Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Jennifer Lawerence gets slimed fake

This is a fake of Jennifer Lawerence being slimed. I love the look on her face. It made the perfect picture for her to get messy. It is quite funny how she looks in it.

She seems to be saying, "They just got me good."


  1. Perfect! Needs to happen at the next Kids Choice Awards. Knowing them though, it will probably be crappy and barely hit her...

    1. They miss so many opportunities. People like Jessie J and Iggy Azalea actually said they wanted to be slimed and it still never happened. They fail all the time.

    2. Fifth Harmony in 2016 was pretty good though. Also, though they are relatively far between, and kind of conservatively dressed, Indonesia's Kids Choice Awards have had a few really good female slimings, such as:
      Syahrini (kind of like an Indonesian Kim Kardashian)
      And Cherrybelle (think the Fifth Harmony sliming, but possibly a little better; it's a matter of taste...)

    3. There been some good things over the years like Halle Berry and things. They sometimes make odd choices.