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List: 25 women in wrestling I’d most like to see get messy

As Requested, below is a list of the 25 current or recent women’s wrestlers that I would most like to see get messy. There is also a list of the top five wrestling related personalities I would most like to see get messy. I will do more of these sorts of lists as well if people like. I will make a special page to find them. I may also do a list of women who are former wrestlers who I’d most like to see messy. Although, most of them have been at one time or another. 

25 women in wrestling I’d most like to see get messy

25.  Alicia Fox- Alicia Fox is so low because I am not that attracted to her. I really like her voice though. It is really sexy. She is really thin in the face and body, which I am not that attracted to. She has been involved in a lot of Total Divas arguments and dramas that would be conducive to messy situations. I am pretty sure that there are many in the WWE locker room that would love to give Alicia a messing. Her ex- Wade Barrett among them. I bet he would love nothing more than the chance to smash a pie in her face. She does have a tendency to get on the wrong side of people.

24. Dana Brooke- Dana Brooke deserves to get messy because of her character. She plays a bitch, currently. She is there to cheat to help the fraudulent Charlotte win and keep titles. She does not really belong on the main roster, especially over people like Bayley. She had already made a number of high profile botches. I believe she is only on the main roster because of her hair colour and her chest size. I, personally, am not that into bleach blondes with fake breasts. I am not Vince though. She deserves to get messy because she deserves comeuppance for the things that she has done both in character and behind the scenes. Mess would also suit her. Soft, sloppy, gunge would look great draped all over her head and body. She would probably give a really good reaction as well.

23. Velvet Skye- Velvet has been in TNA for a very long time. She has had to leave recently due to a match stipulation, but that was, most likely, kayfabe. I believe a similar situation happened to her only a few years ago. Velvet has been involved in stories in the past where she has gotten to mess others. She has never gotten messy in my stories, but this is bound to happen in the future. There are two good scenarios that could see her get messy. As a face, she was always an underdog. A lot of times things did not go her way. That would lead nicely to a messy situation. Also, as a heel, in the Beautiful People, she played a vein woman who thought that she and her gang of friends were superior to others A messy situation could occur where other got their revenge upon her for this attitude. She has a really nice face, hair and body. She would look good covered in slime or gunge. Her body coated in gunge would be nice to see.

22. Bayley- Bayley is so low on the list because she is such a nice person. She is someone that everyone loves and can get behind. She is attractive as well though, so would look good if she was covered in mess. For her it might be a situation where she wants to get messy. I could imagine her on the kid’s choice awards or volunteering to get messy for a charity. I have little doubt that she would agree to let people get her messy if it benefited the less fortunate. She would do that in a heartbeat, I feel. I feel that she would do it with a smile on her face as well. It is not out of the realm of possibility that she could be a fan of slime, as she is like a big kid at heart.

21. Cameron- Cameron would be a good target for mess for a lot of reasons. She was the subject for ridicule from day one. From the moment that she picked a recent, not so good women’s match as her all-time favourite to her attitude to her release, she was always not thought of well by fans. She was not the best in the ring or on the mic. People sometimes didn’t like her personality. To be honest, I do not disagree with a lot of the things she said, especially when she was released. The whole,” Girl bye” attitude would lend itself well to her being messed. A lot of people would like to see it happen. I can also picture her as being a highly sexual person, so I could picture sexual elements coming into play. I could see her not being happy about being messed. It might be something that could be worked into a story about her release. There will, most likely be a story on her coming soon.

20. The Bella twins- Brie has taken a few messes in the past. Nikki would be the more deserving of the two. She plays the role of spoiled brat on screen and self-absorbed diva off screen. She comes across as being very shallow and superficial. She was pushed to the top because of who her boyfriend was. She was allowed to be Diva’s champion for a long time. She only kept the belt through cheating and constant outside interference. Unfortunately, the story was very poorly written and executed, because she never actually got what was coming to her after months of chicanery. That is how things are meant to work, you can have a champion like her, but only if she gets beaten and humiliated at the end. This never really happened. Nikki deserves to get covered in mess for so many reasons. It is the kind of thing that you would actually expect WWE to do, but it just never happened. The setup and reaction would be amazing. 

