Sunday, 14 August 2016

Ellie Goulding wants to be flushed

Ellie Goulding wants to be flushed

Ellie Goulding had been a long-time fan of Let Her Have It. Ever since she had done a special video version of her song Burn in which she had gotten messy she had wanted to get messy again. She wanted it to happen to her again. She took particular interest in in the Giant Flush. The idea of sitting on that and getting flushed was one that she fantasised about. She even wrote an alternate version of Burn that changed the lyrics to talk about the Giant Flush. It had never occurred to her to simply reach out to the show herself and ask to appear. One day, on a whim, she did just that. She explained that she was dying to get flushed and had even wrote a song about it. Of course, they were only too happy to oblige. I mean, it was Ellie Goulding for God’s sake. Those hot pants that she normally wore were legendary. She, of course, said that she would wear some on that night. 

Ellie was very excited for the big night. She wore a typical outfit for her of a black midriff top and a very short, very tight bare of black hot pants. Thinking back on her career, it was a little strange. When she first started she was a folk singer who usually wore flannel shirts and jeans and sang gentle acoustic numbers. Once the record company got a hold of her, she was producing techno sounding pop dance music and dressed more like someone out of a girl band. It was very obvious to those in the business why she ended up this way. She definitely was sexy, but to see a quiet and shy girl transformed as she was seemed a little out of order to some close to her. The Giant Flush though was something that she had wanted for a very long time. She had seen others take the throne and wished that it was her. She actually told everyone she knew to tune in. She posted on her social media accounts, “I’m on Let Her Have it tonight. Everyone tune in. Time to get messy.”

She was incredibly excited before the show. She had imagined this night for a long time. Mr. G. came out and announced her as his guest. “Today, we are pleased to welcome the one and only Ellie Goulding to the show.” Ellie came out beaming from ear to ear. Her sexy outfit covered even less than usual. Her legs were bare up to her behind. Her top covered about as much as a bra. She gave Mr. G. a hug and they went down to the couches. 

“Wow, Ellie Goulding. It’s amazing to have you hear and wow do you look amazing.” “Thank you, I dressed for the occasion. I am so excited to be here. I have wanted to be on the show for ages and ages. I have dreamed about it.” “Really? That is very interesting. What in particular did you imagine happening Ellie?” “Well, I have a bit of a thing for the Giant Flush. The thought of sitting on that toilet and getting flushed. I mean it’s pretty hot. I imagine it a lot, to be honest. I even wrote a special version of my song Burn about it.” “Wow, really that’s amazing. How does it go?”” Um ok, It’s really, really embarrassing though.” “Don’t worry it will be between us. Oh I almost forgot that this is going to be on television.” She laughed. “Ok, ok, here it goes. The people around, they know what they heard. Ellie’s sat on the toilet. She’s making a turd. And a big giant turd’s coming out of her ass. 
She just made a turd, turd, turd. I am now on the show and I’m with Mr. G.. I will sit on the toilet and everyone will see. Everyone starts to laugh as they me get flushed. And I get flushed, flushed, flushed. As the toilet is flushed, the mess pours on down. It’s all over my body it’s sloppy and brown. I can feel all the mess it’s all over my bod. And I get flushed, flushed etc etc,” she sang. Everyone laughed. “I told you it was embarrassing.” “I think that could be your next big hit. Ellie Goulding’s turd. I’ll tell you what, we will record that and play it while it happens for you.” “That’s brilliant,” she laughed. “Well, I can tell that you are dying to sit on our famous throne. I guess we should make a move.”

Mr. G. and Ellie walked over to the Giant Flush. Ellie looked very excited indeed. She sat herself down on the small toilet, wrapping her bare legs around the porcelain. She finally was sat there. “So how does it feel to finally be sat in the Giant Flush in that hot seat?,” he asked. “To be sat on the toilet in the Giant Flush with everyone watching, it feel incredible. It’s so much fun.” Mr. G. went over to the flusher. He took his position.

“Ellie Goulding, you have asked for it. It is time for you to be flushed.” Ellie smiled. Her song played. Mr. G. then flushed the giant toilet above her. The song could still be heard as the air filled with the usual sound effects of someone using the toilet followed by a flushing noise. Ellie laughed and mouthed the words,” This is awesome.” She looked thick brown, lumpy gunge exploded through the giant toilet seat above her. Appropriate sound effects could be heard along with Ellie singing the lines of her newly written classic. The brown muck poured through as Ellie looked upwards. The brown mess poured onto her face. She closed her eyes and looked forward. Brown gunge poured down onto her head and over her face. It was all over her blonde hair. Her hair was soaked. It looked like she had gone for a chocolate shower.

Gunge poured down her body. It poured down her arms and back and then down her stomach. The brown gunge poured directly all over her bare legs. It splattered them all over. She laughed but also let out sighs of satisfaction. Her hot pants were covered in the muck. It rolled down her claves and down to her ankles. Even her shoes and socks were soaked in brown mess. She could feel it all over her body. It covered her, soaking her clothes. The final blobs dripped down her onto her face. Most of her face apart from her eyes and mouth were covered in brown mess. She even had a bit of it on her teeth. Ellie’s sexy body was covered in dripping brown mess. The camera panned from head to toe.

Mr. G. then came over. “Can I get some more toilet roll,” she joked, picking up some that was on the side. She then grabbed a plunger that was nearby as well,” I think we are definitely going to be needing this,” she joked. “It feels so good. It is all over me. It’s all over my body.” “I have to say, that seat looks meant for you, Ellie.” “Thanks, I feel right at home.” She then stood up and turned around, showing that the mess was all over back and backside as well. “Oh Ellie, what a mess,” Mr. G. said. “I know, but I kind of like it. I think I would like to stay like this for a while. It feels amazing.” She then ran her hands all over her messy body. 

The show closed with a replay of the flush put together with Ellie’s song. The sound effects this time matched the beeps and buzzes in the song. The evening was everything Ellie hoped that it would be. She immediately took to social media and posted pictures and comments. She wanted everyone to see what happened to her. The whole idea excited her tremendously.

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