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Kelly Willoughby finally takes the mess

Kelly Willoughby finally takes the mess

Kelly Willoughby was Holly Willoughby’s sister. She also worked behind the scenes on many television shows. She had worked for years on shows that sometimes resulted in her sister, among other’s getting messy. Holly was the target more than not and this was something that Kelly enjoyed tremendously. Holly must have been gunged at least twenty times. Kelly, on the other hand, had gone all that time without even getting messy once. Everyone knew that it could not go on like this forever. Eventually, Kelly would have to receive some kind of messy punishment. It was something that would need to happen eventually. Holly deserved this one. She had taken far more than her fair share of mess over the years. Kelly had really pushed her luck to just about the limit. It was time for her to finally get a taste of her own medicine. Holly had waited a very long time to get a chance to do this and she was going to make sure that she enjoyed every single second of it. 

Kelly was even more voluptuous than her more famous sister. She was going to make a wonderful target. Holly spent weeks meticulously organising her sister’s messing. It was going to be on national television for the entire world to see. Holly was going to enjoy this to no end. She was well within her rights, as she had been gunged countless times on national television and she never once complained or made a big deal out of it. Everyone had seen her get messy tons. Now it was Kelly’s turn. Holly would try to make up for lost time. Of course, the whole thing was kept a secret from Kelly. She did not suspect a thing. She had managed to come away unscathed for so many years that she was beginning to become slightly arrogant. She had been on camera at times in the past, not as much as her sister, but she worked in the business and was fairly comfortable with things. 

The setup took place on an episode of This Morning that Holly was hosting with Phillip Schofield. Kelly was appearing to discuss a book that she and Holly had collaborated on together. Kelly was wearing a nice looking orange sun dress on the show. Holly and her spoke with Phillip about some of the projects they had done together and what it was like working together. In the conversation MOM of mentioned. Holly began to turn the conversation in the direction of gunge and mess. 

“Yeah, on that show was getting gunged or something messy thrown on me every week and this one took great pleasure in it, I can tell you.” Kelly laughed,” Well, it was so much fun to watch. Nearly every week there was something.” “Yeah and after that, it seemed to be my thing. I have been gunged on half the shows I have been on at one stage or another. I think it was all your idea to start with.” “Well, to be fair, you never objected that hard if I remember correctly.” “That’s true, but somehow you have always managed to escape. I don’t know how that keeps happening.” “I suppose I have just been lucky. Anyway, I am not the star that you are. It looks so much better on you than it would on me.” Holly smiled.

“Kelly, we have a little surprise in store for you today. The truth is I must have been messy two dozen times of more and you have always remained clean. Well, we have decided that that ends today. I am going to finally get some revenge and the shoe is going to be on the other foot for once. I will finally know what it feels like to mess my sister the way you have seen it happen to me so many times.” Kelly looked a bit worried, but she knew that there was not much that she could say in protest. In reality, she could not argue that she really deserved this.

“Now do you remember what happened to me on the final episode of Saturday Showdown? The boxes?“ “Oh my God, yeah I do,” Kelly said, looking shocked. “Well, we are going to relive that faithful moment, but this time, it will be you on the receiving end.” Kelly rolled her eyes and took a deep breath. “Ok,” she sighed,” I suppose it is only fair.” Three boxes were brought out. Kelly did not need to be reminded of what was in the boxes because she vividly remembered what had happened to her sister. Holly was very excited. She was finally going to get her own back on her sister after all of these years. She had envisioned this moment in her dreams and fantasies for many years and now it had finally arrived.

“So, basically, I am going to get to empty these three boxes over my lovely and talented sister’s head. It is as simple as this. Sorry babe, but I have to do this. I want to do this so bad.” Kelly softly smiled. “Don’t worry, it’s fine. I guess I deserve this.” She closed her eyes and laughed to herself.
Holly then picked up the first box. Kelly knew what it would be before it was ever opened. The box was filled with slimy scrambled egg. Holly smiled and stood behind her sister. She grinned as she tipped the scrambled eggs over her sister’s head. It fell in lumps onto Kelly’s head. Holly put the box down and then took the larger chunks in her hand. She then preceded to forcefully rub the eggs around all over her sister’s face and chest. She rubbed it around in her face and over massaged them around on Kelly’s massive breasts. She massaged her own sister’s breasts in the eggs. She could feel how hard Kelly’s nipples were with arousal. 

The next box was handed to Holly, it contained thick, brown gravy. There had never been a finer messy moment, possibly in history, then when Holly had gravy poured over her head on that faithful day. Now she would be the one dispensing similar gravy over her big sister. Kelly took a deep breath. Holly opened the box and pulled some cellophane off the top, tossing it onto Kelly’s lap. She looked over at Phillip. “I have been waiting so long for this,” she said. She then tipped the box over. Thick, sloppy gravy poured down over Kelly from above. She took a deep breath as it poured down over her face. It covered her hair and dumped over her chest and shoulders. Her hair was totally covered. The majority of her face was covered in the gravy. Holly shook her fist and laughed. “It looks so good,” she said.

She was then given the third box. This one was filled with baked beans. Holly smiled. “Here comes the beans,” she said as she took the third box. Her sister grimaced. She lowered her head as Holly tipped the box over. She violently shook the box over Kelly. It was in a playful way, but she shook it as hard as she could. Baked beans fell all over Kelly. She shook her head and gave an embarrassed laugh as the beans fell over her face, hair and body. They stuck everywhere in their sloppy bean juice. She stuck her tongue out and shook her head. She swung her head and shrugged her shoulders.

Kelly looked up at Holly and said,” I hope that you are happy now.” Holly put her hand on her sister’s shoulder. “Very,” she said,” You have never looked better let me tell you. This one is going on the Christmas card. How does it feel?” “Messy,” she said in a sarcastic tone. “No, it’s fine really. I don’t know how to describe the feeling.” Like her sister, she secretly was finding the feel of the messiness upon her person very exciting and stimulating. Truth be known her panties were a bit moist at that particular moment. Holly knew how that felt. After all, there was a reason that she allowed herself to get messy time and time again even when she didn’t have to. She secretly loved it. 

“Well today was, quite possibly my favourite show ever that I have ever done. I have wanted to mess my sister for so long and I got to do it. It was even better than I imagined. I can’t wait to watch the replay, I can tell you. I will play it in slow motion over and over again. Thanks to my sister Kelly for being such a good sport. See you next time. I am so happy,” Holly exclaimed.  

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