Thursday, 4 August 2016

Suzie’s take on mess in wrestling

Suzie’s take on mess in wrestling

Suzie worked for What Culture Wrestling. She had her own youtube segment called the Suzaro Section. She did not realise how attractive she was to the opposite sex. She was very attractive. She had an incredibly sexy Scottish accent. Her accent alone was enough to turn any red blooded person on. It was almost orgasmic. She was also sweet, intelligent and very funny. Her segments were always humorous and good spirited. She had a great sense of humour. She decided to do a video about messy events in wrestling. It proved to be a surprisingly rich tradition. There were many examples of pies, slime, cakes, slop etc. She was able to put together a really witty video on the subject. It went something like this.

“Hello, I am Suzie and this is the Suzaro Section. Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of messy and embarrassing incidents in wrestling the two seem to go hand in hand. They fit like hand and glove. When you think about it, a bit of mess makes almost any situation better. It adds to things and makes things more dramatic. If only we could add that element to real life. What would it be like I wonder. Imagine you were at work and someone was forgetful or a bit annoying. It could solve all that.” 

The video then went to Suzie in the office at a desk with a colleague. She spoke to him saying,” Sorry Adam I didn’t get a chance to finish that report you asked for.” He immediately reached over and smashed a pie directly into her face completely creaming her. He then stood and walked away. The video then went back to Susie talking. “It would give everyone a nonviolent way to settle disputes.
The video then went to a scene where Susie and another female office worker were arguing over something. “Well that’s just fine, but you are being unreasonable,” Suzie’s said. The woman then grabbed a bucket of pink gunge and dumped it over Suzie’s head. She then walked away. Suzie turned to the camera with a look of surprise on her face. 

The video then went back to Suzie talking. “Let’s face it the threat of a messing at tension and excitement to even the most mundane of activities or games.” The video then showed Suzie playing poker with a few of the men from the office. The guy pulled out his cards and said,” Three aces.” He immediately picked up a bucket of slop and dumped it over Suzie’s head. It splashed all over the card table and everywhere. 

The video went back to Suzie again. She said,” It can add that extra panache to any situation.” The video then showed Suzie speaking with a young man. He said,” I’m breaking up with you.” Immediately, he took a pie and smashed it into her face. 

The video then went back to Suzie,” So you see, a little bit of mess can only make things better.” At that moment, a massive pie slammed into Suzie’s face. It completely creamed her. She did not break character though, despite her face being covered in pie. “I am Susie and this has been the Suzaro Section,” she said.

The video was actually hilarious and the mess in it was terrific. It became her most popular video ever. She also enjoyed making it and taking the messes. It was a huge success all around.


  1. Wow! Excellent choice of victim. I always thought Suzie would be great getting gunged! She's very sexy!

    1. She is. I really like her at the moment. She is very sexy. Her accent is just incredible. Her voice and mannerisms are so sexy. She is also clever, funny and nice too.

    2. The voice kills me too! Oh my God! I'd love for you to share some lists i.e "Top 10 female wrestlers i'd like to see gunged" where give us a list and explain why you would like to gunge said person. It's always interesting to see. : )

    3. Wow that's an amazing idea. I will probably do that now. Lists are kind of one of my things as well, anyway. Really like that idea. As for Suzie, I am very partial to Scottish, Irish and certain northern accents like Geordie. Here is particularly nice.