Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Carrie Grant caught up

Carrie Grant caught up

Carrie Grant had managed to avoid getting messy for many, many years, despite appearing on children’s shows and other shows where gungings happened relatively frequently. She had done her best to ensure that this would not happen to her. Eventually, her luck would run out. She is someone who deserved a good gunging as well. She, at one point, was a judge on a singing competition show.  On these shows, the judges always were critical of the contestants and had a lot of power over them. At some stage, someone got the idea that it would be nice to see the contestants get their own back on the judges, for once. 

Carrie wore a sexy red dress and she had her hair dyed a deep dark red colour. This helped to hide her true age some. Carrie was on the show with one of the contestants that she was mentoring. The show that she was on was sort of a rip off of X Factor. It had a fellow called Richard on it who played the role of Simon Cowell. Carrie was sort of like Sharon Osbourne. She was much more attractive though. Carrie and her charge chit chatted with the presenters about the show and how great it was and how everyone should tune in for some time. The subject then changed to the relationship that the coaches had with the contestants. The male presenter then said,” I know you guys all have brilliant relationships, but, at the end of the day, the contestants are the ones who get voted off and criticised. The judges do just that, sit there all high and mighty and pass judgment. We thought that we would let the contestants get their own back just this once for all the years of rubbish they have put up with. On top of that Carrie here has escaped getting gunged for many years as well, so I think that this is an excellent opportunity to change all of that. How would you like to gunge your mentor?” “That would be amazing, yes I would love that,” the contestant said. The presenters on the show were very like Eamon Holmes and his wife. The contestant had wavy black hair and wore a blue dress. She was the typical, fresh face young competitor who was just happy to be singing and for people to be listening. She was about 18. 

Carrie’s eyes widened. She looked shocked. She laughed loudly. She thought to herself,” No, this can not be happening.” “Let’s get that gunge bucket out here shall we? It is a lovely pinkish red colour. We didn’t want to go all red, but it will match your hair and dress, you’ll be happy to know.” “Oh that is just wonderful. I am just so glad to know that,” she said sarcastically. “I think this is every singing contestant’s dream come true. The judges have had their say. It’s time for the contestants to get their own back. It’s payback time.”

Carrie smiled and closed her eyes as the contestant slowly tipped the bucket of bright pink mess over her head. She held her hands in front of her and giggled as gunge poured down her forehead and then down the sides of her face. It then poured over her nose and cheeks. Most of the gunge stream rolled straight down Carrie’s face. Carrie’s red hair was matched by the pink gunge. Gunge poured over her shoulders and chest. It poured down the front of her dress and then all over her legs, dripping down to her heels. She caught some of the gunge in her hands and splashed it over her knees. She looked up and allowed the gunge to cover her face. She had a massive smile on her face, though she was not happy with the situation that she found herself in. 

The contestant shook the remainder of the gunge out over Carrie. She then placed the bucket over her head. Carrie waved, peeping out from below the bucket. She licked her lips and shook her head. They had certainly made up for lost time today.


  1. Can you do a story about the cute singer Birdy on GYOB and she gets gunged loads?!

  2. thanks for doing my request i forgot I asked this one

    1. Yes I try and keep a list of requests.Hopefully, they all get completed.