Monday, 15 August 2016

Zara Larsson gunk dunked

Zara Larsson gunk dunked

Many people found Zara Larsson’s music extremely annoying. Her single Lush Life, in particular, was a prime example of this. Her music was the kind of cheesy pop that children would get into and would play over and over again. A lot of parents were driven up the wall by this. There were more than a few who were out for revenge because of this. One young Mum in particular decided to nominate Zara to be punished Get Your Own Back style. Zara was tricked into appearing on the show. As it was in the UK, she had no idea what Get Your Own Back was or what could happen to her. She was American and quite young. She was only told that she would be appearing on a show and meeting a family member of one of her biggest fans. 

When the show started, she was introduced to the young mother of one of her fans. She shook hands with her. “So Zara, this lady is the mother of one of your biggest fans. She asked to meet you hear today for a very specific reason,” the presenter said. Zara looked very interested in what she was going to say. “Well, Zara here has put out a song called Lush Life. My daughter loves it. A bit too much. She plays it nonstop. Over and over again. It is incredibly annoying. It gives me a headache. I can not stand it anymore. I wanted to get you here so I can pay you back for unleashing that song into all of our lives. This is the only thing that will make it stop. I can’t get it out of my head. You really need to be punished. “Zara had no idea how to respond to what was being said.  She thought of saying that she was sorry, but could see no point in that as she had not intentionally done anything wrong. It was all a bit tongue and cheek anyway.

The host then asked the audience,” Do you think Zara deserves to be punished?” She waved her hands and shook her head. Everyone cheered that she did deserve to be punished, however. She did not know what the punishment would be. She shook her head and mouthed the word,” No,” over and over again. “Well, I guess the verdict is clear. You deserve the punishment Zara, you are guilty.” “Not guilty, no,” she protested. “Over here we have a special punishment that gets dished out every so often. We call it the gunk dunk and I think that is exactly what you deserve, what does everyone think?” Everyone cheered. The Mum cheered as well. “Yeah, send her to the gunk dunk,” she encouraged. Zara had no idea what the gunk dunk even was. “Well, Zara, I think everyone has spoken. It’s the gunk dunk for you. Come along now.” Zara was wearing a black and white dress that was pleated at the bottom.

“Zara Larsson, we would like to introduce you to the gunk dunk,” the presenter said. Some curtains were pulled back and the gunk dunk was revealed. It was filled with sloppy grey gunge. “Oh my gosh,” Zara gasped,” Is that slime in there or what?” “Well, you will be finding that out first hand in just a few moments,” the host said,” That is your punishment.” Zara looked flabbergasted. She was led up to her position. She took her seat above the gunk pool. She looked down and bit her lip. She looked very nervous. 

“So, Zara Larsson, I think we all agree that you deserve this for the annoyingly catchy music you have unleashed upon the world. This is your punishment. When you are ready Mum let her have it.” “My daughter is going to be so mad at me for this,” she joked. She then gave Zara a mocking wave. She then pulled the lever. 

Zara squealed as her seat gave way, plunging her down into the vat of gunge below her. She landed with a splash. When she fell in her dress was forced up around her shoulders. Lucky for her no one could see underneath because of the gunge. She completely disappeared in the gunge pool for long than normal, because she was struggling to hold her dress down. Eventually her head popped out of the gunge in order for her to catch her breath. Her dunker clapped, pointed and laughed at her.
Her hair was soaked in gunge. Her entire body was coated in it. She was totally slimed from head to toe. She looked defeated as her head sat just above the surface. A bit more gunge rained down on the pool. She didn’t know quite what to say. This was the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to her. She just hoped that no one back home was going to ever see this. 

The presenter then said,” Well, that is what people get on our show when they deserve in a good gunk dunk. Zara you definitely deserved that.” Zara folded her arms and rolled her eyes. Zara then said,” I need to call my agent.”

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  1. Excellent! So humiliating! She deserves it! Thank you for doing my request. : )