Friday, 19 August 2016

Diane Kruger gunge your ex

Diane Kruger gunge your ex

When Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson broke up, they were seen as good candidates to appear on gunge your ex. Both were, surprisingly willing to do it for no other reason that their desire to embarrass their ex in front of the world. You would think that both of them would be too dignified for such a thing, but they both agreed to take part. It was a quiz to see who knew the most about one another. Diane was pretty confident that she knew a lot about her ex and was sure that she would be the one to get to do the messing. This was very personal between the two. She wanted to gunge ex quite badly. The idea of trashing him for everyone to see was one that liked very much. She wanted to embarrass him for the whole world to witness. Truth be told, she was a bit of a bitch in real life. She would have no mercy on him if she were to win. 

It was time for gunge your ex. The host welcomed Diane and Joshua to the show. Diane wore a very nice, strappy black dress and high heels. Joshua wore a much more casual looking shirt and trousers. “There is no love lost between these two. One of them is going to get to gunge the other for the whole world to see. This should be a knock down drag out battle. These two really don’t like one another.” 

The two could barely look at each other. They did all they could to not make any eye contact with each other. It was actually awkward. “Ok, let’s here why these two want so badly to gunge one another. Let’s start with Diane.” “I want to gunge Joshua, because he deserves it. I want a chance to humiliate him in front of the entire world. The idea of taking a bucket of sloppy gunge and dumping it over his head in front of the world gets me off. The act of slowly dumping it all over him would be amazing. He is also out of shape and quite unattractive. I hate that beard as well.” “And Joshua?,” the host said. “Diane, as you can see is quite a vengeful and nasty person. I have never done anything to her. I have never cheated, never been violent or mean and she hated me for some reason. That’s why she deserves it.” “Well it sound like these two both really want to win this. This is going be a competitive one, I can see that now.”

The quiz tested how much each one of them about one another. They were each asked the same questions only about the other one. Diane had jumped out to an early two to nothing lead and was looking very confident that she was going to win. Joshua, however, came all the way back and took a three to two lead over his ex. It all came down the Diane’s final question. If she got it correct, it would tie things up. If she got it wrong, she would lose. The question was “what was Joshua’s first job?” Diane’s heart sank. She did not know the answer, but had to give as best of a guess as she could. She guessed a shop assistant. This was probably the safest answer that she could have given. She was wrong though. “Diane, you are incorrect, that means you lose the point and the game. We all know what that means.” Diane looked very annoyed. She crossed her arms and flared her nostrils.
Joshua was handed a bucket of slimy green gunge. “So, my friend, I bet you are very happy about this outcome.” “That is for sure. I know that she would love to do this to me. I know how much she would enjoy embarrassing me. That is not going to happen. She is going to be the one getting the embarrassment today. It is a long time coming.” Diane rolled her eyes. She sat silent. She did not say a word.

He moved in behind her and smiled. He gave a thumbs up as he tipped the bucket of gunge over his ex’s head. He poured the gunge all over her head. It poured onto her blonde hair and down her slim face. She closed her eyes as the gunge covered her face and rolled down her body. It poured in, over, around and through her dress. She could feel it rolling down her back and chest. More gunge poured onto her bare legs. He poured more onto her knees and calves. Gunge rolled down her legs to her heels. The gunge poured generously over her slick body. She shouted,” This was not supposed to happen. It should have been him. I wanted to do it to him,” she shouted.

Everyone just laughed at her. The spoiled actress was now drenched in gunge all over her Hollywood body. Her blonde hair was soaked in gunge. Joshua just smiled. He knew that everyone was seeing now why she really did deserve everything that she was getting.

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