Friday, 12 August 2016

Ashleigh Hughes Essex fast food

***WARNING*** The below contains explict sexual content and nudity.***

Ashleigh Hughes Essex fast food

I had seen Ashleigh Hughes in Big Brother a few years earlier. At first I did not think, much of her, but as I saw more of her, I became more and more attracted to her. She was a very naughty woman. Within the first hour of being in the house, on national television, she began to talk openly about golden showers. She had suggested naked competitions for the house when she was interviewed. She was a dirty, dirty girl. 

A few years later, I happened to be in Essex, where she is from. I had only ever been there a few times in my life and never for more than a few hours. I was only going to be there a few hours for a work interview. On my way through, I decided to go to McDonald’s as it was the quickest, closet, cheapest option. 

I got my stuff and sat down. It was not the greatest in the world, but it filled a hole. As I was eating, a mouthy young Essex woman walked in. She was mouthing off about something. I noticed that she glanced in my direction and smiled. I smiled back. She ordered her food and then looked for a seat. Much to my surprise, she chose to sit in the seat adjacent to me. 

As we both ate, we began to look over at one another. She began to eat her food suggestively. Tonguing her fries and eating them as slowly and seductively as she could. As she ate, it became more and more clear that she was doing whatever she was doing for my benefit. She began to edge herself closer to me along the seat. The sexual tension was definitely rising. The way she ate her lunch was getting more and more explicit in nature. 

She then began to speak,” Hi I’m Ashleigh. I noticed you looking in my direction a bit.” “Yeah, you look really familiar. You look sort of like someone I saw on Big Brother a few years ago.” “Yeah it’s me.” “Wow, really? I can’t believe that.” She edged ever closer to me. I could feel her leg right next to mine. She then put her hand on my leg and began to touch me a bit. “I was a bit naughty on that show at times,” she said. “Not so much really, you didn’t really do much that was too naughty. You said a few naughty things.” “Yeah, I regret not being naughtier, but I didn’t really fancy the guy in there that I was having the showmance with. He was a stuck up dick. Believe me though, if there was someone like you in there, I would have done all sorts of things. I would have gotten naked. I would fuck right on camera with the whole world watching. No duvets or any of that shit either. In fact, the idea of that gets me very horny. I did get gunged though. That was hot, I love getting down and dirty.” Her hand then moved between my legs.

She then came straight out and said,” Let’s fuck.” I laughed thinking that she was joking. “Look, I have just spent the past fifteen minutes eating my lunch and imagining it was all over me, all over us. I was imagining eating that cock. I don’t give a shit who is here and who is watching. Let’s just fuck.” She then threw herself around me. We started snogging. People seemed to notice, but they did not seem to care very much. Our hands were all over one another. Ashleigh began to undress herself and me. She wrapped her body around me as we feverishly ripped one another’s clothes off. “I could tell that were imagining me naked. I could feel it. Your eyes all over me.” “I have been attracted to you since I saw you on the show. You have definitely been the subject of many fantasies of mine.” 

She then took my strawberry milkshake that was sitting on the table. She took the lid and straw off of it. She then dumped it over the front of her body and all over me in the process. She rubbed her hands all over herself in the sloppy cold milkshake. She then took her chocolate milkshake and tipped that over her head. It covered her hair and rolled down her face. She then grabbed some of what was left of our lunches and began to use them on us. She took one of our quarter pounders that was half eaten and pushed it into my chest, rubbing it around. She caused it to fall apart, the meat, bun, cheese, ketchup, onions, mustard and pickles and obliterated it on my chest. She took someone’s honey comb latte, complete with whipped cream and dumped that over herself. She licked her lips as it fell over her, over us. 

