Thursday, 11 August 2016

Millie Clode Colour of gunge

Millie Clode Colour of gunge

Millie Clode was took part in a gameshow called the colour of money which was hosted by Chris Tarrant. Millie served as his assistant. She always wore a very low cut black dress that showed her body off incredibly well, if tastefully. For the final episode of the series, Tarrant and the production crew decided that they were going to have a bit of fun at Millie’s expense. The show had already been cancelled, so it was unlikely that any of them would see each other again. They decided to arrange a set up for the show without informing Millie.   

When the show began the contestant was introduced. He was a male in his early thirties. He was very happy to be on the show. He had a chance to win plus he got to be around Millie who looked incredible when she was on this show. She looked better than she ever had in any other context. The show started at normal, but Tarrant then announced that there was a surprise in store today. “As it is the last show of the series, we have something really special planned. The thing is, you have to win. If you win, we have large container of yellow gunge that unbeknownst to Millie, is hovering directly above her head. If you manage to win, it will trigger that gunge to be released all over the lovely Millie Clode,” he said. “Hey, no one mentioned that to me,” she said. She was fine with it. “No offence though, I will have no other choice but to be routing against you now. You know that right?” She then whispered to him,” I tell you what, if you will, you can also have an hour alone with me in my dressing room. I will need a good rinse, so you will have to do that.” The contestant smiled. He had always found Millie quite attractive. He really wanted to win this now. 

The trouble was it was a very difficult game to win because complete chance. There was hardly any skill or talent involved at all. It was all pure luck. The game came down to the very end. He was very close to winning. Unfortunately, as close as he came, he came up just short in the end. “Oh bad luck, so close yet so far. It’s terrible, so disappointing,” Tarrant said. “Yeah you were so close. It was just bad luck in the end,” Millie said. “Millie you must be relieved though. He failed to win. That means that you are saved from the gunge.” Millie smiled shyly. “You know what, he came so close and there is no use letting all of that gunge go to waste, you may as well let me have it anyway. I can’t believe that I am saying that.” “Wait are you serious?” “Sure, why not, it’s ok. I think he deserves it at the end of the day.” 

“Well ok, if you insist,” Tarrant said. He pressed a button. Millie looked up above her. She then brought her head back down and closed her eyes as a torrent of thick yellow gunge poured down onto her from above. It poured directly onto the top of her head and shoulders. It was very thick, almost like frosting. It poured down the centre of her head initially making an indent in her hair before pouring down the sides and slopping all over her hair. It poured down all over her face. She threw her head and arms back at one stage and allowed the gunge to pour onto her face. Gunge covered her shoulders and poured directly onto her heaving breasts. Her chest was coated in it. More poured down her back and down the front of her dress. It poured down her sleek body. 

Millie ran her fingers through her messy hair and swung her head back. She laughed. She was covered in the sloppy yellow mess. She giggled to herself. “Millie, Millie, Millie, I have a feeling you may be regretting what you said earlier. Maybe you are eating your words a bit.” “Not at all, it’s fine,” she said, laughing. 

When the show went off the air, she took the contestant by the hand and led him to her dressing room. She brought him into the bathroom. She slid her dress off and popped into the shower. “Come on now, get in here. You need to help me clean up this mess,” she said, beckoning him. He did not need to be told twice.


  1. I know you like doing WWE stories so could you do a story on one of WWE's new employees, Cathy Kelley, she has a really annoying voice and is a prime candidate for a gunging

    1. Yes she would be a good candidate.