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Diane Youdale hangs tough

Diane Youdale hangs tough

Diane Youdale was on the UK version of Gladiators. Her character was called Jet. She was quite arrogant backstage. She was actually a qualified psychologist and quite well educated. She did the show in order to gain notoriety and to exert her physical dominance as well. She thought of herself as both physically and mentally stronger than most. She had an aura of superiority that she liked to laud over others.

On a very special episode of Gladiators, a special version of Hang Tough was set up. This time, below the rings was a gigantic pool of sloppy, disgusting gunge. As always, Jet’s task was to catch the competitor, wrap her gorgeous legs around her and try to make her drop, into the gunge. She was very good at this event. She would have to try to be extra careful that she did not fall herself this time, as she would end up in the gunge bath pool if she did. It was more of a lake than a pool. It covered the entirety of the floor below.

Diane quickly darted across the grid, almost effortlessly as the hapless contestant slowly swung across the rings. Before she knew it, the gladiator was right in from of her. Instead of pulling her in straight away, Diane began to mercilessly taunt the contestant. She told her that she was going down and that she was week and slow and how much better she was than her. She then swung and wrapped her legs around the contestant’s body. The contestant had very long, platted brown hair. She had a long lean body. Her body was now engulfed by sexy gladiator flesh. Jet’s pulsating flesh wrapped around the girl. She could feel her grip.

What Diane was not aware of was the fact that her fellow gladiators were fed up with her attitude as well. They had decided amongst them to set up a situation to teach Diane some manners and to put her back in her place. They the rings of the Hang Tough set up so that they could be dropped with the switch of a button. Once Diane’s legs were firmly around the contestant and she was ready to try and shake her lose, Diane’s rings would be released and both of the ladies would fall into the gunge.
That moment was about to arrive. Diane’s legs were gripping the contestant. She began to shake her with her legs, attempting to pry her grip free. The other gladiators watched on and waited for the exact perfect time to pull the release. The time came when Diane began to thrust her hips. It almost looked as though she was making love to the contestant. This was the moment that the release was pressed.

At this moment, Diane was tugging on the contestant. When the switched was released, the rings that both women were hanging from dropped out, causing both women to plummet downwards towards the gungy abyss below them. The two fell through the air and landed in a heap in the gunge moat below them. The gunge was very deep. It was like a mini swimming pool. Diane and the contestant struggled to come to the surface. They were both covered from head to toe in gunge. Not a spot on them was not covered. The gunge was a mix of grey, green, brown and red. It looked and smelled revolting. It was runny and sloppy at the same time. Eventually, Diane came to the surface. She caught her breath tried to wipe the gunge from her eyes. Her hair was soaked in gunge. There were gungy lumps all over it. Her entire body was covered in it. 

She was livid,” What the hell is this? That shouldn’t have happened. You can’t get away with this crap. I’m a phd for god sake. You can’t do this to me. This is just dreadful. It is horrendous,” she protested. She believed that she was way better than this. She thought that she was better than the other gladiators and the show as a whole. She was only doing it because she enjoyed showing her dominance over others. 

She was appalled to see the all of the other standing by, watching this and enjoying it very much. That was when she realised that they must have been the ones who had set her up. She pointed at them and shouted,” You, you all did this. You are the ones responsible. You are all just so jealous of me. You know I am the best one here. I will get my revenge on you all a promise. Don’t think that this is the end.”

The site of her afterwards, walking from the set to the dressing room, splattering a trail of gunge behind her as she went was a pretty funny one. When the event was mentioned later on in the show her response was,” Hey, I still one didn’t I? Technically, that still counts as a win for me in the record books.” She was still extremely arrogant.


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