She then took some of the remaining French fries in her hand. She then grabbed my penis, which was already hard. She took both in her hand. She got down on her knees and began to suck my cock and eat the fries simultaneously. She tasted a mixture of penis and French fries. I tipped a small container of ketchup down onto all of it. It went over her nose and down over what was in her hand and mouth. She sucked it like an expert. It was very evident by her level of expertise that she was quite a seasoned pro at giving head. She cranked down on the shaft as she licked and ate at the same time. She sucked and sucked until my penis exploded in thick sloppy cum onto her teeth, tongue and what was left of the fries. She allowed some of it to spray all over her face. She then ate what was left of the now wet and soggy fries.

She then sat up. “Time to eat my burger,” she said. She took her big tasty burger and, opening her legs, plopped it right into her vagina. She then pulled me up almost by the ears and pushed my face in between her legs. “Eat my big tasty,” she said. I began to lick and eat the meaty burger, complete with tomato and lettuce, as I ate out Ashleigh’s fanny. She was writhing in ecstasy already. Her sexy legs wrapped around my neck. The burger began to disintegrate in a mess as my mouth whirled around Ashleigh’s minge, as she referred to it. I tasted the combination of burger and fanny. My tongue delved deep into Ashleigh’s sex hole. She squealed as I tasted her clitoris. She orgasmed and let her juices drip.

“Time to fuck, I want to fuck you so bad.” She brought me over to the condiment station. It contained ketchup and barbecue sauce in enormous squeezable containers that were used to fill small pots. She grabbed these and pulled these out of there boxes. We then positioned ourselves so that these would be aimed directly into Ashleigh’s head. We then inserted my penis into her vagina. I was in position so that I was able to push the pumps to release the condiments onto Ashleigh. I did this as we had sex right there in McDonald’s. We began to hump one another. Every time we thrust our hips, I would push one of the condiment pumps in unison. Ashleigh closed her eyes as we fucked harder and harder. As we went on it grew faster and faster, as did the pumping of the condiments. Ketchup and barbecue sauce pumped down onto her. As we neared climax, I pushed harder both in Ashleigh’s vagina and on the condiment pumped. Finally, we reached back and let go. Our bodies exploding into a fury of orgasm. As this happened, both of my hands pushed down on the pumps and did not stop. The explosion between our legs mirroring the explosion of ketchup and barbecue sauce over Ashleigh’s head. 

“Time for afters,” she said. She went to the counter and ordered a strawberry sundae, a toffee sundae and four different types of Mcflurrys. The first thing she did was grab my penis and push it into the dairymilk Mcflurry. She shoved it in then pulled it out. Bits of chocolate stuck to my private parts. It was covered in ice cream. She leaned down and started lick and suck it off. She later said that this was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted in her entire life. I then dumped some of the other ones over her head while she licked my Mcflurry covered penis. She could not get enough. She hungrily licked it up. 

When she was done I got her to bend over. I then emptied the sundaes onto her bare ass. I watched them melt and roll down her behind and down the backs of her legs. I then ran my tongue over her messy cheeks and along her crack. She was a filthy young woman for sure. The smell of her sexiness was palatable. She stretched her arms across the table, gripping it. She spread her legs and allowed me to push my penis inside of her once again. This time from behind. Her screams and grunts filled the air. “Oh yeah, fuck me, yeah,” she screamed. By now the place was basically empty. We were both nearing orgasm again when she suggested that we go to the toilet.

She said that she had a bit of a thing for fucking in dirty public bathrooms. We went into the stall and began to have sex again. Ashleigh sat on the toilet. She seemed to be even more turned on than before and she had already orgasmed multiple times. It wasn’t long before we orgasmed again. “Welcome to Essex,” she said with a smile.


  1. Can you do a story where the hot mum of a Zara Larsson fan gets her own back on Zara for her annoying Lush Life song that she always has to hear by sending her into the GYOB gunk dunk full of thick grey gunge. Also emphasise that Zara is properly being punished! Thanks

  2. If that happened in rea life I think you both would of been kicked out and the police called lol

    1. Yes. Lol have to suspend disbelief slightly in this case.