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Tisha Campbell sitcom scene

Tisha Campbell sitcom scene

Tisha Campbell was the main love interest in a few 90’s sitcoms. Most notably, Martin with Martin Lawrence. What made her most noticeable and what she was remembered best for was one very specific feature. That, of course, was her incredible large derriere. Her backside was absolutely enormous. It was certainly her biggest asset, in more ways than one. It was the thing that most people remembered about her. 

On the set of Martin, there was constant joking around and pranks, sometimes they went too far. It was a wacky comedy show, so from time to time, there were outlandish and silly storylines and scenes meant to just get laughs. Martin sometimes played a female character called Shenenee on the show. He dressed in drag and would have arguments with the other women, namely Tisha’s character and her friend Pam. The joke was that she thought that she was gorgeous, even though she clearly wasn’t, she was Martin dressed up as a female. She was really sassy and outspoken. 

A scene was shot where Tisha’s character and Shenenee were arguing next to a table that was covered with catering items. It was at a party. The two got into a heated argument. Shenenee shouted at her rival, as she was told to get out and not to come back. “Oh, you think that you are cute huh? Well what do you think about this?,” she said. She then reached over and grabbed the first thing that she saw, which happened to be a gigantic strawberry and cream cake. At that moment Tisha was looking away in the other direction. When she turned, Shenenee planted the cake right into her face. She rotated it clockwise and anticlockwise in her face. She then pulled the bottom away, leaving Tisha’s face covered in whipped cream, custard, strawberry jam and yellow sponge. Some of the sponge fell away from her face. She was wearing one of her famous red skirt suits at the time. Her mouth fell open in shock. She shook her head in annoyance. “Well, how do you like that miss thing,” Shenenee asked her.

“You know what, how about one for that big ass you got there?,” she said. She twirled her around and then took a black forest gateau. She drove it as hard as she could right into Tisha’s large posterior. It landed with a thumping noise as it smushed against her rear end. Some of the cherry pie filling and thick cream rolled down the back of her thick thighs. Her behind was plastered in the cake. Shenenee then took two banana cream pies. She thrust one into her backside and the other into her chest simultaneously. She sandwiched her thick body in the pies. She then took a chocolate cream pie and pushed it into Tisha’s fake. Chocolate pie filling rolled down her short hair and over her neck. Pie crust collapsed on her and fell down her shoulders and the lapels of her suit. 

She then told her that she looked like she was hot under the collar and needed to cool down. She then took a punch bowl filled with fruit punch and ice cubes and dumped it over Tisha as she shrieked from how cold it was. She then threw some sandwiches at her, making her way along the table. Tisha tried to fire back, throwing cream puffs at Shenenee, but her view was obstructed by the mess that covered her and she missed. She accidently hit everyone else but Shenenee. She was not very steady on her feet on the moment because of her heels and the slippery nature of the messy floor. She tripped and fell over, landing first face first in a sheet cake and then backwards into a chocolate fountain, which fell over and broke into pieces on the floor, squirting chocolate in all directions and then backwards into a large trash bin. Her legs stuck out of it, the only part that was viewable. 

When she sat up she was covered in rubbish. There was a banana peel sat on her head and other food waste stuck all over her face and body. Shenenee then tipped a gigantic bowl of rice pudding over Tisha. She then rolled her out of the building saying that she was taking out the trash. Tisha’s character just shook her head in anger. She gave her best angry face. 

It was actually a pretty amusing slapstick type messy comedy scene. It got quite a lot of laughs. It was meant to be a sort of punishment for Tisha because she had repeatedly rebuffed some of the male members of the cast who were interested in her. It didn’t get her down though, she told them all that it was a lot of fun to do.

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  1. Could you do a story with Victoria Justice on a TV game show competing against James Maslow from Big Time Rush with the loser getting gunged? The two know each other a bit from touring/working together and it becomes clear Victoria has a not-so-subtle crush on James. She lightly flirts with him throughout the show and they both tease each other about getting messy, as neither of them wants to be the one getting the gunge.

    They don’t get messy during the games. Victoria has a slight lead heading in to the final game but either of them could still win. During a break backstage James meets up with Victoria and decides to use her infatuation with him to his advantage, flirting with her and telling her he really doesn’t want to be gunged because he has a really important photo shoot right after the show. He tells her he’d be really grateful if she could help him out and gives her a big kiss. Totally smitten with him, Victoria agrees to lose on purpose.

    After the last game, the host brings out a trolley full of massive gooey cream pies and buckets filled with gunge and invites James to take charge of Victoria’s forfeit. Victoria is relieved, thinking he’ll let her off lightly for helping him, but instead James takes great pleasure in the opportunity to mess her up, taunting her, pulling disgusted faces, and slowly tipping buckets of goo over her dragging everything out. She’s a bit angry but assumes he’s just playing things up for the show.

    After she has been totally trashed James and the host move to the front of the stage to end the show and it turns out he has a girlfriend who has been in the crowd watching the whole time who comes up and gives him a big kiss. Victoria feels completely embarrassed as she realises she’s been used. She does, however, sneak up behind James at the end and treats him to a big gooey pie in the face, then gives him a messy hug, pretending comically to still be so infatuated with him that she just can’t keep her hands off him as she gets him as messy as possible before he runs away disgusted, so she does at least get the last laugh.