Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Britney from Glee

Britney from Glee

Britney from Glee had managed to avoid getting messy with slushees for a very long time. She had gone through a lot of trouble to avoid it. Everyone else had their turn getting it in the face, but it became clear that Britney was trying everything she could to make sure it didn’t happen to her. For a long time, she was very successful. She had managed to avoid it for some years. Eventually, everyone else also came to notice this fact. This was something that they could not allow to stand. They decided that it was high time that Britney had her turn, but, they decided that she would be getting an extra special, extra messy experience, seeing as she had finagled her way out of it for so long. They went to the shop where slushees were sold and bought the entire stock. There would be no escape for Britney. Her cheerleading outfit would never be the same again. The lines of reality and fiction blurred in this case, because both the character and the actress had done the same thing. 

They waited until Britney was at her locker. They all hid around the corner, in the hallway. She opened the locker door and put some books away. She then gave a long pensive look as though something deeply troubling was on her mind. When she closed the locker door, a good half dozen of her colleagues were upon her. “There is no escape this time,” her closest friend on the show said. She then poured a turquoise slushee straight over Britney’s head. Britney screeched at the ice cold slushee poured down her blonde hair and over her face. 

She then had a purple slushee thrown right into her face. She fell backwards towards her locker. Her friends dumped slushee after slushee over her. They poured one down her back and another down her skirt and knickers. They tossed more over her legs. Because she had avoided this for so long, they decided to do more than just dump slushees over her. Half of them have cream pies and the other half had silly string. All at once they began to smash pies all over Britney’s body and to spray her with silly string. She staggered and giggled as she was bombarded with the stuff. She giggled and laughed as her friends and colleagues wildly threw pies at her and covered her in silly string. It flew in all directions.

They decided to work this into the show and they finished up by tying poor Britney to the lockers, still covered in mess. They then put a sign around her mess that read,” Payback is a Bitch”. They left her there for a little while. Her muffled pleas could be heard for them to come back and untie her. “Let me go,” she shouted. That’s how that episode of the program would end.


  1. Thanks for taking the time to do my request, and great job. I especially love that they made sure she got it really bad, and then left her there!

    1. Am glad you like those bits. So glad that you liked it.

  2. Can I request a story where the beautiful but endlessly self-absorbed prima donna Katherine Heigl goes on a talk show to promote her latest movie, and as she has a reputation of doing, putting over herself while otherwise bad-mouthing it and everyone else who worked on it? The host shows a couple of clips from the movie where Katherine gets to mess her co-stars, and when they ask if Katherine gets messy herself in it, she scoffs and says no way in hell would that ever happen, but she had a lot of fun humiliating the other cast members. Throughout the interview she buries everyone else and keeps mentioning how she couldn’t imagine anything more embarrassing than working on this movie.

    Knowing her difficult reputation, it turns out one of her co-stars is also in the studio, and the host, announcing that there might be one thing more embarrassing after all, brings them out along with a gunge tank. Katherine FREAKS when she sees the gunge tank and tries to flee, only for the cast and crew from the movie to come out and force her inside. Katherine desperately tries to ‘clarify’ her position and backtrack on all the terrible things she said, suddenly showering them with praise so over the top as to be hilarious, and pleading for them not to do this to her. The only shower they’re interested in though is the nasty one they force on Katherine, and after sharing a few stories of just how atrocious she was to work with, they give her a thoroughly devastating sliming, much to her upset as the conceited actress throws a huge tantrum inside the tank.

  3. I'd like to make a wrestling story request if possible featuring Molly Holly during her "pure and wholesome" heel run around the attitude era where in the run up to Thanksgiving the other divas, fed up with her sanctimonious behaviour, are very vocal to her about how they are looking forwards to messing her up during the annual Thanksgiving food fight. A mortified "sweet" little Molly runs to the General Manager to insist that WAM is unwholesome and should be banned. Recognising Molly's self-serving behaviour the GM sets up a match between Molly and Torrie Wilson. If Molly wins, mess is banned in WWE. But if Torrie wins, she and the other divas get 10 minutes to mess up Molly. Torrie wins, but cowardly Molly has no intention of honouring the stipulation and attacks Torrie from behind. Just as it looks like she's going to escape however, a number of other divas arrive to help. Molly gets trapped in the corner and slumps down with her head resting against the bottom turbuckle. The divas tie Molly to the turnbuckle and spray shaving cream over Torrie and Stacy Kiebler's bottoms. A horrified Molly recovers and shakes her head, trying frantically to shake or squirm her way free, but ends up getting her face submerged deep in the creamy bottoms of the two women. And then, after untieing her , all of the divas get to pie and gunge her for 10 minutes to her complete horror and disbelief.