you to receive your punishment. Let the punishment commence.” The three women complained and argued, shouting to be let go and for them not to do this to them. The main people who would be doling out the punishment would be the Dingle family. They were positioned around the three women. They smiled as they took their positions around these three nasty women. They were all quite nasty people in their own right and had done many nasty scheming things to those in Emmerdale. All three were spoiled and had big mouths. They definitely deserved to be punished. 

Emmerdale was known for being partially based around a farming community and a pub, so the messing would take that theme. The Dingles began with barrels full of spoiled eggs. They were told that they may fire at will. They began to throw eggs as hard as they could at the three ladies. The three screamed and closed their eyes as they began to be pelted with eggs. The eggs flew through the air and smashed all over their bodies when they hot them. One after another, the eggs hit their targets. Eggs smashed all over Nicola’s blonde hair and all over Bernice’s long legs. Eggs collided with Belle’s chest. Because they were shackled together, they were unable to raise their hands to deflect the eggs as they hit. They were all dressed in smart trouser suits for court as well. They were soon covered in runny, slimy yellow egg. Shells rolled down their bodies. They screamed about having egg in their hair.

The eggs were followed by rotten fruit and vegetables from the farm. The Dingles were given barrels of these next. As with the eggs, they began to throw the rotten produce at the ladies. Lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes and even beetroot flew at them. They smashed all over the women’s bodies. They were soon covered in seeds, pulp, fleshy bits and leaves. The onlookers cheered as they witnessed the women getting pelted with the produce. The Dingles then walked forward. They carried pumpkins with the tops cut off. They pushed their hands into the pumpkins and pulled out the pulpy pumpkin innards including the seeds. They then splatted these in the faces of the three women, rubbing the gloppy guts around in their faces. Bernice and Nicola were particularly embarrassed by the fact that people they viewed as commoners and beneath them were doing this to them. For Belle the fact that it was her relations doing this to her was the most embarrassing thing. They knew, however, that she deserved this and wanted her to learn her lesson. They then took three of the hollowed out pumpkins and placed them over the bellowing women’s heads for a moment. 

Next to come were buckets of manure. The larger of the Dingle men took the heavy buckets and began to sprinkle the manure over the three women. They pulled the pumpkins from their heads and then dumped manure over them. They were absolutely livid. They screamed in disgust as manure was poured over their heads and all over their expensive outfits. Their expensive blouses and skirts getting stained with stinky brown manure. They took handfuls and rubbed them around in the haughty women’s faces. Manure ran down their legs. Some manure was left in the buckets and the women’s feet, in their heels were pushed down into the buckets of manure. They then dumped some rotting compost from their compost heap all over the women. They kept screaming how disgusting all of this was. 

They finished up with troughs of genuine pig slop fresh from the farm. This was literally the stuff that they fed their pig with. They took the troughs and tipped them right over the three ladies. Slop dumped over their heads and down their faces. Their mouths fell as the slop poured onto them. It was very corny but had bits of what looked like carrot and peas inside of it as well. It was equal parts runny and thick. It rolled down their bodies and over their clothing. It rolled down their behinds and down their legs. They pouted and moaned at their state. 

It was announced that they were to be left as they were until sundown. Everyone else went to the pub. They were allowed to come out as they chose and to pour anything they liked over the women. At the end of the evening the rubbish from the pub was emptied over them for good measure. The three of them were furious. They would be more careful though, in the future to avoid this sort of sentence again.


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