19. Carmella- Carmella is relatively new to the WWE. She is attractive and would look good covered in mess. Her voice, mannerisms and character would lend themselves well to someone who might get messed. She gives up a slightly naughty and trashy vibe. Seeing her get trashed would be fun. She might not mind it happening that much. She might even come up with the idea of messiness as a stipulation for a match. She might, actually, get turned on by the idea.

18. Brooke Tessmacher- Brooke’s optimum time for getting messed would have been when she was involved with Bully Ray. She never looked better. The clothes she wore suited her very well. She was also used by Bull Ray in this storyline and humiliated. The idea that she would be dating and obnoxious, large, forty something man was ridiculous. On top of that, he seemed to belittle her quite often. She is very attractive. Her gorgeous body would look amazing dripping in sloppy mess. I can imagine her eyes smouldering as she got messed. 

17. Eva Marie- Eva Marie would be a popular choice to get messy. She is not very well thought of by fans or fellow wrestlers. She is seen as a poor wrestler who is only where she is because of her looks and because of how much the office likes her. This would lead many to enjoy the thought of her getting messy. It would look good all over her face and neck. She is someone who would not like getting messy very much. She would be mortified. She would be annoyed as well. Although, she make take it to increase her profile and to get more screen time as she seemed very willing to do just about anything to do that. Seeing her covered in mess would be something the vast majority of viewers would enjoy tremendously. 

16. Le’d Tapa- Tapa is someone that I don’t think got a fair shot. He was on TNA for a while and seemed to be doing really well, but then was dropped for some reason. I think they were a bit hard on her. I may be in the minority, but I thought that she was quite attractive. People like Vince will like people like Sable and Dana Brooke, but Tapa looks more like a real woman. She has a larger more muscular body. She is put together well and looks really sexy, to me anyway. That is why she would look great covered in mess. It would look good all over her body. Also, the situation with her release revealing a tinge of vulnerability.

15. Mickie James- Mickie James is one of the older women on this list. She has been treated abhorrently in her career. She was really, the last relevant female wrestler before AJ Lee and Paige in the WWE. No matter what Vince might think, she very attractive. She is hardly fat, but because she isn’t bleached blonde, wafer thin and doesn’t have fake breasts, she is considered unattractive to him. He has a warped view of femininity. She is a little bit more like a regular woman. She has an amazing body and face. She would look great taking a proper mess. 

14. Summer Rae- Summer Rae is another young lady who seems to be not well thought of among her peers. I think she is a little underrated though. The atrocious feud involving her and Lana, where she dressed like Lana, seemed to be leading to a possible messy conclusion. There was even an incident that involved a cold fish, but the whole thing imploded and just ceased before they could be involved in a match. The site of Summer putting Lana in the accolade is a sight to behold. It is one of the sexiest moments I can remember. That feud was probably the hottest Summer ever looked. A messy ending for Summer or Lana or both could have been on the cards. We will never know, however. Summer has long legs and a body that seems to yearn to be dripping in sloppy mess. She would sell it very well as well. She seems like a really good sport about this kind of thing.

13. AJ Lee- AJ was amazing as a manager. For a while, she was the most intriguing person in all of wrestling, debatably. She then began to wrestle more and was great too. Her delivery of lines and choice of words were both intelligent and also gave off a certain air of sexiness. She seems like she can be kinky and naughty as well. She has a good sense of humour and is a nice person as well underneath it all. I can envision so many scenarios that result in AJ getting messy. I can imagine sexy ones, funny ones, and embarrassing ones. The possibilities are endless with her. It’s sad to think we will never see her again, but I admire those who have stood up to the machine that the WWE has become.

12. Taryn Terrell- I did not like Taryn that much to start off with, but she really came on strong. Her character of a whiny, spoiled little witch who had her Dollhouse of allies to help her was good character and just the sort of character that everyone would want to see get messy. It is easy to imagine what her reaction would be. She would scream and shout and throw a tantrum like an overgrown child. She also has an amazingly sexy body and face that beg to be messed.

11. Christy Hemme- The sight of the camera panning up Christy’s sexy legs and body as she announces matches in TNA is an amazing visual that I have enjoyed seeing over the years. The idea of the same shot only with added mess covering her body would be even better. She has really sexy tattoos and dresses amazingly sexy. She is also mainly a ring announcer so would be vulnerable to larger female knockouts.

