Monday, 22 August 2016

Zoella friends get their own back

Zoella friends get their own back

Zoella was a youtube celebrity and blogger. She was a popular choice for a gunging as well. She, for some reason, was one of the most requested gunge victims of all celebrities. Her friends wanted to see this as well. They nominated her as a candidate for a gunging. They nominated her for a Get Your Own Back style event that was taking place in their local area. 

It was a very simple set up. It was a sort of trial by jury. The usual gunk dunk was set up. The people who had nominated the potential dunkee would explain their reasons why they deserved it. The person would then defend themselves. The people watching would then get to voice their verdict through their applause. Of course, there was little to no chance that the audience would vote against the gunging. If the person was found guilty, they would be dunked. If innocent they would be spared and would get the chance to pick a person of their choosing to replace them. 

This event was taking place outside It was summer and was warm out. There were other events happening as well. Zoella’s friends did not tell her that they had nominated her. They were in the audience like everyone else when Mr. Phillips came out and welcomed everyone. “Today, someone in the audience has been nominated to go into the gunge plunge by their friends. They just don’t know who they are yet.” Zoella’s mates tried not to smile or to give it away. He continued,” Can we please have Zoella and her friends up on stage please.” Zoella looked at her friends in shock,” You didn’t?,” she said. “Come on now don’t be shy. Step right up.” They all walked up on stage. 

“Zoella, we have heard some not so good things about you. You have been nominated to take a gungy dip in the gunge pool by your lovely mates here.” “I can’t imagine why. Little old me. I am a perfect angel,” she said with a giggle. “What will happen is, they will give their reasons. Then you will be given a chance to state your case. The crowd will then vote. If you lose, you will be getting gunked. If you win, you will get to pick one of your mates to take your place.” She shook her head in the affirmative. She liked the idea of putting one of them in the gunge.

“So, let’s hear why you guys have nominated the lovely Zoella today,” Dave said. “Well, she is getting a bit carried away with her celebrity. She thinks that she is a really big star now. She is turning into a diva and is getting a bit too big for her boots. She is also quite bossy and pretty lazy. She expects others to clean up after her and things like that. Mainly, we would just like to bring her back down to earth a little bit,” her best mate explained. “Oh that is a very strong case, I think. Zoella it’s your turn to defend yourself.” “Well, it’s not true. I am always there for my friends. I try to include them whenever I can. I think maybe they are just jealous because I have become quite famous in such a short space of time. I also think that I am a star, don’t I deserve special treatment?” This did not go over very well with the crowd. “Well, ok. You have heard both arguments. After weighing all of the evidence, it is time for you to give your verdict. Who thinks that Zoella is innocent?” A few people cheered. There was a few boos, but it was very quiet. Zoella laughed and rolled her eyes. “Oh dear. I think that I might be in trouble,” she said. “And who thinks that she is guilty.” The cheers were deafening. Some people chanted the word guilty. 

“Well, I think that the vote was very clear. I am very sorry Zoella, but it looks like you will be facing the dreaded gunk dunk” Zoella wore a stylish white country club kind of hat. It had a black band and a yellow flower attached to one side. She a pair of brown flip flops and a one piece outfit that was white with black and yellow accents and trim. It was like a pleated pair of shorts on the bottom and a smart collared shirt at the top. It was a very fine, sheer fabric. Her hair was in braids tided across her head. The gunge below was a combination of green and grey. Zoella looked at her friends and laughed as she was led away and up to her perch above the gunge pool. “I hope you guys are happy,” she giggled. 

She climbed up to her seat and sat down. She cringed slightly as she looked down at the pool of gunge inches below her. Her flip flops and toes dangling a few inches above the pool of gunge. She giggled and crossed her arms across her chest. She wiggled her feet and swung her legs slightly as she sat there. Her friends were then set up at the release lever.

“Ok you lot, you won your case. It is now time to get your own back on your lovely friend, Zoella. When you are ready, pull the leaver and get your own back. She will be taking a gungy bath.” She looked over at them, smiled and waved. They waved back as they pulled the lever. She shrieked as it was pulled and her seat disappeared from beneath her bum. In an instant she was gunge. Everyone cheered and laughed.

Her flip flops came off of her feet when she hit the gunge. She tumbled forward, getting submerged in gunge. She came up laughing, her face covered in slimy gunge. Her entire body was covered in the slime. It covered her clothing. Because of the white colour and the thinness of the fabric of her outfit, the gunge made it almost completely see through. Zoella’s bra and knickers could clearly now be seen right through her slimy outfit, which clung to her shivering slimy flesh. She laughed as she sat in the gunge.  It was embarrassing, yes, but it was a lot of fun and it felt quite cool in the hot weather. Her friends applauded. 

She was, eventually, helped out from the gunge pool. Her body dripping in gunge. Zoella did not have a change of clothes and there were no shower facilities, so she had to spend the rest of the afternoon as she was. The entire time, everyone could see her underwear. She was very grateful that she had worn underwear today.


  1. Thank you for doing my request! There's something I love about a justice gunging!

  2. Please can you do a story with Natalie Dormer and Nathalie Emmanuel from Game of Thrones and another story with Deborah Ann Wall from Daredevil?