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Davina Mccall Million point drop

Davina Mccall Million point drop

The idea for the million point drop game on Celebrity Juice came from a show that Davina Mccall hosted called the million pound drop. Interestingly enough, Davina ended up being one of those who avoided any mess in this game. She seemed to avoid getting messy quite often in a lot of television situations. This seemed really unfair. Davina’s next appearance on Celebrity Juice was going to end very differently. 

The million point drop would be back. This time however, Joey Essex would be playing the game entirely differently. This time, no matter what the answer was to the question, he would pick Davina’s drop box to place the mess in.  She was placed in position into her box along with three other females. They were the three regular guests on the show. People had seen them get messy in the past, so they were not as interested in seeing that happen again as they were seeing it happen to Davina for the first time. Davina’s head filled most of her box. She was all smiles and laughs, but she had a feeling that her luck could not and would not hold out again this time. 

The game would be played just as it had the first time around. Joey Essex would be asked a question. The answer would be represented by a substance. He would choose the answer he thought was correct and the substance that he chose would be poured into that box. If he was correct, the substance would stay where it was. If incorrect, the substance would be released down onto the head of the celebrity below it. 

The first question for him was what country Milan was in. The choices were Italy, France, Germany and Portugal. Italy was over the head of Fearne. France was over Davina’s head. As a clue, the item chosen was lasagne. Keith explained that it was the same lasagne that had been used on the previous show. It had been over Fearne’s head, but, unfortunately, it was never dropped. It was one of the most revolting messes that anyone had ever seen on television. It was a real shame no one ended up covered in it, but now it might get a chance to be used to its full potential. Time had not done it any favours either. It looked as revolting as ever. Joey said,” Milan sounds quite French. I will go with France.” Davina laughed,” Oh no,” she muttered. “France is Davina’s answer, so let’s pour this down into there,” he said. He dumped the lasagne into the box above her head. Of course, she knew that the answer was wrong and that she was about to get it. “Now Davina, that lasagne there has been sitting waiting to be used for three months. It is all ready to go.” She looked up and laughed. 

“Now unfortunately, Milan is in Italy Joey. Italy. Now we all know what that means. It is time for the drop. Sorry Davina, but here it comes.” Everyone held their breath. Keith walked over to Davina and slowly began to pull the plastic away. Davina scrunched up her face. She braced herself as the lasagne slipped down. It seemed to hang in mid-air for a moment before the ancient lasagne plummeted down onto her head. It was massive and sloppy. The majority if it stuck on the top of her head. It plopped down the sides of her face. Everyone held their breath. The lasagne looked absolutely revolting. The situation was very unique as there was no place for the lasagne to go. It stayed in the box all over her face. The largest piece of pasta sat on top of her head. This lasagne may have been the sloppiest, grossest looking mess of all time. Davina struggled, but she could not move. 

“Ok, time for round two,” Keith said. The second question was where is Dehli located? The answers were India, New York, Pakistan and Canada. New York was the answer that was over Davina’s head. India, the correct answer was over Kelly’s head. Joey thought it over,” Well, I associate deli’s with New York. I will say New York.” The mess representing the answer was curry. It was a big clue. Still, he chose New York. Davina’s eyes widened. She shouted,” No.” She mouthed the words,” My God, what an idiot.” Keith then dumped the brown coloured chicken curry down into Davina’s box. “Davina, you again. How unfortunate,” Keith joked. “I can now reveal that the correct answer was India, of course. The curry was a bit of a clue you donut. So, you were wrong, so that means, Davina gets it again.”

Keith went over. Davina rolled her eyes. She laughed. Keith pulled the plastic away. The thick runny curry fell with a huge plop down onto Davina’s head. It rolled down her face. The lumps of chicken collected around her chin and neck. Brown curry sauce rolled down Davina’s face. She laughed, but the tank that housed her head was beginning to become awfully crowded between lasagne and curry. “Well, I hope that wasn’t too hot and spicy for you Davina,” Keith joked. 

The final question was who had the first number one rap song in American chart history. The choices were Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, Run DMC and NWA. The mess for this round was a large slab of ice cream. It was very similar to the one that had dropped on the previous show. The ice cream gave a huge clue. MC Hammer was the answer above Davina. Vanilla Ice was over Holly. Joey picked MC Hammer and the slab of ice cream was dumped into Davina’s box. Keith smiled.

“Joey, Joey, Joey, ice cream, Vanilla Ice. How much more obvious can we make it? Wrong again.” Keith went over and slowly pulled the plastic away. The massive lump of ice cream fell into the box and pushed down one side of Davina’s head. The top of her head was coated in melting ice cream. The slab occupied the box with her head. She moved her head sideways as much as she could. The entire box was full now. The ice cream began to melt.

They did not tell Davina that the game was rigged, but she knew that it was They had given Joey obvious clues and he still got all the answers wrong. Instead of letting Davina out straight away, she was made to do the rest of the show in the box while the ice cream melted. Her entire head was covered. Because there was no place for the messes to go, her head got covered even more than it would have in other situations. She could do nothing other than chuckle.


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