10. Angelina Love- Angelina Love along with a few others should have been in WWE a while ago. Every inch of her tight, tanned, toned body looks amazing. It would look even better dripping in sloppy mess. It’s easy to imagine gunge rippling down her exposed sexy abs. She was also a member of the Beautiful People, so this is also a good reason why other knockouts would want to see her covered in mess. She was made to be gunged.

9. Maryse- The return of Maryse has done wonders for the career of her husband. She really has elevated him to another level. She is gorgeous of course. She seems to almost perfect, without a blemish. Her skin is perfectly toned and tanned. Her hair is a perfect blonde colour. She has curves in all the right places. She would look amazing coated in smooth gunge from head to toe. She may find it sensual. It would suit her amazingly well.

8. Madison Rayne- Although she is quite small, Madison’s body incredibly put together. Her abs, calves, thighs all are a sight to see. She has the kind of body that just about anyone would love to have wrapped around them. It is luscious. Every inch of her covered in slimy mess would be even better. Her body would make a fantastic target. It is very athletic and sexy at the same time.

7. Emma- Emma has something really sexy about her that makes her a very good target for mess. Her face and expressions are perfect. She looks a bit like a presenter for a messy television show. I like the idea of the good Emma getting gunged better than the mean Emma getting gunged. I am not sure why. I can just imagine her laughing as it happens to her.

6. Sasha Banks- I think Sasha should be allowed to show her personality a bit more. If you think about it, she rarely gets a chance to speak. She is a phenomenal wrestler, but her personality should be showcased a bit more as well. She has a great body, but her best asset when it comes to a messing is her face. She is able to make all sorts of facial expressions that would look incredible if and when mess was to flow over her. No matter what expression she has, she always looks sexy. 

5. Becky Lynch- Becky deserves more. The WWE seems to enjoy making her an underdog and putting her in embarrassing situations. She has already had eggnog dumped over her head, for no real reason. It is not too hard to imagine them getting her messy again, maybe more than once. Becky is this high not so much for her looks, but for her personality. It’s odd, but I almost would not like to see her get messed in an embarrassing situation, because she deserves better than that. I don’t enjoy seeing bad things happen to her. On the other hand, if it was a different situation and she was doing it with a smile and happy to do it, then I would enjoy that. This is weird to say on here, but I don’t want people laughing at Becky but with her. The WWE can be mean spirited, petty, childish and cruel, well two men in charge can be, and I will say now that I hate that.

4. Allie- Allie is involved with Maria in TNA. She is meant as a comic relief sort of character. She is made to be the butt of the joke. The way she dresses suits her to the ground. She looks incredible. She is one of the sexiest women I have ever seen. She is also made to be silly but nasty personal assistant. Her character is made to take pies in the face or be slimed. I would be shocked if this doesn’t happen at some point. You can imagine her reaction. In kayfabe, there is a whole locker room that would love to do it to her. The fans would love it as well. Seeing Allie get mess poured over her in one of those skirts would be one of the sexiest things I can imagine off the top of my head. 

3. Lana- Lana was one of the most over characters in the WWE until a feud involving her, Summer Rae, Rusev and Dolph Ziggler nearly destroyed the careers of all four. She has never quite recovered. She looks amazing when she is in skirt suits, especially with her hair back. When she is dressed up in acid washed jeans and leather, it does not suit her so much. The suits are form fitting. They show off that incredible body. Her legs are iconic. They are just one of the sexiest body parts I have ever seen. The idea of Lana having that body showered in sloppy mess is an incredible one. She does not wrestle, so this could be a good way for someone to actually get their own back upon her. It is something that should actually happen. She also has gotten herself into hot water behind the scenes a few times due to ill-advised social media posts. She is probably not beloved behind the curtain either.

2. Maria Kanellis Bennett- Maria should be back in the WWE by now, but isn’t because of the Bella twins and backstage politics. Apart from the Brother Nero angle, she is just about the only watchable thing on TNA nowadays. She is routinely in two or three segments on a show minimum. The more she is on the screen the better. This isn’t even because of her looks, she is amazing when it comes to sports entertainment and always has been. Looks wise, she might be the most attractive woman I ever saw in my life. She oozes sex appeal from everywhere. Check out when she enters the ring sometimes. She is the perfect target for mess. The way she looks, the way she dresses, her character, her actions. The thought of her getting messy is as sexy as it comes. The only thing sexier than Maria would be Maria covered in sloppy mess.

