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Cameron WWE Girl Pie

***WARNING*** The story below contains some sexual language some might find offensive.****
Cameron WWE Girl Pie

WWE’s Cameron was never well liked by anyone. From the fans to the other performers to the office. Her personality rubbed people the wrong way. She was seen as someone who was not much of a fan of wrestling. She was seen as arrogant and argumentative. She was seen as someone who did not want to work for anything. She was also seen as a poor performer inside the ring and outside. Not all of this was completely fair. Yes she was not the most qualified person to be there, but she was chosen by the company as they had chosen many in the past. Ok, she was not the best performer, but she had never really been in the ring before. Some of her competitors had done it for twenty years or more and she never really had much support or the right kind of training to help her learn. The harsh truth about NXT is that most of the wrestlers who were successful there had been successful other places previously. Either that or they came from families that were in the industry. If you really think about it, there had been very few examples of wrestlers developed by the WWE in NXT who did not have tons of previous experience. They also seemed to lack a lot of skills when it came to developing characters or personalities. As a result, when Cameron went back to NXT, having more time in the ring would help her, but the chances of them helping her with her character or being a performer were very low. 

There also was a lot of rumours behind the scenes that Cameron had given quite a few blowjobs to management in the industry in an attempt to further her career. Everyone felt that Cameron was very attracted to chubby middle aged white men for some reason. Behind the scenes she was subjected by her colleagues to hearing the phrase,” Cameron sucks chubby white cocks” very often. Weather any of that was actually the case or not was anyone’s guess. If it were true, it certainly didn’t improve her position in the company any. She also was not the sort of person to just blindly follow and take crap all the time. That is something that the WWE executives can not stand. They like people that will mindlessly go along with what they are told to do no matter how stupid, nonsensical or degrading it may be. The unfortunate reality was that because all of the other viable organisations were driven out of business, partially through one man’s selfishness, there was no other place that talent could go. People were therefore forced to put up with mistreatment of every kind in order to stay working.
In the end, Cameron was eventually released. This was partially because she had supported some statements that Ryback had made. These statements were basically facts. This gave them an excuse to get rid of Cameron. No one there really liked her to begin with. On the day she was let go, the executives let it be known to some of the other female wrestlers that Cameron would be leaving and that they would turn a blind eye to anything they might want to do to her on her way out, within reason. 

Cameron’s catchphrase was “Girl bye”. The others decided that for Cameron it was going to be “Girl pie”. They were going to do their best to humiliate the young lady as much as they possibly could. When she went to clear out her locker, she found that found that everything had been desecrated and had the words “Cameron sucks big white cocks” written everywhere. She was annoyed, but she actually didn’t care that much. She felt that this was just pathetic and juvenile. She was actually quite a grounded and intelligent woman, no matter what people thought of her. She was not going to let them see her get upset. Anyway, her partner was a big white guy. It was not totally untrue what they had written. If someone had ever had the guts to say it to her face she probably would have responded by saying,” Yeah and I am damn good at it too. You are just jealous because you can only dream of giving as good of a blow job as I can.” 

At this point, Summer Rae approached her. The two did not get along very well. Summer had her hand behind her back. “Hey Cameron, what’s going on?,” pretending not to know about the fact that she had been released. “I’ve been released,” Cameron said. Summer feigned concern,” Oh my gosh, that is terrible. I can’t believe it. You were getting so much better to. Well, anyhow, good luck in all of your future endeavours.” This was the disingenuous phrase that the WWE used whenever they fired anyone.  Because it was written, the sarcastic nature of the sentiment was not fully conveyed. Summer then grabbed Cameron’s arm. She had a pie in her other hand. She pushed the pie into her rival’s face. Cameron’s mouth fell open as Summer smushed the pie into her face. Summer then pulled away, leaving Cameron creamed with the pie. She then smiled and gave a little wave. “Girl pie,” she said mockingly. She used her own catchphrase to mock Cameron. 

As she turned around to wipe her face with a towel, Naomi then walked over to her. The two had been tag team partners as part of the Funkadactyls. They hadn’t always seen eye to eye. Naomi was not very good with words. She was terrible on the mic. She just pointed at her former partner and gave a very annoying and sarcastic laugh. She then too took a cream pie and smashed it into Cameron’s face and down her chest, leaving her coated in gooey white cream. She stepped back and folded her arms, laughing more at her embarrassed former partner. She then waved as she walked away. “Girl, pie,” she repeated.

Rosa Mendes was next. Rosa had not been on television in months, but still kept her job. She barely ever actually wrestled or had a storyline. She had been involved with Cameron quite a bit though when she came in. Rosa looked at Cameron up and down. She looked slightly sad about the situation. This did not stop her from taking a custard crema pie and smashing it into Cameron’s face. She pushed it up to the top of her head, leaving the pie plate on the top of her head. Cameron sighed and rolled her eyes. “Sorry hun,” Rosa said. She then repeated the words,” Girl, pie.” Once again.

Finally it was Alicia Fox’s turn. She was about as fiery as anyone in either locker room. She walked over to Cameron with a condescending smile upon her face. “You know what Cameron, you absolutely suck. In more ways than one, so I hear. You always have. You never belonged her in the first place. You were embarrassing for us all. You deserve to be gone.” A lot of this was coming from insecurity deep inside of Alicia. Alicia knew that she herself had not been on television in a while. She had not had a decent storyline or real push in a long time. There were also loads of very talented and skilled women coming up in the WWE. She was terrified that her days were numbered as well. 

The WWE seemed to have a very cynical way of booking the women’s division. They seemed to give a person one run. After that, they were pushed down the card further and further, becoming an afterthought. It did not seem to even matter how popular, talented or skilled a person was. All of that was ignored. Alicia knew that her chance had long gone and that it would not be very long before she wound up just like Cameron. Even Natalia knew that this was happening to her as well. It was a terrible way of booking that was good for no one, but the writers and executives at the WWE were too lazy to put any thought or time into booking for the women’s division. They only really ever let two women even be on a show at a time. Everything they did was formulaic and paint by the numbers in the worst possible way. 

This is why Alicia had venom in her heart for Cameron. She was a reminder of the awful truth. Cameron was very young and had only been in company a few years. The truth was that, no matter what her faults might be, she was never really given a chance to do anything. Alicia gave a cocky smile as she smashed a sloppy pie into Cameron’s face. It hit her so hard that she was knocked onto her behind onto a nearby bench. Alicia enjoyed pieing her. She took out her own frustrations upon her. She laughed at her as she turned and walked away. “Girl, pie,” she said as she walked off.

Cameron was left to wipe the creamy pie from her face and chest. It did look amazing on her. Her head and neck covered in a halo of creamy pie. In the end, the women actually texted her apologising when they had time to really consider what they had done. They realised eventually, that, no matter what her faults may have been, she, like them, were ultimately victims of the system that they worked in. They had no other alternative though. They all loved to wrestle and perform for the fans. The only place to really do this and to earn a decent living was the WWE. There was no union. Everyone who worked there was basically at the whim of one man. That particular man could be childish and vengeful when he wanted to be. There were times when he would damage his own business just to spite someone. They would fire people at their will. Other times, they would keep people under contract and not use them, but not allow them to work other places. Other times, they would keep people they did not like and put them into humiliating situations for their own amusement. It was a monopoly, essentially.

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