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Big Brother 2016 Emma

Big Brother 2016 Emma

Emma from Big Brother had successfully messed Georgina, one of her Big Brother housemates. Georgina had a bad attitude and was not well liked in the house. Emma had enjoyed the chance to get Georgina messy. Unfortunately, Georgina was not the type of person who would take that sort of thing lying down. She vowed to get her revenge on Emma for the very public humiliation that she bestowed upon her. She came up with a plan to get her revenge on Emma.

The place that she picked was, of all places, a renaissance fair. She picked this because it took place on property that her family owned. There was also a pillory that was typically set up during the event. Georgina decided to invite all of the housemates to the medieval festival. She used the pretence that she realised she had been a bitch and wanted to make it up to everyone. There was some truth in this, but her main motivation was to try anything she could to get Emma in that pillory. She didn’t know if Emma or the others would show up, but this sort of festival was something that Emma would go to all of the time anyway. She loved this sort of thing, so it worked out quite well for Georgina. She also wanted to gloat to Georgina about the embarrassing messing that she had given her. On this day, Emma would be the one who would be ending up covered in mess on this day. 

Georgina was able to manipulate the situation by getting the organisers to appeal to Emma, asking her to allow herself to be put in the stocks. Emma was always up for a laugh. She was very open and enjoyed having a good time. She agreed that she would be put in the stocks. She wore a black medieval style dress that was white and puffy at the top around her chest. She looked just like a medieval wench. Her hair was done up in the style of the time. Georgina was very excited when she heard that Emma agreed to this. She was going to get her own back in the messiest of ways.
Emma was placed in the stocks by the event organisers. Guests were given a historical talk about the stocks and how they were used in medieval times. An expert talked about crime and punishment of the time. They talked about how people were placed in the stocks for things and what they had to endure. They gave a very detailed description about this. They also spoke about medieval torture devices, jails, courts etc.. It was very educational and informative. Emma was there to demonstrate. She was locked in. 

Then Georgina sauntered out. “It is funny that you mention punishment, because Emma here deserves punishment for what she did to me. It’s now my turn to get my revenge on you Emma.” “Wait, that’s not fair. You deserved what you got. I think everyone would agree.” “You know what? I really don’t care. I don’t care what common idiots think about me. I know that I am better than them and you and that I should be allowed to act any way that I please. The truth is that you are a filthy dirty bitch. In the house, I don’t think you ever showered very often. You kept going on about how you were horny and needed sex desperately. You didn’t think of the group just to see you lover. Then, you allegedly did it with that filthy scumbag Marco. You are a dirty slag, no matter how you try to cover it up. We both know it. Now you are going to get it.”

Georgina went behind Emma. She unzipped her dress and pulled it down off of her. This left Emma in only her black, sporty underwear. Georgina twirled the dress around in the air. Emma rolled her eyes. She wouldn’t have minded the punishments and humiliation aspect that much, but hated the fact that someone like Georgina would be getting the last laugh upon her. Georgina really was a stuck up and spoiled bitch that thought that she was superior to everyone else. Now, she was going to get to humiliate Emma. This did not seem very fair. Georgina leaned over and looked her rival straight in the face. “You deserve this. You thought that you could embarrass me and get away with it? You better think again. I always get the last laugh.”

She then took a large creamy pie. She grabbed Emma’s head by her hair with one hand. She then slammed the pie as hard as she could into her face. She twisted it around with as much force as she possibly could. She smeared it around in Emma’s face. Emma turned a bright red with embarrassment as Georgina rubbed the pie around in her face. She then took her hands and rubbed the discarded pie crust around all over Emma’s face, causing it to crumble into pieces. The pie was much creamier than a typical pie. It seemed to be made with cool whip or something like it rather than whipped cream. Emma looked dejected. Her face was covered in pie.

Georgina then took a bucket filled with rotten fruit and vegetables and tipped it out over Emma’s body. The produce really was rotten. It stunk to high heaven. It tumbled down Emma’s body, leaving a trail as it went. She was soon covered in the rotten slime, seeds and pulp from the rotten produce. It ran down her face and body. It rolled down her slim frame and down her long lanky legs. Emma was relatively ok with the situation as long as there was no meat involved. She was a vegetarian and was very strict about this. She had very strong beliefs on the subject.

When Georgina pulled out a gravy boat, the first thing that she said was,” Don’t worry Emma, there is no beef or anything init. Anyway, you won’t be eating the gravy. You will be wearing it.” She then dumped the gravy over Emma’s head and down the backs of her legs and upon her bottom. Brown liquid rolled down the sides of her face and down the backs of her legs simultaneously. Georgina then took handfuls of mashed potato and mashed carrots and suede and rubbed them around in Emma’s face and on her behind. She slopped the orange and white mash against Emma’s body and rubbed it around in her face as she gagged and sputtered. 

It was then time for the festival leftovers. These were all gathered in a large rubbish bin. Georgina needed assistance from the event organiser to lift it. They raised it above Emma and then tipped it right over onto her, spilling the slop from the festival all over the half-naked hippie. Bits of discarded food poured all over Emma. Georgina howled in laughter as she covered Emma in the most disgusting sloppy leftovers imaginable. She shook the trash bin as hard as she could in order to dislodge the thick sloppy bits that were left on the bottom. Emma was covered from head to toe in leftover food scraps. Georgina pointed at her and smiled.

Georgina leaned over whispered in her ear,” As if you were ever going to beat me. I always win. I have the money and the power. You will always lose. Everyone will now see just what a dirty little slut you really are. Maybe one of those loser guys will come along and you can suck their cock. That’s what you are good at. Anyway, there are a few more hours left. I think I will go enjoy myself. I think I’ll leave you where you are for now. Toodles.” As she was walking away, she pulled down Emma’s knickers and gave her a slap on her naked behind. Georgina took the key with her and took off. She intended on leaving Emma there at least until the end of the festival.


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