Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Cara Delevingne pranked

Cara Delevingne pranked

Cara Delevingne had quickly become one of the bigger stars in Hollywood. She was definitely sexy. She had very unique eyes and very unique face. She had many admirers. She had once dated Harry Styles. She was one of the more attractive young women in films. Her eyebrows were also quite famous as well. She had a really expressive face. She was a big prankster as well. She had pulled a prank on Kesha when she was staying at Taylor Swift’s house. Kesha decided that she was going to get her own back.

It was not a very elaborate plan. She was going to wait until Cara was in the bathroom with her guard town. She managed to get a skeleton key so that she could enter any room in the house. Kesha, Taylor and some of their friends got together all of the messy food they could find from the kitchen. They then were going to ambush Cara when she would least expect it. They got the key and opened the door as quietly as they could.

They, literally, caught Cara with her pants down. She was stripping off to take a shower and was clad only in her bra and panties. The women rushed in quickly and grabbed the very thin young lady. Everyone was laughing including Cara. “Wait, what are you doing?,” she protested. “This,” Kesha said. She took a full jar of sweet and sour cooking sauce complete with pineapple and dumped it straight over her friend’s head. Cara roared in laughter as the sauce poured down over her head. Kesha shook the jar up and down. The sloppy sauce poured all over Cara’s head and down her face. Cara laughed at her own situation.

The women then pulled the half-naked actress into the next room. Her trousers were still down around her ankles. They pushed her down onto the couch and laid her down upon it. Two of the women held her arms. Kesha then took a jar of tomato relish and dumped that over Cara’s head. Cara did not put up much of a fight. She just laughed wildly. Kesha then took some mustard and unloaded it all over Cara’s exposed, flat stomach. The mustard splattered all over her abs and onto her belly button and beyond. 

Kesha then took a metallic cooking tray full of pulled pork and began to scoop out handfuls of it. She began to push and splatter them onto Cara. The first one, she splattered into her face. She twisted it around as Cara closed her eyes. She plopped more onto her head, onto her stomach, on her thighs and on her chest. The slimy barbecue pork ran all over the slim body of the actress.

She then dumped a can of fruit salad into the front of Cara’s skimpy knickers. Some bled out over the top of her legs. She then took out a squeeze bottle of chocolate syrup and began to wildly spray it all over Cara’s body. It splattered all over her stomach, breasts and down her legs. The chocolate flowed freely all over every inch of sexy muscular flesh that Cara had on offer. It conformed to every curves and nuance of her sexy body.

Kesha then took a tub of rocky road ice cream and plunged her hands into it. She pulled huge lumps of ice cream out and placed them onto Cara’s body. Cara shrieked as she felt the ice cold mess on her body. Kesha placed the first bit onto Cara’s stomach. She began to rub in around over her stomach and chest, causing it to melt all over her sexy body. She then dropped down and rubbed more against her legs and then between her legs. Cara moaned as rocky road was smushed against her knickers and beyond. Mounds of nuts and marshmallow in the ice cream covered her along with the melting brown dessert. 

Kesha then finished her friend off with pasta salad and Ramen noodles. They been left in the sink to rot from the previous day. The girls had been partying and having a wild irresponsible time. Kesha dropped sloppy bowls of the leftover, semi-congealed mess over Cara’s head. Noodles and pasta ended up stuck and dangling from her head. 

Finally, she was let go. Of course she posed for some selfies for Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and any other social media that anyone could name. She posed sticking her tongue out, raising and wiggling her famous eyebrows and making hand gestures. Needless to say, she needed that shower now more than ever.

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