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Top Ten ESPN Reporters I would like to see get messy

Top Ten ESPN Reporters I would like to see get messy

10. Cari Champion- Cari is probably best known for first take. She looks good most of the time. She always tends to look very serious. She has to deal with two of the more annoying personalities in sports broadcasting. She has a pretty attractive face. When she does smile and laugh she looks amazing. It would be enjoyable to see her smile and laugh as gunge poured down over her head. Hopefully, she would be laughing, but the chances are that she would look more annoyed. I can picture her scowling with her arms crossed.  She is very slim though, which I don’t like that much.

9. Sarah Spain- Sarah is on Around the Horn quite a lot now. She has a good sense of humour. She can be quite funny, or at least attempts to be. I could picture her being someone who would be up for a charity gunging or something like a bucket challenge. She has dark hair and eyes and an olive skin tone. I have only ever seen her from the chest up, but I imagine that she must have a very shapely, sexy body. She would look good covered in green or pink slime. I could imagine her getting a pie in the face as well. She is quite close with some of the other female sports casters so that may come into play as well. 

8. Molly McGrath- Molly McGrath is involved mainly in college football. I believe that she was once a cheerleader. She looks like a model. She is quite sexy. She has golden hair and golden skin. Her sexy legs are a highlight of the shows that she is on. It’s usually two burly men and her in the middle. One’s eye is drawn straight to her, especially is she is wearing a skirt. Enough can’t be said about her legs. She would look amazing covered in any kind of mess. She seems like the sort of person that her colleagues would love to see that happen to as well. They must all have naughty thoughts about her. She is very sexy.

7. Samantha Ponder- I wasn’t really into her at first. Possibly this was because she replaced Erin Andrews and she does not hold a candle to her. Then again, who does? Erin Andrews is literally one of the most attractive women in the entire world, in my opinion. She is an equal to anyone in Hollywood when it comes to looks, so Samantha was put in a tough spot. She is also very loud. She seems to shout everything she says. Also, the other sports casters don’t seem to really respect her that much. They repeatedly just speak over her, especially on College Football Live. It’s actually really disrespectful. All that being said, I actually really like her. She has a sort of dirty personality. She has a bit of dirty laugh. She tries her best to be funny. She does not always succeed, but she gets a really sexy look on her face when she is trying to be humorous. Truthfully, she seems a lot of fun to be around. She would look amazing covered in messiness. She would definitely react well. I can picture the look upon her face. She would definitely take it in good humour. It would look great on her as well.

6. Kate Fagan- There is something really attractive about Kate’s short hairstyle. She is clearly a talented journalist. It is clear that she is intelligent and passionate about things. She is really cute as well. She would look amazing getting a pie in the face. She is on Around the Horn a lot and is quite competitive. This would provide a good platform. A lost bet on the outcome of the show would be the perfect situation for her to get messed. I think that she would do it for charity as well if asked. She seems to be someone with a really good level of social consciousness.

5. Ramona Shelburne- People will not agree with this. People will not find her attractive because of her weight. I do find her attractive though. I like the fact that she chubby. I like chubby women though. In truth I like all sizes of women. Being on the heavy side does not bother me. Ramona is sexy. She has a really quirky way of talking and thinking which I like. She would look amazing covered in mess. I can imagine her laughing. Her laugh is amazing. It is hard to describe. She seems like someone who maybe is a bit of an outsider. She seems a bit different. She is not a super thin, tanned blonde like some of the others. She looks like a normal woman. She seems like a fun person as well. I can picture her colleagues messing her up, having a laugh at her expense. 

4. Heather Dinich- Heather is adorable, she is sexy, she is intelligent. I don’t think that I have to go into a very detailed description of why I would love to see her getting messy. I can imagine her cringing and laughing as it went all over her. She looks great in a skirt as well. She has a really expressive face and would have really good reactions as well.

3. Michelle Beadle- I really don’t know why Michelle Beadle is as awesome as she is. She is nothing like a Hollywood star or pop singer. Her looks might be described as average, but, somehow that makes her more attractive. She is down to earth. She likes sports, football, pro wrestling and probably would like horror films and video games. She really cool. She would look amazing covered in mess. Her reactions would be amazing. I can imagine her either laughing and thinking it was hilarious or being like, what the hell is this? I can imagine her making funny faces.

2. Rachel Nichols- Everything about Rachel Nichols is amazing. She is at a level where even her hair is somehow sexy. Again, she does not look like a model, she looks like a real woman. She is gorgeous, both inside and out. She is intelligent and seems sweet and caring as well. Even if she has that funny, Dick Schapp style of speaking when she id reporting something. She has been on the screen since I was a kid, it seems like. She looks just as good now as she did then. She is someone whose beauty comes from inside. She is someone I could actually imagine agreeing to get messy in the right situation. Imaging her covered in mess is a lot of fun.

1. Erin Andrews- Erin Andrews is one of the most attractive women in the world. What happened to her was terrible. It was really disgusting. It is terrible how it has effected her as well. That being said, there are very few women in the world that I could list as being more attractive than she is. Her face, her body, her hair. Everything about her is amazing. The only way that she could look better would be covered in mess. To be ranked ahead of Rachel Nichols in anything is no small feat. I just can’t put her anywhere but in the top spot. She is on a level of attractiveness that very few women are. I can imagine that her beauty is literally breath taking in person.

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