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Big Brother’ Georgina Leigh Cantwell flabbergasted

Big Brother’ Georgina Leigh Cantwell flabbergasted

Georgina was, without a doubt, the most disliked female housemate in Big Brother. The other females in the house hated her. She had a showmance with Jackson, whom she treated like crap. She even said that she would be embarrassed to have him meet her family, as he was not posh. She always had an attitude. She was posh and thought she was above everyone else. She always looked miserable. She tried to change Jackson as well. She was very possessive as well. She walked around with a face like a slapped behind.

Emma was someone who really disliked her. Emma was like her polar opposite. She was laid back and tried to be happy. Georgina had a bad attitude and complaining all the time. Emma didn’t like how Georgina would gossip about people or how she would isolate Jackson from the group for her own gain. When the series ended and everyone went their separate ways, Georgina dropped Jackson within a matter of a few days. It had been obvious that their relationship had been extremely one sided. It was quite obvious that she did not really like Jackson. She just didn’t want to let him down in the house and also knew that it would help her stay in the house, possibly, because, for some strange reason, people involved in relationships inside of the house seemed to last longer, because it seemed that these were all the producers seemed to ever want to focus on. 

It was now a few months after the show. A bunch of the cast members were appearing at a night club. It was a paid appearance where they would sign autographs, speak to people and sometimes take part in games or small events that were going on. Emma decided that would speak to the club owners arrange for something special to be set up. She requested that she and Georgina be called up to the stage. Each one would make a case for why the other one deserved to be covered in mess. The audience would then decide who would win according to their applause. 

Georgina was “flabbergasted”, as she would put it, when she and Emma were called up the stage. The fact that a messing was on the line was not mentioned. The head of the house from the club was a boisterous, loud, overweight gentleman. He had a big mouth and would shout out things such as,” Is everybody ready to have fun?” and other such phrases. Georgina viewed him as a complete idiot straight away. Georgina was also quite posh and very judgmental. She tended to look down upon people.  She turned up her nose as he began to speak. “Tonight we have special guests. Emma and Georgina from Big Brother. These two do not get along. We thought that we would give them a chance to settle their differences and to release any hostility that may be brewing. Ladies what is going to happen is that each of you will be given a minute to air your grievances. Our lovely audience here will then vote on who they agree with. The person who wins will get the chance to get their own back on the other.” “Wait what does that mean?,” Georgina said,” Never mind, I am sure to win anyway,” she was pretty over confident in herself. Anyone would have been able to see that Georgina had very little chance to win this.

Georgina was allowed to give her argument first. She was handed the microphone. “Well, I don’t think that I did anything wrong. People say I look miserable, but that is just how I normally look. It’s none of their business anyway. What do they care? I think Emma is just nosy, trying to interfere in my relationship. I think she is the selfish one. She is quite dirty as well.” “Ok, time is up, it’s Emma’s turn now.” “Georgina instantly took a disliking to me. She took no time to get to know me. She looks down on people. She thinks that she is better than other people. She has a really bad attitude She is very lazy. She also treated Jackson like crap. She made him isolated and miserable. She tried to change him. She didn’t really care about him anyway.”

“Ok, two very strong opinions there. It is up to you guys to decide. Consider both arguments carefully, because it is time to vote. Ok here we go. Who thinks that Georgina is in the right?” There were a few claps, but crickets could be heard. Georgina rolled her eyes. “Yeah, whatever,” she said. “Who thinks Emma is in the right?” The whole club erupted in cheers and applause. “Well, I think that was pretty emphatic. It is pretty clear that Emma is our winner. Georgina is our loser. Emma, as our winner, that means that you now have a very important decision to make. You have a choice. We could either reward you with free drinks for the rest of the evening or we could bring out some slop buckets and you could have the pleasure of emptying them all over the lovely Georgina here. What will it be?” Georgina pulled one of her faces. Her eyes widened. The crowd cheered for what they wanted to see. Emma smiled. “Well, I don’t know. What do you think? Should I be nice? Nah, let’s slop her. She really needs to be taught a lesson. She definitely deserves it.” Everyone cheered. “You are a bitch,” Georgina told her. She was sat down on a stool centre stage.

Georgina was wearing an expensive looking clubbing dress. It was black on the top and had a sort of rainbow leopard pattern on the bottom. It was low cut on the top and on the bottom. She looked like she was livid. Emma was handed a large bucket. Everyone was told that it was filled with dog food. Emma laughed as she was handed it. She danced around with it and playfully showed the contents to the audience. She swung it around in the air, twirling it around. “I’m going to pour dog food all over Georgina. This is amazing. She is going to be wearing it. It’s going to be all over her. I can’t wait to see her covered in dog food. It’s going to be all over her face.” This was the perfect fate for the haughty, uptight, stuck up rich bitch that she was. Georgina’s face contorted and gesticulated as it was about to happen. She closed her eyes.

Emma looked down upon her and turn the dog food over onto her head. She playfully shook and swung it over Georgina. The dog food dislodged and fell in unappetising looking chunks onto Georgina. She stuck her tongue out and gagged as she smelled the stench of the dog food. A large slab stuck to the top of her head. More fell onto her chest. It was the kind that was in jelly “It stinks, oh my god,” she said. Bits of dog food stuck to her hair and face. Bits stuck between her breasts. There was dog food in her lap and all over her legs. The look of humiliation and disgust on her face was one that Emma never wanted to forget. This was most satisfying. Emma kept saying,” Oh yeah, oh yeah,” and dancing around. Georgina told her that she was “Such a loser”.

Emma was then given a second container. It was not so much a bucket, but the food recycling bin from the Big Brother house. Celebrity Big Brother was still ongoing at the time. The housemates had been sloppy and wasteful, so this was a means of using some of their waste. The smell was atrocious. It was filled with a month’s worth of saved food waste. It was time for Georgina to get really dirty. Emma licked her lips. This was going to be extremely enjoyable for her.

The crowd cheered for what this overprivledged, self-entitled, mean spirited, short tempered witch was about to receive. Georgina’s back rose and she let out a squeal as the mess poured onto her back. It rolled down her shoulders. Emma then pulled it forward and dumped it straight onto Georgina’s head. It poured over her. It poured over her face. It was, essentially slop. “Love those chickpeas and lentils,” Emma said. There was a lot of them in there. There was also spaghetti, peas, corn, bits of meat, even chunks of bread in it. There was also things like potato peelings, banana peels and rotting fruit. It was the most disgusting thing that Georgina had ever seen in her life and it was all over her. She gagged and made all sorts of funny faces. Getting covered in leftover slop really brought her down to her earth. She looked disgusted. She was fuming as well. “This is the most disgusting thing I can imagine,” she said.

She was the perfect target though, because of her looks and her attitude. Everyone in the club was loving it. They basked in her humiliation. The other housemates in attendance were loving it as well. “Georgina’s gotten all dirty,” Emma said in a funny voice. Georgina was humiliated beyond belief. Her gorgeous face and body were covered in dog food and food waste. “I stink,” she shouted. “I am just flabbergasted.”

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