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Top 20 women from wrestling’s past I would most like to see get messy

Top 20 women from wrestling’s past I would most like to see get messy

This is a list of the women from wrestling’s past who I would most like to see get messy. It is a bit of a tough one to do because at least half of them have been messy before. It happened quite often in the Attitude era. 

20. Sable- I don’t really rate Sable at all. I don’t find her particularly attractive and I don’t really like her personality or some of the things that she has done. If she were to get messy the reason would be to teach her some humility. She seems pretty full of herself. To me she is an excellent example of what certain people in the media would like to portray as attractive. Stick thin, blonde with a huge chest. In reality that is not what is actually attractive. Not with a face like that.

19. Candice Michelle- Candice Michelle is one in a long line of models who were brought into wrestling. Her gimmick was a pretty slutty one. I am sure that she would be more than willing to take a messing if required. She might enjoy it. It is something that she would be well up for and would do well.

18. Kelly Kelly- Kelly Kelly was a major tease. She promised to do all sorts of filthy things, but never really delivered. For this reason, she deserves to get messy. She is someone who would definitely be up for it. She is someone known for her looks. She is someone that I could easily see pouring chocolate pudding or slime over herself and massaging it all over her chest for little to no reason. It just seems like something that she might do on her own, possibly without even being asked.

17. Beulah Mcgillicutty- Beulah was quite attractive in her ECW days. She gets the nod over Francine. I think I find Francine more attractive now, as she looks now, but I preferred Beulah at the time. She was a little bit trashy, but not to the extent of Francine. She was quite cute. I could picture her being slimed or gunged. It would be amazing to see Raven do something like that to her. There was not that much of that sort of thing in ECW if memory serves me right.

16. Toni Adams- I love Toni Adams. She is like a personal hero of mine. She was involved in one of the greatest feuds ever involving Chris Adams, Jeanie Clark and in his first feud, Steve Austin in USWA. It is one of my favourite things to happen ever. Later there was a second feud involving Toni, Chris and Brian Christopher. Toni masqueraded as Nanny Simpson wearing a sort of maid’s outfit. She was involved in angles involving embarrassment where she got spanked and had to eat dog food, so getting messed would be a natural fit. It’s very easy to imagine her in a scenario where a messing was involved.

15. Chastity- Chasity is another woman that is probably not remembered by many, but who I really liked. She was a sort of American version of a chav. She was a bit like Harley Quin in attitude. She was a member of Raven’s entourage in ECW. She was unconventional in her looks, which I liked. Although she was not used that much, I think she could have done a whole lot more. She interfered a lot as well. It would be easy to envision a situation where a wrestler would want to get his own back on her by pouring mess over her. I can also imagine backstage sections where she is involved in getting mucky. She seems like she could be quite kinky as well.

14. Ryan Shamrock- Ryan Shamrock was not around for very long, but she is someone that I always found quite attractive. She was more of the sweet young wholesome woman. Although she was involved with Val Venis. I think there was an angle about a porno film called Shaving Ryan’s Privates. Classy, I know. Although it is kind of sexy in a strange way. I always thought she was adorable. I could imagine Ken Shamrock or Venis sliming her or her being involved in an angle with some of the other women where she got messy. I always thought that she had a sort of warmth about her.

13. Eve Torres- Eve Torres was an unfeeling selfish witch in her storylines, although she was meant to be a face at the time. She was involved in one storyline involving Zack Ryder where she ended up involved with John Cena. Cena was meant to be a face at the time as well. Stealing someone’s girlfriend is not a very noble thing to be doing. Eve deserved for someone to get messy revenge upon her. She has absolutely amazing hair and a terrific chest as well. She would look really good covered in layers of slimy gunge. It would suit her very well. I am almost certain she was slimed before on a Kid’s Choice Awards abroad, but I was never able to find the picture. 

12. Miss Elizabeth- It is hard for me to put Elizabeth on here because I never really looked at her in a sexual or physical way at all for most of her career. She was someone to be revered and looked up. She was like someone who could be your mother or sister. She is on this list, however, for when she was in WCW with Ric Flair and Lex Luger. She was really hot there and was involved in more trashy storylines, unfortunately. This was mainly down to the class act that is known as Vince Russo. There is no doubt how attractive she was at this point though. I could certainly imagine her at this period being covered in mess. She would have been a prime target for a gunging.

11. Kaitlyn- During the time that she was around, it was a very dark period, in my opinion, for women’s wrestling in WWE. To be perfectly honest, I did not even pay attention to it. I used to fast forward right through the matches. Now the women’s division is one of the best parts of the show. Things have come a long way. It is down to AJ Lee and Paige really. They are the ones who actually got people interested in women’s wrestling in the WWE again. Kaitlyn was not there very long. I do remember storylines where she was constantly embarrassed, however. I can imagine her getting mess dumped on her as a part of this. She seemed to be getting humiliated a lot for some reason by her opponents. She was very cute and would look very good covered in mess. It is a shame that she was around just before the division got interesting again. 