1. Paige- No one can top Paige. She is the best in every sense of the word, in my opinion. She is one of the best in the ring. She is the best on the mic, by miles. She connects best with the audience. She is real. She beautiful both inside and out.  She is constantly being misused and mistreated. Others may be better looking, arguably, but there is a warmth and heart inside Paige that makes her more attractive than them.  She would look amazing covered in mess. There are countless scenarios that I can imagine her getting messy in. She probably would be up for it as well. I would love to see her reactions as well. She would be number one on the list.

And five women who are involved on some level with wrestling but who are not wrestlers at the moment.

5. Stephanie McMahon- Stephanie has been messy more than once in the past. I can remember, off the top of my head, at least three occasions where she has gotten messy in the past. She would still be a desirable target because of her role in the company. Because of her relationship with Triple H, the company and the product have had a lot of issues. Triple H is a very selfish individual. He plays politics like no one else. This has led to the wrong people getting pushed and fans being ignored. The result is some of the lowest ratings in history. If Stephanie is in charge of the writing team then she needs to take a major amount of responsibility as well, because the output is dire. Also she and Triple H take up screen time that they don’t need to be taking up. They seem to believe anyone cares about them for some reason. On screen, they screw over people left right and centre, but never pay any price for it. A messing would not be unwarranted.

4. Francesca Wood- Francesca was on the WretleTalk Tv show. She was one of the main hosts. She was very cute. She was intelligent as well. She was very knowledgeable which made her even more sexy. She would look great covered in mess. I can imagine her giggling and chuckling as she received it. 

3. Suzie- Suzie from Whatculture wrestling is incredibly sexy. She would make an amazing messy target. Her voice is like an aphrodisiac. She has an amazing Scottish accent. She is also smart, funny and seems a good sport. The thought of her getting covered in mess is amazing. The thought of her reaction is almost as amazing. What would she say? How would she say it? 

2. Katherine Miller- Katherine was also featured on Wrestletalk TV. She always wore very sexy skirts and had incredible legs. She seemed a slightly more serious person. She has a sexy face and smile. Thinking about Katherine Miller getting covered in mess could be a full time hobby. It would suit her perfectly.

1. Renee Young- Renee might be number one overall. Her hair, her face, her body. She looks incredible. The clothes that she wears usually look incredible. Her sexy tanned legs would look so good covered in sloppy mess. Her hair would looked good covered in mess. Her facial expressions are always very sexy as well. She always looks as though she is trying very hard not to laugh. I can imagine her reaction to a messing. She might be the person it would look best on.


  1. Great list. Very interesting to read your thoughts on each choice. I would definitely be interested in seeing your list on former wrestlers too!

    1. Yes, I will try to do that one soon, among others. I could do a pretty long one just on Coronation Street actresses of X Factor acts for example.

  2. I also really like your choices and thoughts, especially with Lana and Miss Tessmacher. I think that two other good choices would be:

    1. Shelly Martinez- she wrestled in both WWE and TNA under different names, and has since gone into independent work. She's extremely sexy and feisty, both in the ring and out. Plus a nice gooey pie would perfectly complement her cheeky grin!

    2. Jessica "One Dirty Bitch" Kresa- A longtime wrestler for TNA, ODB is unique because she does not fit into the bimbo stereotype used by to many female wrestlers. ODB is instead a total powerhouse inside and outside the ring, and is also a fun loving tomboy at heart. This being said, ODB's main assets are her amazing breasts. I could totally imagine a nice creamy pie in her face, or a massive sliming, with a massive amount flowing between those magnificent tits. Plus, her name is perfect for mud wrestling, so there's that too... Here's a picture of her, and another picture of her actually covered in mud...

    1. They do sound like good candidates. I will try to do more lists soon as well.

  3. In that case, I would suggest you make some slime/pie fakes of Shelly or ODB, if you're still taking suggestions. They could also be adddd to the list of former wrestlers that you said that you are making!

    1. Yes, I just finished that list, they just missed out. Could do fakes though.

  4. That would be great! You are by no means limited to the picture that I sent you; take any sexy image you want because there are many far more sexy pics of both ODB and Shelly. (Shelly in particular has posed both bikini clad, topless, and nude on more than one occasion!) Do more than one if you want; the more the merrier!