10. Nidia- I don’t know, but I always liked the way Nidia looked and her character. She had a sort of down home appeal. She looked more like a regular person than a glamour model or a steroid jock. I quite like that. She looked like perhaps she had a naughty side as well. During the era she was around, it is easy to envision her getting covered in mess in a wide variety of situations. It’s easy to imagine what she would look like dripping in slime.

9. Daphne Unger- I love Daphne Unger. No matter what other people think, I think she was incredibly hot. She was a goth and was very unconventional. You could tell that she was a kinky person right off the bat. It is very fun to imagine her getting mess dumped on her. She would look good covered in slime. I doubt that she would mind. She is the kind of person who would play in it. I can imagine her finding it funny and erotic.

8. Debra- Debra used to look incredible in her skirt suits. Those amazing tanned legs of hers always looked incredible. The image of slime or gunge being poured all over those sexy legs is one that I have certainly imagined dozens of times over the years, even if I am the only one. She is kind of similar to Lana, if for no other reason than how she dressed. That body and the way she dressed is the main reason she is so high, rather than for her personality or angles she was involved in.

7. Melina Perez- Melina was never very well liked backstage. There have been a great many controversies and dramas involving her. There have been alleged affairs and attitude issues. I am sure that there were quite a few people backstage that would have liked nothing more than to have seen her get a messy punishment. I think she looked much better and fit much better as a manager rather than when she wrestled. Although she was one of the best female champions of the time in the WWE. I think the same could be said of AJ. Melina used to have an amazing entrance to the ring. She looked very good in the skirts that she used to wear. She had an incredible body that would have looked great covered in mess.

6. Ashley Massaro- Ashley was someone I always liked a lot. I can remember her getting a pie in the face at one stage early on. I loved how she looked and how she dressed. I liked her down to earth sort of gimmick. I would have loved to see the gunge pour down on her head and all over her body. She had an amazing stomach, that I always remember. She had amazingly beautiful, flawless tanned skin. I can imagine her sticking her tongue out and doing hand gestures covered in mess. 

5. Tammy Lynn Sytch- Sunny got messy twice. They were two of the best moments ever. She was slopped by the Goodwins and caked by Shawn Michaels. She said that getting slopped was her most favourite experience of her career. If this had not happened, she might be number one on this list. She is someone I like a lot and always have. I like her even now. Even when she has put on weight and does some things online that I will not mention. I think even when she is old I will still be attracted to her because of who she is deep down. She is quite troubled and has had tough times. I don’t think that there is any doubt that she would get slopped again if she was asked to.

4. Trish Stratus- Trish has gotten messy many times as well. The incident with the mop bucket and the stripping, crawling and barking were some of the most degrading moments of all time that I have ever witnessed. It was a moment that I was ashamed to be watching. It went too far, as arousing as it might be. When I think about it, fantasising about that scenario is one thing, but to make an actual person do that on national television is quite another. Trish is thought of as a great champion, but she was involved in many paddle on a pole, bra and panties and food bowl matches. Trish was gorgeous and seeing her get messy was arousing for sure.

3. Lita- Lita was also involved in some quite embarrassing angles over the years. I can’t recall her ever getting messy though. She does have a wild streak underneath. Seeing Lita get messy is a fantasy that a lot of people had and probably still do. Her sexy abs and t back would look good covered in mess. I can imagine her diving into a pool of mess. She gave a good stink face as well.

2. Stacey Kiebler- Stacey Kiebler looked incredible as Miss Hancock in WCW. She was incredible in WWE as well. She was gorgeous. She has done well outside of wrestling. She is another person who ended up messy numerous times on television. Because she is so attractive, it is hard to get enough of seeing her get messy. She has those incredible legs and incredible smile. She seems a nice person as well. 

1. Torrie Wilson- Torrie is someone that could still be in the WWE today. She has those dimples, that amazing smile and an incredible body. She seems like a nice person. I always got the impression that she was not that comfortable doing the trashier storylines of the attitude era. She ranks this high because I don’t recall her getting messy the way Stacey and Trish did. It’s splitting hairs at this point. I can imagine her shyly smiling as gunge dumps over her head and all over sexy body.


  1. Great list! I used to want to see Eve get messy so bad! She was the first person I ever wrote a gunge fantasy about. Interesting that there is no AJ Lee on this list as I would have placed her quite high.

    1. It is because AJ is on the other list as she was around not that long ago. If she was on this one she would be top five.